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  1. Since fans don't generally concern themselves with the health and welfare of the players, it's easy for many to ignore COVID-19 as far as entertainment goes.


    "You're an entertainer, entertain me"


    In normal years, outside of torn ACLs and whatnot, the players' health is a long-term issue and something a player must make personal choices about. Many people think Jordan Reed should retire for his own good, but what if he was healthy and personally worried about the virus?


    The new reality is that the coronavirus can take lives in a matter of weeks. Football is a game, the global pandemic is not. I would be disappointed as a fan if the season were to be cancelled, but player safety is just as important as the safety of me and my family. I absolutely expect players to take the same approach and have a similar outlook.

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  2. I had asked someone about this some time back during a slow offseason:


    Anybody wanna put a few threads together, with polls, to vote on the All-Time Washington 53-man roster? Could give us all something to talk and argue about if there was a thread for QB, RB/FB, WR/TE, OL, DL, LB and CB/S.


      QB Sammy Baugh Kirk Cousins Sonny Jurgensen Billy Kilmer Mark Rypien Joe Theismann Doug Williams    
      RB Terry Allen Cliff Battles Larry Brown Earnest Byner Stephen Davis Bill Dudley Alfred Morris Clinton Portis  
      FB Don Bosseler Andy Farkas John Riggins Mike Sellers          
      WR Pierre Garcon Roy Jefferson Art Monk Hugh Taylor          
      WR Bobby Mitchell Ricky Sanders Charley Taylor            
      sWR Gary Clark Desean Jackson Santana Moss            
      TE Chris Cooley Clint Didier Wayne Millner Jerry Smith Don Warren        
      LT Turk Edwards Terry Hermeling Joe Jacoby Jim Lachey Chris Samuels Jim Snowden Trent Williams    
      LG Ray Brown Derrick Dockery Russ Grimm Ron Saul Ray Schoenke        
      C Jeff Bostic Al DeMao Len Hauss Bob Kuziel Casey Rabach Cory Raymer      
      RG Tre' Johnson Raleigh McKenzie Vince Promuto Randy Thomas          
      RT Don Boll Jon Jansen Mark May Morgan Moses Fran O'Brien Ed Simmons George Starke    
      LDE Gene Brito Karl Lorch Charles Mann Ron McDole John Paluck        
      LDT Dave Butz Kedric Golston Cornelius Griffin Tim Johnson          
      RDT Perry Brooks Bill Brundige Darryl Grant Joe Rutgens Diron Talbert        
      RDE Phillip Daniels Dallas Hickman Carl Kammerer Dexter Manley Joe Tereshinski        
      LOLB Lorenzo Alexander Brad Dusek Ken Harvey Ryan Kerrigan          
      LILB London Fletcher Kurt Gouveia Sam Huff Neal Olkewicz          
      RILB Chris Hanburger Mel Kaufman Harold McLinton Rich Milot          
      ROLB Monte Coleman Chuck Drazenovich Wilber Marshall Rusty Tillman          
      LCB Champ Bailey Vernon Dean Pat Fischer Rickie Harris          
      RCB Mike Bass Darrell Green Joe Lavender Shawn Springs          
      sCB DeAngelo Hall Mark Murphy Fred Smoot            
      FS Paul Krause Brig Owens Sean Taylor            
      SS Todd Bowles Ken Houston Alvin Walton            
      K Chip Lohmiller Mark Moseley              
      P Mike Bragg Tress Way              
      LS Ethan Albright Nick Sundberg              
      PR Brian Mitchell Mike Nelms              
      KR Rock Cartwright Brian Mitchell              
      OWN Jack Kent Cooke George P. Marshall              
      HC Geroge Allen Joe Gibbs Ray Flaherty            
      GM Bobby Beathard Charley Casserly              


    If anybody feels inclined to do so, I put together a list of ~125 players to start with. Just bored and thought I'd throw it out there.

  3. 41 minutes ago, bakedtater1 said:

    No excuses, I dont give two rats ass's what's at stake say something.


    Easier said than done, at least for the women being harassed. They could have careers destroyed, or worse, by people with means and motivation to retaliate against them for speaking up. The 'men' in the building, to a lesser extent, could have similar concerns, but likely an easier time rebounding. An executive with a backbone and an ounce or morals should have no problem calling it out and having it addressed.


    I disagree with blaming the victims.

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  4. 1 hour ago, superozman said:


    Yea, i'm starting to narrow my card collecting down to my teams, and investment pieces.  Learning the market is tough but you can pay for your hobby if done right.  


    TY!  i'm trying to get /10 higher end autos of all the vets as best as i can!


    I sold all my other sports years ago. Used to have so much stuff. lol These are a few of my favs now. Not a lot of money, but a TON of sentimental value. Plus rookies of every great Redskin I could find.



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  5. On 7/12/2020 at 11:58 PM, heyholetsgogrant said:

    How how old do you think that Seagram’s piece is?


    Nothing on the thing itself, but this LINK has a listing claiming 1970s.


    "This lot includes a 1970's Seagram's Seven Crowns of Sports Collection bar mirror. The mirror features the Redskins' Sammy Baugh and the Packers' Don Hutson. It measures roughly 21" x 18" with the frame."


    On 7/13/2020 at 8:45 AM, superozman said:



    I forgot to get a pic of my cards. Used to collect everything, but narrowed down to just Redskins rookies, AUTO and memorabilia. I've got a few pretty cool ones. Your Riggins AUTO is pretty sweet.

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  6. 12 minutes ago, KWilliamsAWinfield said:

    Nice rings! It is worth the money even if you overpaid! I pulled the pictures! 


    Yeah. I saw them and had no intention of leaving without them. haha Didn't care that were replica. Just wanted them, since they had one for each Super Bowl win.

  7. I've decided to pare down my collection and keep just the most sentimental stuff. The timing just happens to coincide with major life changes, so it's actually rather convenient.


    I don't wear jerseys or hats anymore (all sports jerseys used to be ALL I wore), but I'll keep the few meaningful ones and eventually have them framed. I've got probably 20 hats I've never worn, just bought because I got a good deal. lol


    I'll still wear the t-shirts and shorts whenever/wherever.






    It would be cool if someone has a thread to show some of our most cherished Redskins items, since people are going to start feeling nostalgic soon. Just a fun thing once the name change becomes officially official.

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  8. I think the bottom line is this:


    Most of the people pushing for the name change aren't part of our fanbase. Once it's changed, they'll move on to the next whatever it is. We'll be off the radar.


    Some Redskins fans will quit the team over the change, some new fans will arrive BECAUSE of the change.


    But, if we win games, the fans will support the team. Old fans or new fans, who cares?


    This is MY team for as long as I watch NFL games.




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  9. Our history is ours. That's it. We started in Boston with a different name, but that's still part of the team history.


    Arizona has moved, their history followed. Raiders move every 20 years, their history follows.


    Washington Bullets > Wizards

    Tampa Bay Devil Rays > Rays


    Cleveland Browns > Baltimore Ravens history started in 1996.

    1946 Cleveland Browns > 1995 Cleveland Browns, 1999 Cleveland Browns > Present


    This isn't an expansion team or witness protection, it's rebranding.

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  10. Nationals, Capitals and Wizards.


    I don't like "Warriors" and my preference for "Raging Aardvarks" will be ignored. So...





    Presidents (#HTTP lol)









    Washington Football Club



    I like:






    Burgundy and Gold

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  11. Okay, so I'm still working on this, but I'd like to get some feedback. Has been slow with work and laptop problems.




    I still haven't gotten to add the awards totals (Pro Bow, All-Pro, etc), but I like the breakdown that it'll have (ID PB/AP teams made as a rookie AND the total for careers).


    The 'sources' sheet shows what awards and whatnot I've been able to track down. Some may not prefer the AP, so if anyone can get the missing years, I can use PFF. I don't mind, personally.


    I'll still need to go back and verify the info once everything is added, but what do we think about the formatting, scoring, blah blah blah? This has been a group effort for years, so I hope everyone will throw out any opinions and make this as complete and suitable to as many as possible.


    ES GMs Mock Draft Results (2015-2020)

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  12. 57 minutes ago, skinfan57 said:

    @tibbidoe Your scoring project looks awesome. It will be interesting to see how our mock has done over the years.


    Do you think making a practice squad would be worth a few points?   


    Thanks. I'm hoping it turns out well. I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of the different details this may include.


    PS players would be pretty involved just to track, since some guys are literally signed and cut within days. We'd have to decide a way to do that, but it could be an an interesting addition.


    If we could get the ES community (or just the GMs for the Mocks) to 'Wikipedia' this thing and have a group of people pulling the info together, I'm sure it could be a lot more in-depth than what I'm able to do with it. lol Between making sure I haven't already made mistakes and getting everything else updated, volunteers are more than welcome.

  13. I'm still far away from having a functional database to even apply scoring to, so everything is up for debate and suggestion.


    This is the layout currently, complete as far as ES Mock results and the NFL drafts that followed 2016-2020. I'm hoping there's a way to import each player's yearly info, so I don't have to go line-by-line:




    Here's the most recent version of the scoring, again very much open to adjustments:




    A - starting point for the scoring. ES Mock overall - NFL draft overall gets +/- starting point

    B - based on round player is taken in Mock determines which point line applies

    C - negative points for Mock player undrafted by NFL team, with stagger for bigger loss for earlier pick of UDFA player (3rd round is highest UDFA so far)

    D - points for picking player at same overall spot as NFL team

    E - points for picking same player as NFL team, any pick overall

    F - self-explanatory, harder to win, higher value

    G - group of winners, lower value

    H - same as ROY

    I - same as All-Rookie, 2nd team All-Pro could also be included

    J - popularity contest, less valuable, but still notable

    K - not sure here, just put a range to give an idea

    L - better odds per player with it being only 2 teams (~1/100 chance for any player)

    M - number x total games

    N - same as league MVP


    I also included OUR undrafted FA (players taken in the draft, but not in the Mock) just to see who we all missed out on:




    I still have to add the info for colleges, but that'll move quickly, then include yearly info, like the others.



    13 hours ago, volsmet said:

    Pff and nfl.com all rookie teams preferably...




    Points for making a 53 man roster are a must in any grading, imo.

    An "official source" can be decided and used. I went with AP because I found it first. Whichever works best.


    The other suggestions you made can be decided by the group. I'm just setting it up so somebody else can knock it down. haha


    As far as points for making the 53, I hadn't considered. I just took for granted, since getting points to begin with implies having made the roster, to me at least. Could "games played" be substituted for this?

  14. 39 minutes ago, Chump Bailey said:


    Sounds great and thanks for the effort! I got a C in statistics so I'll leave the heavy thinking to yourself and others :)




    I'm just like excel. haha Still have quite a bit to finish, but if anybody knows much about formulas, I'll be happy to turn it over to get the scoring. I'm assuming there's an easier way than line-by-line.

  15. I've been bored, so I got the ES GM Draft results from @goskins10 from 2016-2020 and have been putting them all together in a single excel file. If there's interest, I want to assign an actual value to players, starting from the ES Mock and continuing year-to-year. It'll be based on the following (or something simliar, if anybody has better suggestions):





    A- The difference between where the player was drafted in the mock vs real draft

    B- Round player was drafted in mock draft

    C- Points for a player selected in the same overall slot as the real draft

    D- Points for being selected by the same team as the real draft

    E- Points lost for selecting a player who isn't drafted in real draft

    F- Points for selecting offensive/defensive rookie of the year

    G- Points for player making the All-Rookie team

    H- Points for selecting offensive/defensive player of the year

    I- Points for player making the All-Pro team

    J- Points for each Pro Bowl selection player gets

    K- Points for player being named league MVP

    L- Points for player being named Super Bowl MVP

    M- Point for each game played

    N- Points for making it to the Hall of Fame (irrelevant until years from now) 



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  16. 8 minutes ago, ILikeBilly said:

    Gibson is a WR.      Or not, according to the next post.


    Yeah. "Hybrid player" WR/RB, etc. But, even as a WR it was a bad pick for our team right now. Not that it really matters. Not gonna root against him just because I think we missed out on better options overall. haha

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  17. 11 minutes ago, Warhead36 said:

    We weren't going to fill every hole in one offseason. Lets just amass talent wherever we can and figure it out from there. You really think we're gonna find someone who can start at LT or FS his rookie year in the 3rd round?


    Just stack talent and fill the cupboards for now.


    I know we can't fill 5 positions with one pick. But, we could get by with the RBs we already had and at least take a shot at finding a starter. Even just a couple of picks later: Ashtyn Davis (FS) and Damien Lewis (G). You don't think either of those guys would have a chance to start over Troy Apke or Wes Martin?

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  18. 1 minute ago, Koolblue13 said:

    He's a HB more than a RB and he's a home run threat, so no. We didn't have one like him. There aren't a lot of sub 4.4 40 guys at 230lbs who can move like him.




    We don't have reasonable starters on the left side of the OL, or TE, or FS or CB2. Also thin at LB.


    But, as long as this guy runs fast...

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