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  1. Please don't put this out on the board because I don't have facts to support this theory.  Also talking this without a real basis could be divisive so in the absence any prove I don't want publicly bring it but that said I do have an alternative reason while Kirk has not signed.  


    Kirk is a minister's son and very devote himself.  He spoke about his faith frequently while in college but far less while with Redskin's.  He has mentioned it a few times while D.C. But not nearly as expansively while with the Redskins as he'd did in college.


    Perhaps Kirk made a personal decision to speak less on the topic.  It is also possible  the Skins asked not to which could provide motivation for him to want to leave.  Kirk might  think that God's purpose his success was to create a spotlight he use to speak about his faith. I don't have any evidence to support this but the fact that he spoke a lot more about it in college raises for me.   If they have stifled him from doing so and he indeed feels that God has given him to spread the good word and he's not allow to then he has a power motive to look for another venue. 

    1. Skinsinparadise


      Yeah I read his book, my kids did QB camp with Kirk, I think I have a good sense too that faith is a big part of his personality and drive.   I think he has sort of a zen/religious approach of whatever the lord's wishes are they will play out and at the moment the stars align to SF.


      Having said that, I work from home and listen to talk radio all day, listen to all the insiders talk about all their sources.  I'll tell you what I think and I am pretty confident of it.  I won't say it on a thread people get crazy there with picking sides.


      A.  Bruce is a cheap.  He prides himself on that

      B.  Bruce said no to Scot and Jay as to signing Kirk after 2015 season which in effect has cost Dan tens of millions of dollars if they resign him this year for fair market value.

      C.  Bruce probably told Dan hey no way we are paying this guy 24-25 million a year.  He probably realizes he's wrong but now he's trying to save face.  

      D.  We are dealing with Bruce's pride who is probably telling Dan that Kirk's agent's request is obnoxious.

      E.  Kirk has had enough of Bruce telling his agent that he's not worth 24 million a year coupled with all the leaks about how they aren't sold about Kirk.

      F.  Kyle represents rainbows and sunshine in comparison.  He loves him and Kyle will pay him.


      I think its just as big of a disaster that you do if Kirk is let go.  It would be a debacle.  I don't want to let Bruce off the hook.  I do think if the team is bombarded with communication from angry fans -- I got little doubt it will get Bruce and or Danny off their high horse.  If Bruce-Dan know that the fans will be irate if Kirk is gone, I think they sign him its that simple.


      It's part of the reason why on different threads I've encouraged people to email, etc the team.  There is a thread set up by someone else which gives away Bruce's phone number where you can leave voicemails.  I might call and leave him a voicemail about Kirk.  I've already emailed Bruce twice on it.


      But yeah I think 99% chance we got a Bruce power play as the obstacle.  He looks like a fool for not giving Kirk 20 million a year last year so he's telling Dan look I'll pay him just a little bit more than that this year, no big deal, etc.  But the thing is if he does pay Kirk what he's worth now, he cost Danny at least 20 million dollars for his boneheaded decision in early 2016.  


      I truly think that's what we are dealing with.  And I still think Kirk would sign a contract if they gave him a fair market deal -- the big national story this week about Kirk wanting a trade was centered on IF he doesn't get a long term contract.



    2. Skinsinparadise