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  1. Your score is: 40471 (GRADE: A) Your Picks: Round 1 Pick 2: Chase Young, DE/OLB, Ohio State (A+) Round 3 Pick 20 (LAR): Colby Parkinson, TE, Stanford (A) Round 4 Pick 11 (T.B.): Netane Muti, OG/C, Fresno State (A+) Round 4 Pick 20 (LAR): Dontavious Jackson, OLB, Florida State (A+) Round 4 Pick 23 (BALT): KJ Hill, WR, Ohio State (A+) Round 4 Pick 34 (LAR): Levonta Taylor, CB, Florida State (A+) Round 4 Pick 38 (COMP): Jalen Elliott, FS/SS, Notre Dame (A+) Round 4 Pick 39 (MIA): AJ Dillon, RB, Boston College (A+) Round 4 Pick 41 (CHI): DeMarkus Acy, CB, Missouri (A+) Round 4
  2. Good for you we got nothing have had tickets for over 50 years! (Although they don't recognize it since tickets have switched). So disappointed with the Redskins ticket office.
  3. Just to let everyone know who received digital tickets. I contacted the ticket office and they ended up sending me my coupons, usb charger and season ticket pin. So if you didn't receive contact them and hopefully they will send it to you. Only thing that was disappointing was the coupon for 25% off the Redskins store NO LONGER includes jerseys! Ridiculous can't even give season ticket holders a discount on jerseys!
  4. Well I did just get the email! However see below... no code.. thanks ticket office! HA. Can't believe their incompetence! Get Your Complimentary Access to NFL Game Pass and NFL RedZone! Your 2018 Redskins Season Ticket Membership benefits include free access to NFL Game Pass and NFL RedZone! Your unique NFL Game Pass access code: CLICK HERE for descriptions and instructions on how to gain access to these exclusive Member benefits. If you have any questions, please call or text your Client Services Representative at 301-276-6050.
  5. I will believe it when I see it, they are more out of sorts this year then I have every seen. Most people just say anything to get you off the phone whether correct or not!
  6. I had a lot of trouble with my parents the first time. I used text message to send it to my dad and then he clicked the link which made him create a ticketmaster account (Or you just log in if you already have one). Once logged on the person "Accepts" the tickets, then they have the barcodes in their ticketmaster account. From there if they have an iPhone they can add the tickets to their apple wallet to show at the gate. It is more complicated then I would have thought!!
  7. I called and asked about this and they said I did NOT have to print out the tickets, however there is no barcode on my app for the parking pass as of yet. Not sure what is going to happen. I am hoping it doesn't turn into a debacle!
  8. Yeah I have the parking passes in my account but no option to sell them.... Not suggesting I am right now but wouldn't it be nice to. They mentioned I would be able to once I can print the so called "PDF". Either way the Parking Passes were not supposed to be digital originally and it would have been nice for them to send us some kind of communication about it.
  9. I just had to call the ticket office today, I received no information about the Parking passes. Apparently they are digital as well, the person on the phone said it would be PDF but I don't see an option to print. Also there is no button for me to Sell them! I am not sure what is going on but the first game is next week and there is just no information on who to use these things. What do you know again STHs are left in the dust. Also I don't think it is really fair that people who received actually tickets received a few goodies where since I got them digitally I get nothing.
  10. I guess the upgrade is over? I can no longer upgrade, I guess they only gave you 2 days, I feel like it was more in the past. Especially with them adding seats randomly they should have provided more time.
  11. Yeah this entire upgrade window has been ridiculous. My upgrade window was Thursday and there was 0 tickets available in my section. Now today there are over 50!!!! I mean I am hoping I didn't miss the chance to move closer or someone with rows behind me already moved up. What do you know the Ticket office screws us again, no transparency!
  12. Yeah I was surprised there doesn't seem to be a lot of tickets available, I am guessing they either kept them or sold them to brokers. I thought for sure there would be something worthy to move over towards the sidelines more. Currently I am in section 105 and there were zero tickets in that section.
  13. Curious how long have you had tickets? My window is Thursday and the tickets have been in the family about 50 years.
  14. I guess I should have clarified, I had the option to choose after I already had received my tickets. So I did have to pay the $25 fee. Sorry about that.
  15. I had the digital option this past year with being able to go into the stadium using the redskins app. I don't think they publicized that well last season. Surprise!
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