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  1. 17 hours ago, wit33 said:

    Ron will not scheme his way to any victories. He will need a great talent at QB and overall to get to the promise land, most likely. Obviously, a great formula for most lol. He has shared the QB must win you games. 

    My hope is Ron proves to be a great talent evaluator of coaches (especially offensively) providing an offense that’s operating ahead or at the curve. Ron’s lack of ego would seem to mesh will with this idea, allowing coordinators to flourish and be innovative (Come on Turner!!). 


    QB definitely key, the season will rise or fall with Haskins so got my fingers crossed.


    I was thinking about this recently.  When Gibbs came back one of the first things he did was find the best defensive coordinator on the market.  And from what I recall, Gregg was involved in the FA targets and at least for that year they nailed it.  


    The defense was mostly good under Gregg and to some extent under Blache.  Some thought it was a bit overrated but nonetheless their defense was at least above average for most of that time.


    I recall having epic debates with Oldfan way back then who said Shanny overreaches his grasp on defense and his poor defenses from Denver will follow him here.  I thought he was wrong.  But he ended up spot on correct.    I liked Jay better than most albeit never loved him. One of my criticisms though was skipping over Phillips for Barry.  And I do agree with the criticism that Jay seemed to value comfort over quality when it came to D coordinators.  Arguably that cost him his job.  Ditto Shanny.


    As for Gibbs.  He and Gregg couldn't be more different personalities, yet he didn't care and hired him because he was the best available.   Not that a coordinator is the be all and end all but I do think the Redskins defense over achieved with Gregg and mostly under achieved post Gregg.  


    So I do think coaching will make this defense markedly better.  I do think though both Shanny and Jay (Jay as to the passing game not so much running game) were good offensive minds.  so I am not sure the coaching on offense will be markedly improved albeit i do like what I've read about Scott Turner thus far.


    But it still mostly is on Haskins.  Vegas seems to be betting against the Redskins which I take them to in effect be betting against Haskins.  Personally, I don't know.  I lean optimistic.  Though I thought at the time the NFL pundits-Vegas were nuts when they predicted an abysmal season last year and in the end they were correct on that.  So who knows.

  2. Infighting has 'crushed' the Redskins in the past, but that should change under Ron Rivera


    It's already hard to win in the NFL, but that hard task becomes downright grueling when you're beating yourself long before you even get to the stadium. That's a fact the Redskins know all too well by now.

    Washington has simply been a mess as of late when it comes to being aligned and unified, and during an interview with the Redskins Talk podcast, NFL Network host Dan Hellie attributed their troubles in those areas to one man: Bruce Allen.

    Allen's inability to allow others to receive credit and have success was a massive problem for the Burgundy and Gold during his tenure, according to Hellie.

    "The infighting crushed that organization and I’m not just talking about the on the field product," he said.

    Hellie cited the December 2018 firing of the well-regarded Brian Lafemina, who was brought on to lead the team's marketing and improve its relationship with fans, as a prime example of Allen's major flaw.

    Lafemina was given just eight months on the job before he was forced out, and that decision summed up just how dysfunctional the Redskins could be with Allen leading the way.

    "Why do you think that happened?" Hellie said. "It happened because there was a massive power struggle with Bruce Allen."

    Allen, of course, is no longer with the Redskins. Ron Rivera is now in charge, and with the way the franchise is currently constructed, there's no one standing between him and Dan Snyder. 


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  3. 3 hours ago, Panninho said:

    Well Gardner Minshew is ranked third so not all rookies.


    Obviously, Haskins needs some work there. He overthrew some wide open guys last year. However, I am confident, that with better mechanics this is fixable. He got the arm strenght for sure and he also makes nice reads.


    I didn't look at Minshew, good catch, I focused on Haskins, Jones, Lock, Murray.


    I recall some mixed reports about Haskins on the deep ball before the draft.  So I dug into it again just now.  Found this PFF article which compared him to Sam Bradford.  



    The other part of Haskins’ game that needs improvement is his deep passing, as he was below average in terms of accuracy last season. This isn’t a major concern as deep passing numbers can be driven by wide receiver talent and scheme, so as long as Haskins remains efficient in the short and intermediate range, he can stumble into a few strong years throwing the ball down the field.



    Like most starting quarterbacks in the NFL, Haskins is dependent upon his supporting cast in order to get the most out of him. There are 8-10 quarterbacks in the NFL who have separated themselves into the top tier and are most likely capable of carrying a lesser supporting cast, but the next 20 or so quarterbacks are in a much more interchangeable range where the environment around them (receivers, offensive line, play caller) have a much bigger impact on their statistical output. Haskins falls into more of the interchangeable category, whereas Murray has the best chance to crack the top 10. And that’s ok for Haskins, especially when playing on a rookie contract where it’s easier to develop a team around the quarterback.

    His skillset reminds of Sam Bradford, who has been fantastic at throwing accurately in the short and intermediate ranges while taking good care of the football, but when plays go off schedule or the supporting cast is not one of the league’s best, it’s too much of an ask to get him to carry the team. That’s where Haskins falls in the PFF projections, though there is value in this skillset in today’s NFL, as long as the supporting cast is intact.

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  4. 4 minutes ago, Anselmheifer said:


    I hve such a poor feel for Jaylen Waddle. I real idea at all what to expect out of him at a pro level. Is he a small fast quick gadget guy? Is he Tyreek Hill lite? No idea. Devonta Smith at least I feel could be a 40-50 catch take the top off the defense kind of guy even if he is a relative bust. 



    Smith is a keeper IMO but yeah I got concerns about his size/physique.  I like players who play big in big games and Smith arguably last year was that guy for Alabama.  He arguably was Tua's crutch in tight spots even more so than Jeudy. 


    As for Waddle, I am guessing maybe he steps in the Ruggs role, playing Z?   Might be better suited for the slot though in Jeudy's old role.  D. Smith mostly played X.   Waddle is a burner.  Fun watch as a returner.  But I admit I need to see it play out for him in a featured role.  He's talented so wouldn't surprise me if he plays very well in a more featured role than the past.   i want to see how good he is at tracking the deep ball.  

  5. 1 hour ago, Anselmheifer said:


    I wonder what Devonta Smith's bust risk is. He is so slightly built. I could see him struggling against physical coverage. 


    Yep as I've mentioned before he needs to put on at least 20 pounds.  I've seen him relatively up close in multiple games live, and he looks thin as a rail.  Looks like Paul Richardson.


    If he does it, I think he's a keeper.  Better hands IMO than Jeudy and Ruggs.  He can separate at least at the college level.  He's a gamer and plays big in big games.  


    Jaylen Waddle could put on 10 pounds, too.    

    1 hour ago, Anselmheifer said:


    In fairness to the Trent Williams and Chris Samuels discussion, we had some very good offenses behind Trent Williams. With RG3 for a while and then with Cousins. Chris Samuels also anchored some good offenses, especially considering he never really had a QB. 


    They could also run the ball well at times with those offenses.     Sewell to me is like Q. Nelson level good as a run blocker and IMO potentially better than Trent and Samuels on that count. 

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  6. 41 minutes ago, stevemcqueen1 said:

    I'm not has high on Fields as the consensus.  Some of his rushing highlights were sepctacular, but I was disappointed when I watched him given the expectations I had going in due to his numbers.  Haskins was better as a sophomore than him.  I don't necessarily think Fields should be coming out after this season unless he shows a lot of development as a passer.  He's definitely not as good as Jackson was as a passer (or runner) when he came out.  I think he'd actually be more of a late first or second round pick of he looks the same as he did last season, rather than a top five pick.


    For me I haven't paid that close attention but tough not to notice the hype about him.  I recall posting last college season just like you are here that I am not as blown away as some are but I also really haven't bothered to study him, yet. 


    37 minutes ago, Anselmheifer said:


    I agree with this. How much does an elite LT move the needle for us though. I guess history is littered with great positional players, but I feel like there have been a lot of Joe Thomas typer OT's over the years that never seemed to move the needle very much for their team. And I worry that the spread passing attack and shotgun formations have lessened the impact to some degree of having a great LT. I guess I'm saying that while I'd definitely take Sewell over anybody next year, the gulf isn't as wide between him and Ja'Marr Chase as I might have thought it to be previously. 


    It's a quandary.  This team has had mostly stellar LT play for a long time -- Chris Samuels and then Trent and still haven't won.  I don't think any position is critical compared to a QB.  Gibbs' teams in his 2nd stint had good O lines still (although not as good as the Hogs) but didn't have the QB.


    Sewell seems to be an elite pass blocker and run blocker.  It's not that I think he alone makes a major impact.  But if we can build a good O line I do think we are developing so many other spots that I think it could go a long way.  I think we are a TE, CB a MLB and maybe two O lineman from being really good. 

  7. 13 minutes ago, Anselmheifer said:


    Having a guy you can design some runs for, or that can escape for a big gain on 3rd down can be game breaking. we are going to be in a pickle if we are choosing 2nd and Haskins looks ok but not great. I'd rather have Lawrence than Sewell, but would rather have Sewell than Fields. At this point at least. 






    For me it all depends on how Haskins plays.  If he looks like a top 10 QB then we are clearly fine.  If we got doubts and Lawrence and or Fields look like studs and we can land one, then take the dude.


    One thing I agree with the PFF guys about among other things is keep fishing for that franchise QB until you find that guy.  Franchise QB trumps any spot on the field and it's not close. 


  8. 20 minutes ago, Anselmheifer said:


    I am starting to come around on Ja'Marr Chase. Your point about liking guys that look like they are in video games rung true with me. Some guys are just born players. I actually don't think Chase separates as well as some other guys. And I don't think he's going to run a sub 4.4. And he isn't huge. He's just really good and hyper aggressive. It seems like he always wins, even when he is covered. He just sees things at a different speed and has the hand eye and the strength to make plays. 


    I still kind of hate taking a WR in the top 5. You can find WR's all through the draft. It's so hard to find an elite OT outside the first. Put another way, Chase might move the needle more in terms of wins than even a guy like Sewell, but an elite OT is a scarcer resource. I think if we build an elite OL, we should be able to find playmakers in most draft and FA classes. 



    I am all in on Sewell.  For me he's the Chase Young of the 2021 draft.   


    There are other receivers I like in this draft especially the two Alabama receivers, I was a big cheerleader for D. Smith during the last college season.  I like Ross, too.


    I haven't really studied any of the receivers yet but i am a fan of certain ones I've paid attention to during the season.   I trust my instincts though the most when I fall for a playmaker in real time during the season.  I recall loving D. Cook as an example.  He seem to have great contact balance and elusiveness and you didn't have to think too hard about it.   Guice did it for me the same way.  Among other players.


    I just recall watching J. Chase during the season and just having that same feeling, like the dude is unstoppable.    I loved for example Ceedee Lamb in the last draft and had some wow moments watching him but it wasn't quite the same as my take on J. Chase.  But maybe my mind changes some when I watch him closely.  Usually though I fall harder at that point for guys I loved in real time.


    I recall with Chase Young, falling for him in real time, like many of us here.  But then I sat down and studied him and was just blown away even more.  I recall posting right after watching him closely -- if we can land that dude, he's the best player I think we can get.  That was before the hype on him got out of control but it was building then. 


    I am far from always right.  But for me I trust my instincts the most when I am wowed.  Few players in a draft typically wow me. J. Chase did that in real time when watching him last year.  I saw him a bunch of times on my rewatches of LSU games last year and it was tough for me to keep my eyes off of him.  


    @stevemcqueen1 mentioned recently the power of that LSU-Alabama game.  I agree.  I probably watched that game about 10 times leading up to the draft because I kept watching different prospects who played in it. 

  9. 9 minutes ago, Anselmheifer said:


    Not to my eye. Big, strong and fast, but not the Mike Vick kind of balance and cutting and elusiveness. 



    Don't know about Vick.  But he has some elusiveness watching some of these runs in the mix.  RG3 was mostly straight line.  If Fields runs in the 4.3's he's faster than RG3.  A dude who can run in the 4'3's (if it's true) with some wiggle can be dangerous. 



  10. 15 minutes ago, UK SKINS FAN 74 said:

    He’ll end up at #1 at this rate.


    He might.  I admit I didn't really focus hard on him last year.   But the QB coach who worked with him who was on Keim's podcast was infatuated with him -- then seeing ditto the PFF guys.  I gather he can give Lawrence a fight for the top spot.  If the QB coach is right and the dude runs in the 4.3's, that's insane for a QB. 

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  11. 2 minutes ago, UK SKINS FAN 74 said:

    Pretty sure it was reported we offered 5/110 but only 23mil gtd. I recall reading that after the event. Can’t vouch that is true though, but I do believe that was reported.


    OK, thanks,  just searched it, couldn't find it one way or another.  I guess what makes me pause some is if they really wanted him badly (which Keim among others reported), its odd that they offered just one year guaranteed money.  I agree they'd have no shot with so little guaranteed money. 

  12. 1 minute ago, UK SKINS FAN 74 said:

    Sadly I think that was lip service. Our 23mil gtd money against the 60mil gtd money he actually got wasn’t even a contest. But I agree with your premise, FA, if you’re in you need to go for it. This year we sat out the main race in reality to shop for depth.


    They only offered 1 year guaranteed?  I know about the 23 million per year part of offer.  And I've heard different beat guys say they heard they really really wanted Cooper bad. 

  13. 8 minutes ago, bowhunter said:

    Re Martins poor pass blocking grade, I really think that is simply a matter of a smaller sample size and him being thrown into the mix. Remember that he was the #1 guard in the nation for # of pass blocks without giving up a single sack.*  I have a lot of faith in Martins potential.


    (and sorry for the larger text quote. I could not get the twitter blocks to delete from the quote)


    I don't know about Martin one way or another.  I do trust PFF more on O line scores than anything else.  They have multiple times said their O line scores above all positions are the most reliable among their grades.   Martin's scores are "meh" in run blocking, too.    I agree it's a small sample and he can turn out good. Just saying I think its hard for us to say he's not a wildcard.    

  14. 2 hours ago, UK SKINS FAN 74 said:


    Keep the cap space, assess the youth on the roster. Let the young QBs fight it out. Make a good run at both FA and the draft in 2021 when RR and co have a better idea of what we really ‘need’ (in their eyes).


    My take for FA is either go for it or don't. Don't split the difference.  I don't like filler at FA where lets say 3 guys still swallow a bunch of cap room combined.  Most obvious example to me is McGee and McClain versus Calais Campbell.  The Pea, Culiver, Richardson types I've learned not to love.  And some of those signings I liked at the time such as Richardson but in retrospect I was wrong.


    So if they wanted to go crazy to get Cooper, I am on board.  They didn't get him.  And to me plan B isn't to land 2-3 guys that consume that same cap room combined albeit that's how we've recently done business.  I like a Plan B that goes cheap (like we did) that consumed almost no cap room and carries over a lot of cap room.  So I like their approach.


    27 minutes ago, Anselmheifer said:


    We have definitely struggled to draft elite talent. I do think Allen still has a chance to play at a real pro bowl level under Del Rio, and especially on this line. If they are truly going to play him as a 1 gap 3 technique and let him play the run on the way to the QB, I could see him easily turning into a 10 sack guy. Still, our mid first round guys have been good, not great. Even our top of the 1st guys, like Scherff haven't been what you'd expect from a top 5 pick.   


    Sure.  My point though isn't to hit Allen or Payne.  They might turn out to be elite players.  Having Chase and Del Rio will put that to the test.  So I am not ruling out that greatness is on the way for both.  Just saying it's much easier to land a star in the top 5 than mid round first.


    Agree the 2015 draft was the wrong time to have a top 5 pick.  the timing of having a top 5 pick is important.  This year was a good year IMO to have a top 5 pick and 2021 is shaping to be another year to have a top 5.


    27 minutes ago, Anselmheifer said:


    We do have one other thing going for us in terms of elite talent though, and that is Terry McLaurin. I think he has the ability to be an all pro type guy, or at least a top 5-8 WR in the league. And I think you're right. If Chase Young turns into that type of All Pro guy, and McLaurin progresses even just a little, one more elite guy could really help push us over the top. As long as Haskins progresses. 



    I love Terry and agree he could become elite.  He's not there, yet but could get there.  He has the talent and intangibles.  Ditto Derrius Guice IMO if he can stay healthy.


    27 minutes ago, Anselmheifer said:

    I'm not sure WR is where I'd prefer to take a shot at that guy. I know people love Ja'Marr Chase, but the miss rate is just so high at that position. 


    I tend to fall hard for prospects that look like they being in a video game, play at a different level than everyone around them, etc.  That's part of the reason why I fell hard for guys like Dalvin Cook, Guice, Chase Young, D. James, M. Fitzpatrick, etc over the years.  Some guys just strike me obviously elite and you don't have to think hard about it.  J. Chase IMO is in that conversation. 

  15. 7 minutes ago, UK SKINS FAN 74 said:

    Unless we are picking in the top 2 I can see us still rolling with Haskins and Kyle Allen in 2021. If Haskins flunks, Allen will get his chance. Either way, I think they both get a real shot at being our #1 for a decent length of time if the other fails.


    Agree and they might stick with them even if they pick top 2. Lets say Justin Fields as an example is (as a coach worked closely with him, suggested) a big arm but with L. Jackson type of legs, then a team would likely give a king's ransom for him.  I know some expected that would happen for Tua but his injuries made him a big time wild card.  You aren't trading the moon for a wildcard.  

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  16. On 5/20/2020 at 10:45 PM, Anselmheifer said:


    I agree with this almost whole heartedly. It would be best for us if we are better than expected because it means that our young talent is all panning out.  I honestly think that if we had been better coached, we would have won 2 or 3 more games last year. The new defensive coaching staff is going to make a world of difference. However, our offensive personnel is terrible. We do have a WR1. But, we have no TE, our OL will be mediocre if everything breaks right, our running backs have been injured more than they've played, we don't know how good Haskins will be. I look at our schedule next year and don't see a lot of teams that I think we are better than. Last year, I thought the experts were wrong and we would out perform their expectations. This year I'm less optimistic. I expect Dallas and Philly to be better this year. If they both beat us twice and we split with the Giants, that's already 5 losses and 1 win. I think we should be ecstatic to win 7 games and 5 is much more likely. 



    I think O line, TE, the secondary, no real off season with a young roster could sink the season.  And while I like the idea of it all coming together fast, I think we could rebound in 2021, regardless. 


    Our O line potentially could be an issue.  W. Martin had a 37 PFF rating with pass protection last year, that's abysmal.  We got a backup guard from Atlanta who mostly has been pedestrian.  Christian obviously is a wildcard.   Ditto Charles.  It's tough to be a really good team IMO with a poor O line.   Haskins obviously is the key but it won't be easy for him if the O line is porous.


    I have a sneaky suspicion that we indeed follow the SF model but in our case it takes 2 years to do it versus the 1 year turnaround albeit the SF rebuild really took years.  SF really didn't do a one year turn around.    Before last year they had four top ten picks in a row.  They had two runs of #2 picks.  It kept piling on.  It wasn't just one #2 pick and they took off.


    Picking in the mid first round isn't as hot.  And draft stats back that up.   I like Daron Payne for example but he's not a superstar.  At least not yet.  He's not close to being an All Pro type.  He's a good player but not a game changer.   I was giddy when we got Jonathan Allen and he's been good but nothing really special, yet.   Part of my excitement for getting Chase Young is I think there is at least a shot that he will bring out the best of both players along with Del Rio so I am intrigued to see their potential.  If those guys play like All Pros or elevate their game from good to great then I think we are cooking with oil.  That to me is what am most intrigued about for the season along with Haskins. 


    My point though is loading up with top 5 talent, can make a difference.  Or heck at least 2 drafts worth of it.  The difference between adding Sewell or J. Chase early on versus lets say a guy like D. Moses perhaps in the mid first could be huge. This team has struggled to find super stars.   Some teams actually have multiple superstars.  So IMO one more would be nice.   Obviously I am rooting for wins.  But I see this season as no lose as long as the young guys keep developing.  If they win great.  If they lose and get Sewell or J. Chase and someone like Pitts or Jordan with a high 2nd, i wouldn't be crying about that.  I do think this team needs one more off season and drafting high will speed things up.  That to me is the real SF model. 


    Not that SF lost on purpose but that consecutive top 10 picks added up.  And I trust Kyle Smith to make the most of those type of opportunities.  Also when you got a super high first rounder it's like having two first rounders because a really high 2nd round pick is typically a player with first round talent. 


    Also in this draft, we might have a golden opportunity to trade down.  SF in the mix of the rebuild traded down one spot with the Bears and loaded up on picks.  I am starting to get the impression that we could get a king's ransom for the #2 pick this year.  Lawrence seems to be a no brainer.  But the hype on Fields makes me think a team could give up a lot for him, too.


    I was listening to a podcast from a guy who worked closely with both Fields and Haskins.  He liked Haskins but was so smitten by Fields it got my attention.  Basically saying Fields can make any throw and runs a 4.38 so he will likely kill it in the league.


    I also watched the PFF take here on Fields.  Ignoring the part about Haskins, they seem blown away by Fields saying he's a lock top 2 pick. 





    8 minutes ago, Anselmheifer said:


    This isn't my proposed possibility. The board has been speculating as to whether Sewell may be available if the PAC 12 doesn't play, which some have said is possible. I personally don't think we will be in a position to draft him whether he's in the supplemental draft or the regular one. 


    If Lawrence and Fields live to their hype and one of the other QB prospects (and there are a few) also live to their hype then the 2021 draft might end up one of their bigger all time QB drafts.  If so Sewell is likely there at #4 and just about slam dunk at #3.  Judging by draft geeks-NFL pundit types the #3 pick in the draft might be optimistic thinking about the season.  We are in vogue for the #1 or #2 pick by many. 


    Now I think they are dead wrong.  But I did think they were dead wrong last year, too.  And they were right.  So who knows?

  17. Some discussion on the topic on twitter last night.  I am generally optimistic about this roster but I do think O line potentially can be a mess. 


    Wes Martin's 37 grade in pass protection is pretty abysmal. Granted he's young.  With Christian, some have said he doesn't play with an edge and some in the building have doubts about him for that reason.  Schweitzer has mostly been a backup.  I like Charles but with 33 inch arms and multiple suspensions in college, is he the answer at LT?  Maybe.  But it's a wildcard.  I am one of the bigger Scherff fans on the board but I need to see him stay healthy.


    It's tough to rebuild a team all at once.  So I got no issue with what we got going now on O line.  But it wouldn't shock me if next off season is focused on this spot. 







    Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 9.09.04 AM.png

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    16 hours ago, Malapropismic Depository said:


    With all the talk of Christian, as well as the future of LT beyond 2020 and '21, why is there no mention of Charles, at all ?

    They also drafted tackle Saahdiq Charles in the fourth round this year, though they will also work him at guard.

    "Growing up an offensive lineman, I watched Trent plenty of times," Charles said. "I have a lot of respect for his game. Just to see that they traded him and they picked me, just shows what they might have in mind for me."

    The Redskins know this is the best time to see what they have and go from there. It's the prism through which they have viewed their offseason.

    "He's a guy that has a chance to contribute early on," Rivera said of Charles, "and quite frankly, because we're starting over, we're starting from the beginning, everything is on the table."

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  19. Some O line talk, not per se on Haskins, but relevant IMO considering arguably LT might be a big wildcard for the offense/Haskins this season.


    After trading Williams to the San Francisco 49ers, the Redskins could have signed veteran free-agent tackle Jason Peters. They know he would be their best left tackle even at age 38, but they didn't want to spend just because they had the cap space; rather, they want to see if anyone on the roster can become a quality starting left tackle. First up: Geron Christian.

    Part of the thinking: If they sign Peters, they would still need another tackle after the season, and it's debatable how much better they'd be in 2020. Christian is a free agent after 2021 and they want to know whether he can be more than a swing tackle. If he can be, it alters their future search at this position. If not, they can find one next offseason. And if Christian or others struggle in training camp, they could pivot from their current thinking.

    This should be a natural ascension for Christian, a third-round pick in 2018. Before being drafted, Christian was considered an athletic tackle with long arms who could be developed. ESPN draft analysts Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay projected Christian as a second-round pick.


    But doubts will persist with Christian, who hasn't shown he is capable of being a full-time starter. There were questions internally about his play demeanor last season. Despite the mess that was their 2019 season -- the Redskins finished 3-13 and fired coach Jay Gruden after five games -- Christian started two games and played 138 snaps on offense, according to ESPN Stats & Information. They continued to start Donald Penn at left tackle ahead of him, even though they knew Penn didn't factor into their future. It spoke volumes about their thoughts on Christian's development.

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