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  1. @Metalhead knows what’s up. If you’re a 30+-50+ year old with an ear for classic hard rock, then All Them Witches are the band for you in 2020. Big riffs. Behold my power.
  2. Dear Lord, please take Mr. Bunny up to heaven. #rodandtodd
  3. Whole song is some weird 8/7 timing. And yet catchy. Tony Franklin on bass.
  4. The QB was a five star recruit from start to finish. Minnesota had a nice stretch before halftime where they worked the underneath and the run. Terps adjusted and moved up the LBs/Safeties 3-4 yards. Dared the Gophers to go deep. They didn’t. Game over.
  5. Could easily make the case that Changes is a low-key 80s top ten track, @skinsmarydu. Anyhoo...no one will ever again witness a drum solo quite like this again. Total time capsule...with strong “pirate shirt” energy. Yes forever!
  6. I had $300 on Maryland +19.5, which honestly is the silliest line I’ve seen in years. The moneyline paid 7/1...which was also ridiculous. Maryland isn’t some JuCo squad and Minnesota isn’t any kind of juggernaut. Easiest, most obvious home dog in forever. Fear The Turtle.
  7. Inspired by @Riggo-toni and the Doobies, please enjoy this humorous anecdote about my mother and her deep, life-long love of The Doobie Brothers. It was maybe 2005, my mother is in her late 50s. It’s a winter Sunday afternoon, cold and rainy, and I’ve dropped by to do some busywork...change lightbulbs/filters, move heavy stuff, etc. She’s making a big pot of Swiss Steak and it’s gonna take a few hours. On her little kitchen TV she has tuned into VH1 and they are showing a “Top 100 bands of all time” countdown marathon. 5 hours worth or such. She had tuned in right a
  8. You ain’t lying. Gonna take a couple weeks for me to thicken up my blood.
  9. Funeral and reception in the bag. Went off without a hitch even with the weather. Whew! Quite a relief to get that over with. Maybe time for a bourbon...
  10. Not sure of the context or who exactly she’s talking about, but I know fire when I hear it.
  11. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than applying the asterisk. Enjoy this Los Angeles!*****
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