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  1. He plays mostly nose, that's why. Also injuries. As for DT's as some have mentioned in defense in Payne and Allen, its not all about sacks but being disruptive. Rivera has talked about that, too. The argument for Vea as being disruptive when he does rush (J. Allen for that matter too) is reflected in his PFF scores, rankings by personnel people, teammates, opponent's players, etc. But, I am not here pimping Vea. I can care less about him. So if you feel different about him. Cool. No one's arguing otherwise, including me. My point was on that front I somehw
  2. If I have a strong opinion is usually formed by watching the player. Granted sometimes its a small sample. I watched some of Vea's college games. Some but not a ton of him at Tampa. He's a guy I spent some energy on before that draft considering he was one of the rumored players that might come here at the time. Doesn't make my opinion anything special but just saying it would take something concrete to dislodge my opinion. When there are things that back up my opinion, I take notice. Vea rated a 90 by PFF which is an elite score. We didn't have a single player score a 90 l
  3. Alabama. . Yeah I recall you were with me on Fitz. Yeah I was hyped on M. Fitzpatrick. Speaking of Alabama. Saban gushed over him, talked about him being one of the smartest players he's ever had, etc. Saban is always nice publicly at least about all his Alabama players coming into the draft. But if you go through his comments, its not hard to tell which players he thinks are more special among his guys hitting the NFL. I probably hyped Fitzpatrick more than Derwin James but I couldn't complain about anyone but Derwin James since that's the dude they skipped ove
  4. Yeah be great if Rodgers is released next off season. Drives me nut that the Giants and Eagles might also be QB shopping with more draft capital than us. I think if any of the NFC East teams land (especially us or NY) Rodgers they are a serious SB threat. Sheehan said he talked to an odds maker he knew and ran by Rodgers going to WFT. He said the guy told him it likely would make the WFT the 2nd most favorite to make the SB after Tampa.
  5. lol, yeah I apologize its tough for me to recall everyone. The only reason why I recall @mistertim on that debate (if I am remembering right, its been a long time) was I recall our takes on Payne were just about identical. That's rare to happen on that thread because we all have different takes and it makes that thread entertaining. I tend to forget takes unless someone just harps a lot on a player, then I often recall it especially if its somewhat recent. I wasn't really that into taking Vea in that draft but was Ok with the idea. I liked him over Payne and I recall sayin
  6. As for the Alabama part, tough for me to tell what that means. He played a lot of nose. He peaked at 1.5 sacks. He didn't rush much from what I recall but its been a long time so I might be forgetting. His best game was on TV and everyone saw it against Georgia. But we can argue the meaning of it either way. On one front its so memorable since it was a big game than why not deduce that it means that bigger things are to come? Or it could be heck -- we might be over sampling it because it was a big game that we all watched and its stuck in our head. Cam Sims was the best re
  7. Yeah Sheehan is probably Payne's biggest fan. I'll give him he stays loyal to his guys. Kerryon Johnson for example. He loved him in that draft. Even with his release from the Lions and meh career thus far, I recall him selling him recently. He did back off Haskins fast though. He like Cooley didn't like him before the draft. But Sheehan was sold after his rookie season saying he's bust proof. But he backed off last season fast. That's rare for him. Sheehan is on the clock with Sam Darnold and Kyle Trask considering all the hype he did on both, especially Darnold this off season.
  8. I hope so but I'd be surprised albeit not shocked. There is no right or wrong answer to this is just us all guessing. Here's why I am sold on Payne as a run stopper but cynical about him ever becoming a stud pass rusher.... My take is that many have flashes. Some of us got excited about Rob Jackson's flashes back during that time. Chris Baker had some nice flashes, etc. In retrospect, it sounds silly to talk about those players as if some were ever that high on their pass rushing potential. But I recall it well. Plenty were jazzed about both guys. And not just them. Ple
  9. I agree. The thing is about Allen is he had double digit sacks twice at Alabama. He already had a season here with 8. When it comes to selling Payne as a pass rusher, its projecting that he can put up stats that he never has in his career. When it comes to Allen, the dude has done it. i wouldn't be shocked if he had a double digit sack season.
  10. $20 million a year seems steeper than what the local media is projecting. But you could be right. That would be Leonard Williams kind of contract. Arguably Leonard is the better player but I don't think there is a mile as far as differences between the two.
  11. Finlay just said on air, he was told yesterday that the team was under 60%
  12. Yeah I am with you. If I had to pick one of the tackles who is a must keep it would be Allen. I'd love to keep all three. I agree with the point made here that Payne will likely not command the same amount of money as Allen. Typically run stopping specialists at DT don't break the bank. And i am not ruling out that Payne doesn't have a breakthrough season as a rusher but if he doesn't -- then maybe the contract that Tomlinson got is a template for him? That would mean Payne 10-12 million range. Allen maybe 15-16 million range. The one wildcard is yo
  13. Agree. I think Mark Bullock took it too far and put Jonathan Allen in the elite cateory as a player. But I agree with him that Allen > Payne. And Allen IMO is a great player but not elite IMO. Payne IMO is a better run stopper but they are pretty similar albeit Payne has the better build to play nose/2 gap. Allen though is a very good pass rusher. Payne IMO is average as a pass rusher. PFF isn't the be all and end all but they don't even rate him among the top 100 tackles as for pass rusher. I get the narrative that he plays a lot of two gap so he doesn't ama
  14. There are two areas Harmon feels the most comfortable in proving himself. The first is in making contested catches; It's why Pro Football Focus ranked him as the 12th-best receiver prospect in the 2019 NFL Draft and what helped quarterbacks has a 118.4 passer rating when targeting him. His 57.9% contested catch rate during his rookie season was sixth-best in the NFL. The other area is as a blocker. That was an area Jim Hostler mentioned the offense was going to more of prior to his injury. He's a physical guy, Hostler said, w
  15. Don't know what led to Adoree's down season. But considering they hit it big with both Logan Ryan and Bradberry last season, tough for me to just assume that they screwed this signing up. But it could be. I hope they screwed it up. Will see.
  16. I agree sometimes as to that PFF account. The PFF Washington account has some good content in the mix of their posts. they didn't say the WFT had the best core, they just posed the question if they do or not. The article itself didn't say they did. I do think if Terry and Chase live up to their potential, they will be one of the top 1-2 punches. Agree. He had a monster season as a rookie. Jury is still out to me applies to dudes that have not had a breakthrough season, yet. Herbert broke out from the jump. It's possible Herbert RG3 style reg
  17. Yeah don't get me wrong, I do think the Giants are building something good. Like us, they likely have to still find that franchise QB. I just think some are getting carried away with them. They have a really good secondary. Blake Martinez is a stud at MLB. they have a good defensive interior. They can stop the run very well. Their weapons: Slayton, Barkley, Shepard, Engram, Golladay, K. Toney are potentially good. They got depth with Ross and Rudolph. Their weakspots IMO are QB, O line, edge. They've drafted plenty at O line and its a position that takes awh
  18. As much as I hate the Giants, its tough for me to mock them as for FA considering their success with it last year. It could blow up on them, will see. But before last season the Giants defense was bad and then in one off season they got a lot better. Top 10 defense. Some thought they overpaid for Bradberry and Blake Martinez in FA but both ended up excellent. Ditto Logan Ryan who they got on the cheap. And the Leonard Williams trade paid off, too. They did a nice job last off season in FA. As for them screwing up this years FA crop. I hope so. Will see. PFF likes Adoree
  19. This spring, while on a drive in Southern California, Sam Cosmi looked over from the passenger’s seat and saw the dashboard fuel gauge: Fewer than 30 miles to empty. His agent, Ryan Tollner of Rep1 Sports, was piloting the Cadillac Escalade toward his home in Orange County, where Cosmi had been preparing for the NFL draft since opting out of Texas’s final two games in December. Cosmi, the son of an auto mechanic, urged Tollner to stop for gas. While they looked for a station, Cosmi explained that letting a car get below a quarter of a tank was bad for
  20. If I had to sum up the optimism its Haskins was 1-5 Alex Smith 5-1 Haskins isn't the QB now. Alex went 5-1 and arguably didn't even play that great -- he didn't move the ball much and threw more picks than TDs. But he's a professional QB, he got the guys lined up in the right spots and was a good leader. I do agree with Sheehan on this point -- the optimism about this team is predicated on better QB play this season. If the defense takes a step up which is possible considering their upgrades and the QB play improves then this should be a better team
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