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  1. Every time people come in and say what the name will be changed to, I feel the need to post something like this.


    Dan Snyder trademarked "Washington Warriors" not long after he bought the Skins. Yes, it was for an AFL team that never appeared....but it was also a business move for if/when a change takes place. So, throwing out suggestions are cool and all. I like FC Washington without a mascot name. That would actually be a really good idea. But lets be honest. It'll be the Warriors if it happens.


    I was thinking about FC Washington. I really like that direction for a new team name. I don't care for "Warriors", but I wouldn't mind going with Washington Seminoles....screw regional affiliation!

  2. Suns tonight. Still thinking about going or not. Phoenix handled the Lakers last night despite off nights by Nash & Morris. Gortat is REALLY playing well for the Suns, and their team shouldn't be too tired from last night. We'll see how well McGee can cover the high pick-and-roll tonight, and see if the uptempo pace provides some offense similar to the Portland game.

  3. Can't wait till Fatal 4 Way

    First PPV in DC since the excellent Survivor Series 09

    :secret: Capitol Punishment....

    It was a very good PPV. I was sitting 2 rows from the floor

    Can you find the clips of Batista coming back for Rey after the "One more time!" chants & HBK starting the WWE Title match off by hitting Triple H with Sweet Chin Music? Those moments were great.

  4. Speaking of that match, I find it funny that not once has there been mention of WrestleMania X-Seven. I guess Cena's fanbase can't remember that far back anyway.

    WWE has made it a huge point for the announcers or wrestlers to not mention that match. One can only assume because WWE wants the young viewers to believe this is a "first time ever" match.

    Fatal 4-Way has been renamed to Capitol Punishment. I'll still go though.

    Is anybody having a WrestleMania party/gathering?

  5. Just got back from the game. Tired and about to sleep but before I do I want to say one thing: Javale McGee has officially joined Andray Blatche on my **** list. His performance tonight was absolitely pathetic. I don't know if they showed it or made mention of it on TV, but in the 4th, after he gave up an uncontested layup on a fast break, him and Flip got into a little shouting match and Flip told him to sit the **** down and benched his ass for the rest of the game. Best thing Flip's ever done. Just absurd.

    I was there and know exactly which fastbreak you're referring to. He basically jogged and half-assed it (had a similar moment in the first half). McGee should not be out so far on offense (especially since he has no J from 15 feet out) and he always depends on flying in when a shot is put up instead of getting position. But most Wizards fans forget everything when he dunks or blocks a shot. If he watched videos of Dikembe or Alonzo, he could refine his shot blocking skills. Dude is a joke. He seriously needs to put on some weight.

    Jordan Crawford must improve his dribbling/ball handling this offseason. He literally pounds the ball and could have been called for carrying/palming several times.

    Booker is solid. Plays hard and has a little mean streak in him.

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