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  1. I'd summarize the naysayers on this point as:  

    A. How come the running game and D line hasn't been fixed?   

    My general response to this is:  1.  Some are assuming failure at these positions but lets see it play out before crying wolf.  2. I never expected for all weaknesses to be fixed overnight -- what is there maybe 3-5 teams in the league without a glaring weakness, if that?  We will get there, give him another off season or two.  It took about 3 in Seattle. 

    B.  Scot is supposed to be this genius but see point A above and look at this FA signing who failed and this draft pick.  The dude isn't flawless or above reproach.  


    My response:  Scot has done well so far in the draft.  Yeah he isn't the first GM in history to strike gold with EVERY pick.  There have been studies on this posted in the draft thread -- if I recall on average it was 90% of 5th rounders aren't successes in this league, and we are giving him a hard time for Ioannidis starting on the practice squad? 

    The IR guys aren't busts -- they are open ended questions. Look at Spaight.  To some it looked like a missed pick last year, now you have some saying he was one of the top 5 players in camp.   And we all know hardly any 7th rounders make it in this league.  But to play along, if Scot fails with a 7th rounder but then succeeds with a Dunbar, or Lanier, or R. Kelly -- what's the difference?

     As for FA, Scot himself has said free agency isn't the way to build a team and it has many pitfalls.   We can hit him on this guy and that guy -- but he's had some solid hits:  M. Foster, D. Hopkins, Blackmon, Nsekhe, J. Francois -- and some guys looking good so far in training camp: Toler, V. Davis J. Norman, Z. Hood.

    But yeah Belichick had plenty of bombs among his successes, ditto R. Wolf, J. Schneider, B. Beathard -- name that GM.    So I don't quite understand the harping on what Scot got wrong?  He got some wrong, he will get things wrong I bet every off season.    But so what?  

    He's bringing a philosophy that some are debating which is: A.  do we go BPA in the draft?  B.  Is FA a good fix for improving a position both in the short and long term? If the answers to question A. is No and for B. Yes.  I think Scot will have some critics here because he's been very upfront on both of these questions and has been walking his talk.      






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