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  1. Is the ES board allowed to make money for itself? Like, if we got ideas together that could make some money, could it fund tailgating expenses, provide team merch contests or maybe pay the mods a bit for their efforts?
  2. Bored at work thought: Joe Gibbs is the best HC we've had, but who would be the best OC/DC we've ever had? Like, historically. Same for GM/President?
  3. I'm looking for this book from the last Super Bowl. Had one when I was a kid. First real collectable I ever bought myself.
  4. If the defense can get to Brady enough: WAS 21 TB 17 If not: WAS 7 TB 38
  5. I read about how we're ahead of schedule on the rebuild, and I agree. If we can get the QB spot addressed and OL upgrades, we can win some games with the guys we have. Any other improvements (LB/TE/WR2) will just make it easier. Sunday vs TB is an unexpected gift to the fanbase. Win or lose, enjoy it and know that we may finally, really, be turning things around the right way. #HTTWFT
  6. In previous years, a lot of us would've already written this game off as a loss. Time to see if Coach really is making progress towards a winning mentality. #HTTWFT
  7. True. A career year from Thomas did help. Yup. I can admit that I'm occasionally wrong.
  8. I hate to say I told you so, but... LMAO #AmateurGM Dude is real and I was wrong. Very wrong.
  9. What I hate most is that, 9 games and only 3.5 sacks, Young hasn't even made the HoF yet. Clearly a terrible pick. #FireEverybody
  10. Since fans don't generally concern themselves with the health and welfare of the players, it's easy for many to ignore COVID-19 as far as entertainment goes. "You're an entertainer, entertain me" In normal years, outside of torn ACLs and whatnot, the players' health is a long-term issue and something a player must make personal choices about. Many people think Jordan Reed should retire for his own good, but what if he was healthy and personally worried about the virus? The new reality is that the coronavirus can take lives in a matter of weeks. Football is a
  11. I had asked someone about this some time back during a slow offseason: Anybody wanna put a few threads together, with polls, to vote on the All-Time Washington 53-man roster? Could give us all something to talk and argue about if there was a thread for QB, RB/FB, WR/TE, OL, DL, LB and CB/S. QB Sammy Baugh Kirk Cousins Sonny Jurgensen Billy Kilmer
  12. Easier said than done, at least for the women being harassed. They could have careers destroyed, or worse, by people with means and motivation to retaliate against them for speaking up. The 'men' in the building, to a lesser extent, could have similar concerns, but likely an easier time rebounding. An executive with a backbone and an ounce or morals should have no problem calling it out and having it addressed. I disagree with blaming the victims.
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