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  1. CTskins

    4-3 Starting Lineup

    I've always been of mind that after QB, football teams are best built from the lines out on both sides of the ball.
  2. CTskins

    4-3 Starting Lineup

    I thought Rivera was granted Belichick-like control!?! What happened to The Owner stepping back, observing from his Box on game day, and collecting his money? While correlation does not precisely equal causation, I think it has played out over the last 20+ years that whatever Ownership wants, Football Ops. should do the opposite. "Summer of 'George,'" Baby!!
  3. CTskins

    Bench Norman

    The Madden video game franchise and fantasy leagues are probably the worst thing to happen to the NFL and the Redskins in particular in that regard (yet I personally play both...at nearly 43 years old). It's bad enough that fanatics-yet-not-experts (i.e. us) are unreasonably loyal to a set of clothing (as opposed to the people wearing it) from an early age, but when fanatics-yet-not-experts with means (i.e. Snyder) turn $200 Mil of real dollars into their own personal fantasy team of actual humans, based on Madden ratings determined by other not-football-experts (programmers and coders), it messes with the ordinary fans' emotions, Big Worm style.
  4. Expecting a loss, but why are there no other votes for a tie? It's the best of all worlds.
  5. CTskins

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Dolphins

    No opportunity to watch the game. When they are not on local TV, I have to use a link, and can't record the game. It was a beautiful day in Southern New England and We took the kids to a harvest fest in Cromwell CT. Then I had to finish mowing my lawn before I lost daylight. I was following the score on my phone. I thought they had the game in hand and only realized it came down to a 2-pt conversion well after the fact. Be that as it may, how can the offense not put up 20 points against the Dolphins?
  6. CTskins

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    Watching on TV, FedEx Field sounded like Gillette Stadium after James White scored.
  7. CTskins

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    I grew up in Massachusetts, and stayed down here when I got a job in Hartford upon graduating from UConn ('99). The Redskins are still my favorite team, but under those circumstances, it was really difficult to not get swept up in the Tom Brady Patriots. I actually started (re-)following the Patriots again when Kraft saved the team from moving to St. Louis.
  8. CTskins

    Greg Manusky Why Isn't He Fired Yet?

    Rob Ryan is on staff (ILB). They look similar and neither one is any good. Just make sure you saw the correct one.
  9. CTskins

    Redskins vs Bears Prediction Thread: Monday Night Meltdown?

    The only game I've watched (parts of) live so far this season was opening night Bears/Packers. I spent the following Sunday afternoon closing the pool, so I watched most of the 'Skins/Eagles game off the DVR. When that was seemingly in hand, I moved on to Steelers/Patriots. Also off the DVR. This past weekend, My wife and celebrated 10 years by going on an overnight trip to Cape Cod. We were on a whale watch during the early games and made the drive home to Connecticut during the 4:00 time slot. I proceeded to watch the Redskins/Cowboys with my Dad off the DVR and I watch the 1st quarter of the Patriots before finally succumbing to exhaustion (and the realization that I had work the next morning). I have yet to watch any part of a Monday night game and will only do so this week because the 'Skins are playing. The first part of the game will again be off the DVR, after my boys go to bed. I have a glimmer of hope that they win, but I see the Bears pulling it out. If the Bear put up 30+, I don't see how Manusky can stick around. On the other hand, I'm less than enamored about his possible replacements (Presumably Jim Tomsola or Rob Ryan, though I'd lean toward Tomsola).
  10. CTskins

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    Even if they get rid of Bruce Allen, the question becomes, "Who replaces him?" I doubt Nick Caserio would be walking through that door. Even if he did, I doubt Snyder would take a Bob-Kraft-(mostly) hands-off Kraft approach.
  11. CTskins

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    I don't see the Washington area getting a team back if they are relocated. I also don't see Snyder selling. Despite this thread's topic and the team's performance over the past 20 years, he's still making a ton of money. It's hard to imagine him getting an amount approaching FMV for the team either. Finally, a location change would probably bring with it a name and moniker change and if a franchise were to be relocated back to Washington, the chance it would be called "Redskins" hover between slim and none.
  12. CTskins

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    My parents were watching my kids as I was on Cape Cod with my wife for the weekend celebrating my 10 year wedding anniversary. We went on a whale watch tour while the 1:00 games were playing, and I had both the Redskins and the Patriots game waiting for me on DVR when I got home last night (Incidentally, it's hilarious listening to the Connecticut Giants fans implode due to the local affiliate choosing the Patriots over them. Giants were home vs. Buffalo, making it a CBS game). I say all that to say this. As I was watching Dallas roll up a 17 point lead, I commented to my Dad how i find it unbelievable that the Redskins really haven't given me any hope for the last 27 years. Since becoming a parent and discovering the majesty of DVR, I watch very few live sporting events. On the other hand, because I can fast forward between plays and commercials, it is so much more palatable to take in a game where my favorite team might be losing, because I am not devoting so much time to it.
  13. CTskins

    Time to change philosophy on TE's

    I believe it is the former, but the booth reviews everything after the 2 min warnings.
  14. CTskins

    Time to change philosophy on TE's

    Nothing would make me happier than to revert to the days of the Hogs executing near flawless Counter Treys that even when the Defense knows it's coming, Peterson (or most likely, Guice), still gains 4+ yards on average. Alas, the powers-that-be don't want that. I'm weary that now that pass interference is a reviewable penalty, more spot fouls will be rewarded and the League will be as pass happy as ever. Games are going to take a minimum of 4 hours soon.
  15. CTskins

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    Washington game vs. Atlanta is on FOX in Connecticut. Third week in a row where I don't have to watch the game on my phone. Happy times.