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  1. This was not ok how this was presented - almost gleeful. It felt like a spiteful dig to lifelong fans. Respectfully retire the past not cheerfully obliterate it. I am barely hanging on here. Waiting to see how this unfolds - full rebrand and I am out. As an expat I have no tie to the DMV except the team. I have no interest in the DC expansion team. Maybe a 3rd gen fan is not part of the demographic they want for the future. I have a lot less years ahead me then the young fans - of course I have more disposable income better served with folks who value me. This video deeply angers me. My sec
  2. Without getting deep into the socio-political issues, you are right. However, regardless some folks will always call the the Redskins especially older fans and the whole old gear debate will go in for a long time. To some -even Skins fans - anything less than a full rebrand with color changes equals Redskins and is the only acceptable thing. Snyder 20 years of misery has made it much easier for those with that argument because so many young fans don't have the good memories to anchor their love for the Burgundy and Gold. Some will absolutely not be satisfied until any vestige of
  3. I posted this in the tailgate thread that's has been closed, but I thought I might put it here. I edited out my personal feelings on the change in case it runs afoul of the no socio-political rule. I am an 40ish expat of the DMV. I am also a 3rd Gen fan trying to raise the 4th which is tough especially since we live in Cowboys country. The team and dear memories are my only tie to The DMV. A full on rebrand and I likely fade into the ether of time. I have no tie to the D.C. expansion team and after 20 years of Snyder misery, that is what a full rebrand will be. To me, color c
  4. I am an old expat of the DMV. I am also a 3rd Gen fan trying to raise the 4th which is tough especially since we live in Cowboys country. I agree with the name change its time. Regardless of intent, NA imagery is a relic in 2020. However, this team and dear memories are my only tie to The DMV. A full on rebrand and I likely fade into the ether of time. I have no tie to the D.C. expansion team and after 20 years of Snyder misery, that is what a full rebrand will be. To me, color change equals full rebrand. With premise I can probably tolerate Redwolves in Burgundy and Gold especiall
  5. It just hit me today so I tweeted it. I live within a few hours drive of Arkansas State University so I am familiar with the school. I am also familiar with their mascot and maybe that is why I am so against RedWolves. ASU is a fine Sunbelt Conference School and all but copying their mascot for my unique and beloved NFL franchise is bad enough. Following in their footsteps is next level lazy. You see, ASU has only been the RedWolves for 12 years. From 1931-2008 they were: The Indians.
  6. I prefer Hog imagery, but this is style is my second choice. Redwolves I am 50/50 on. Burgundy and Gold and I can tolerate RedWolves better. Full rebrand, and I am likely packing it in. I have better stuff to do than follow from 1000 miles away the Washington Expansion team owned by Dan Snyder.
  7. 3rd generation trying to raise the 4th. Remains to be seen what happens especially with a full rebrand. I am an expat of the area of 20+ years and now reside in Cowboys country. Tough raising the 4th Gen fan when your only tie to the DMV is the team and have has 20 years of Dan misery. If we rebrand to something ridiculous that feels like an expansion team, I will likely let the team and NFL go. I need a tie to the past. Non-NA obviously, but a tie nonetheless. If not, I am likely done with the NFL and I could see my son (8) becoming a Dallas fan like all his friends, but I digress.
  8. 3rd Gen Fan that is a 20 + year expat of the area. I also happen to live in what is primarily Cowboys country. I understand and agree with a name change despite the lack of malice from the Skins fan base. I am still on the fence about how I approach the future. A full rebrand or a (non-NA) tie to the past and I may be gone - from the NFL as a whole because the Skins are the NFL to me. I will not stop wearing and Skins gear I currently own. It sounds like hypocrisy since I do agree with a change but my personal memories of family, many now gone, and the joy of being a Skins family t
  9. I'm a third generation fan trying to raise the fourth exceedingly tough during this owners administration. I am also an expat of the DMV of 20+ years so I have dealt with our last two decades mystery from afar. The team and dear family memories of games, training camps visits, etc., are my only tie to the DMV. I don't plan on returning and my kids were born here (midsouth). The Washington Redskins are not just a team, they are deeply ingrained in my life and personal history. I do believe it was time to change the name. However, I will admit that on Monday as I started thinking abo
  10. Understood. I freely admit I am partial to the Hogs likely because of bias due to personal memories growing up during the 80's. I understand what you are saying and I think a lot of the fan base feels the way you do while the other half are sentimental old men like me. This is is so tough, especially having left the area many years ago. My only tie to D.C. Is the team and my childhood memories with family all true Skins fans, many now gone. I am lucky enough to have my grandmother alive even though I am in my mid-40s. She moved away from the DMV about 15 years ago. She is still th
  11. I admited some weren't that great and I was spitballing, my point which obviously flew over your and a couple other's heads was we need thoughtful consideration, not some mascot or imagery plucked out of thin air. Further, I am mentioned Sammy Baugh and Bobby Mitchell so it wasn't just "living in eighties. Of course no players have ties to the glory years or even the good years prior. That doesn't mean you just ignore the history. You can move forward with a not to the past. But hey, laugh at a third gen fan trying to raise the the fourth and who is just as anxious as
  12. There is no need to rush this, especially when some people are treating this like picking and expansion team name or an XFL team. A littl thought and creativity can actually yield some results that harken back to team history/tradition without NA imagery. Off the top of my head some obviously more far fetched than others, but an example of leads on idea: 1. Hogs/Red Hogs the obvious for many reasons. Easy plug into HTTR with some tweaks, and obvious tie to glory days. 2. Officially Washington Burgundy and Gold. Doesn't roll of the tongue, so would often just be referred
  13. I loathe Red Wolves. It has nothing to do with franchise history or tradition. I am perplexed why it has gained so much traction. I am a 3rd Gen fan trying to raise the 4th, 20+ years after leaving D.C.. Memories of Skins games with dear loved ones, many now gone, are my only tie to D.C. . After 25 years of on field futility, I fear this will be the nail in the coffin for me. Do something with Hogs, or even go no mascot and just be the Washington Burgundy and Gold or the Washington Football Team. I agree all NA imagery has to go. However, a rebrand with Wolves or he generics Warri
  14. Anquan Boldin ran a 4.7 and Larry Fitzgerald ran a 4.6. This kid is big, driven, and smart. In one of his videos he (paraphrasing) said he does not half-butt anything, and if something is tough he is going to plug away until he has mastered it. Coaches vouch that is the kind of young man he is. Music to my ears and much more important to me than tenths of a second difference on a straighline run. Awesome potential and I will be pulling hard hard for him.
  15. Its inevitable that the name will change at some point - I personally prefer a partnership with an NA tribe a la FSU or to go back to being the Braves. I could tolerate Warriors with color scheme. However, a total reboot would end it for me. I left the DMV 20 years ago with no plans or desire to return. The Skins are my team. The Skins are who tied to my childhood memories filled with family fun and events with a game being front and center. A completely new team in DC and I am likely done with NFL. I wonder how many DMV expats like me would embrace a totally new team? Of course t
  16. I'm in my mid-40s so my childhood and those times with this franchise are inexorably forever linked - heck even the commercials I watched hold memories. I remember a few years ago getting such a thrill that someone uploaded the Joe Jacoby/ Mark May TheaterVision commercial to YouTube. I must have watched it a hundred times and it transports me back to being 8 years old and watching cartoons in my grandmother's basement when that commercial would come on. On the walls and shelves of my Grandmother's basement? Redskins merchandise of every type and size. We are aging and Dan Snyder
  17. Bruce is not enough. I continue my active no direct support or viewing boycott of all things NFL until Dan sells the team. I realize this may mean having to do it for what is left of my lifetime. I'm ok with that. Dan has taken something dear from me. My personal boycott is the only thing that I can do to express my anger and grief over it. I will check the box score and read the site. That is it. No tv and absolutely no merch. I have made my peace with it.
  18. I know you are being tongue-in-cheek. However, I would swap Dan for Jerry any day of the week. I left the DMV over 20 years ago. I have lived in Dallas' market (AR) for the last 15 of those years. Saw Skins v Dallas in the last game at old Texas Stadium and also have done a game at Jerry's new palace. You cannot compare the game day experience to Dan's Generic "Great Value" Brand. We were been treated great and felt like their was real value in the experience and we are Skins fans! We have had so much fun as a family in Jerry World that I am worried my kids are going to want grow u
  19. Nothing weird about it. I take it personally, as well. I'm a 3rd Generation Redskins fan. Pictures of me as a toddler circa 1976 decked out in my Redskins gear. So many family memories intertwined in watching the Skins with loved ones - many of whom are no longer living. Money spent on Redskins Christmas presents, family carvans up to Carlisle and then Frostburg for training camps. Away at college and talking on the phone to my Grandmother who is always talking about "our Skins." Years later buying my son his first jersey. This franchise is as much yours and mine as it is Dan's. I
  20. I played two years of JV football and watched football all my life. I have that amount of understanding the game. Accordingly, I have no business making football decisons from Xs and Os to player moves. The only business I have with "my" hypothetical football team, is setting the tone and culture for excellence as an organization, including accountability. The only football decision I should be making is doing my best to hire the right people to implement that vision. I may have to step in and be an arbiter if there is a seriousness issue that is deadlocked between GM and Coach - but if I made
  21. 1. Hire a competent GM. 2. Stay out of Football decisions 3. Upgrade facilities 4. Get stadium deal done 5. Name - find a Native American Tribe that is interested in some sort of affiliation/licensing type deal a la FSU. There has to be a tribe out there interested in such a deal. The Washington Cherokee? Washington Navajo? You can keep most of the colors and logos (I think our Brave is based on a member of the Delaware Tribe so that may need some adjustment. If not, go back to being the Braves. The name is going to change sooner or later. However, to me a full rebrand to
  22. The fact that this is even a discussion point is telling despite the fact that the rule is currently in suspension. The Washington Redskins. Blacked out. This would legitimately be an issue for this team if the rule were currently in effect. 16 year old me would be stunned that 44 year old me is even typing those words. Actually, 16 year old me would thing 44 year old me is a darned liar or pulling a prank. The more I type the more upset I get. What have you done to our franchise, Dan Snyder? What have you DONE? I'm getting off any Skins related sites for the night...
  23. Honestly, whatever percentage of fault lies with Trent and whatever percentage of his statements do not reflect the truth, really matters not to me. Any statement from the organization sounds like the adults in Peanuts/Charlies Brown cartoons. After so many years of "leaks" and attempts to make former players or personnel look bad to the point of defamation, I have zero interest in the truth and care not if the FO is unfairly mailigned - it's karma to me. This organization has display every petty trait of organizations that care not one whit about greatness. It exudes a toxic cultu
  24. I regret Dan buying this team more than anything in any sport or franchise I care about.
  25. Voted lawn work. Intrigued about Haskins start, but not intrigued enough to abandon my money/viewing boycott.
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