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  1. TryTheBeal!

    All Things "AOC" Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Some kids march for safer schools. Others are forced by their parents to make troll videos on social media.
  2. Fun fact about Ken Starr...he was a registered Democrat until 1975 when he then switched to the GOP. I wonder what the appeal for him was. Maybe twa can shed some light on it? He is a expert in such matters.
  3. TryTheBeal!

    Random Thought Thread

    Not sure, but I’d be happy to put some work on her.
  4. TryTheBeal!

    Random Thought Thread

    Ms. Berkeley is still looking quite lovely.
  5. TryTheBeal!

    Random Thought Thread

    Happy 4/20 y’all!
  6. Great Buzz demands action!!* *Congress not in session until Monday.
  7. TryTheBeal!

    Presidential Election 2020 - ManChild vs Adult

    The Romanian meme factory is about to start a-gushing and the Bernie Bros are oh so thirsty!!!
  8. Amused by the notion that the Dems should already have impeachment plans in place regarding the Mueller Report 48 hours after its release on Easter Weekend. How deep inside of the false-outrage media bubble does one have to be to say that with a straight face? How about this...let’s reconvene after the holiday, get a hold of the unredacted report and have substantive, possibly contentious debate on the best approach going forward? After all, at the end of the day that’s the main difference between the two parties. One run a big tent full of different viewpoints and the other gets their marching orders from Jeanine Pirro and falls in line like the drones they are.
  9. Damn, Calgary got smashed.
  10. TryTheBeal!

    Presidential Election 2020 - ManChild vs Adult

    For me? Just fine. Pretty much totally avoided any Russian propaganda in my life and my conscience is clear. Hows regurgitating Russian propaganda two years after the fact working out for you? Doesn’t sound like much fun to me.
  11. TryTheBeal!

    Presidential Election 2020 - ManChild vs Adult

    Maybe he felt like he was doing what was best for his party. It’s understandable that you would fail to comprehend that.
  12. TryTheBeal!

    Any dog lovers want a 10 month boxer mix?

    Good looking pup...good luck!
  13. I’ll have a large Blame Obama with a double side of Bothsidesism, please! Question for Cowgirl....What should Obama have done about Fox News implicating the DNC and Hillary Clinton in the murder of Seth Rich on 36 different occasions leading up the election? And what should Obama have done about you absolutely watching that and absolutely absorbing that into your political outlook? What could he have done to save you?