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  1. Can't our running backs bounce a play to the outside?
  2. Still no excuse, they were going to turnover the ball to us.
  3. Allen is way too slow in making a decision in what to do when he is flushed out of the pocket. The same thing happened in the attempted 2-pointer last week.
  4. What I do not understand from our offense, is who ever the ball carrier is, they are getting very little support from their own players on the field when battling for extra yardage.
  5. No point in pulling him, it's not that we are going to win this one with a change in QB.
  6. Not seen anything to back up that statement. Hopkins, possibly.
  7. It's times like this you miss Doc Walker and his post game comments, throw in Smoot as well.
  8. and Moses did not get called for a penalty!!!
  9. Someone better tell Haskins that you can talk all you want off the field, but its what happens on the field that counts.
  10. It's not on Ron, it's the quality of some of the players.
  11. Who said they wouldn't mind Keenum coming back next year?
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