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  1. 1 hour ago, megared said:


    He offered to give a year...just not to this organization.  With how they've mismanaged everything else, can you blame him?


    I'm sure Scherff is just oh-so-impressed by the FO's strength in negotiations, that he's gonna sacrifice money to accept a low ball offer, and stay part of this great culture.  Do you really think our guys on their rookie contracts aren't paying attention to this ****?


    I actually think it would be really funny if the way Trent went about this became a standard for every Redskins player until Bruce leaves. All drafted rookies play out their initial contracts, then refuse to resign. All players just notifying their agents that returning to play here is not going to happen, and make sure it's clearly stated and explained in a press conference for each player.


    It won't happen, but I think it'd be hilarious.

  2. 49 minutes ago, bakedtater1 said:

    So the absolute best thing is to stil hope the Redskins lose out right?..lol


    Doesn't matter, really. We'll lose enough that wins won't lead to anything, but win enough that the losses won't allow us a shot at the truly elite players in the draft. I just want however many losses it takes to be rid of Bruce.

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  3. 3 hours ago, purbeast said:

    It could even be something as simple as an aggregation of tweets with the hashtag #firebruceallen or something along those lines.  Then maybe have some links and stuff to all of the bad decisions he has had a hand in.  Definitely need a designer to help figure all this stuff out though.


    I like this. Plus, if someone wanted to write an article it could be placed there. No opinions, just the things that have happened and how the moves turned out. One of the times where the truth is just about worse than something being made up. Just making sure to avoid anything (copyright/liable/etc) that could give opportunity for misdirection/distraction by Dan/Bruce.

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  4. 1 hour ago, KillBill26 said:

    While tanking has its drawbacks ie negative, losing culture in locker room and disgruntled fanbase, trading any declining player with any trade value has very little downside.  Some fans may be pissed to see a kerrigan type walk, but those frustrations are relatively short lived.  


    The Redskins have absolutely nothing to lose, and draft picks to gain, by trading five or so players, but are too stupid to realize it.


    Absolutely agree.


    I'd trade Williams, Norman, Kerrigan and Scherff for the best possible deals we can get right now. Reed (IR) will have to retire/be cut in the offseason. I'd listen to offers for any other player, but I'd aggressively try to trade those 4.

  5. 53 minutes ago, kingdaddy said:

    I would think the Steelers, if they were going to fire Tomlin, would be smart enough to call Dan and Bruce to see if they wanted to trade for him. Why not, we'd be dumb enough to deal our 1st for him, if not more. 


    It's sad how reasonable to sounds, when thinking about the stupid that Snyder/Allen are capable of.

  6. Just now, bakedtater1 said:

    So it's been 18 years or so....I hope Daniel dont trade away draft pics for Tomlin 


    May not have to. Tomlin could be fired.

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  7. 11 minutes ago, bakedtater1 said:

    Lol..thanks for granting me the win..that was easy..I just say u lose and that means I win?..lol...errrybuddy knows I'm just a wenner round here lol..


    Your last paragraph is an excellent point..I support it completely..so how do we...how do we do it?...how do we hope for the best for the players that make up the roster now but hope they lose?..you have to be nutruel..want for the redskins to win and root for them to win but be ok with it if they lose..but be happy if they win...if they lose than win than lose than win than lose than win again something is going to give eventually breaking allowing them to win win win..


    It's all fun. Gotta find laughs anywhere we can these days.



    Honestly, many fans are doing the right thing. Tuning out, not showing up or selling tickets like Bruce explained was the case in his presser. lol


    Winning is always nice, but Dan has cultivated a FO that will call mediocre "being close" and is fooled by it. We have a loser mentality and it shows.


    I hope for a win, expect a loss and am fine either way, after 20 years of Snyder. Enough losses and we get another roll of the dice and maybe, just maybe, it's the group that forces Dan to grow up.

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  8. 35 minutes ago, bakedtater1 said:

    ...u lose..next?


    20 minutes ago, bakedtater1 said:

    What win?...I dont have a book for smart ass comments for dummies...seriously not trying to be an ass but if your going to run me down do it to where I understand it for humor purposes lol..


    If I lost, then clearly you won. So, I'm super happy for you. lol


    Snyder is not going away. We all know and understand that. He has too much ego and is too emotionally tied to this team to walk away. Especially now, because selling would be admitting defeat and he's nowhere near being mature enough to do that. From leaving ice cream on Mike Nolan's desk to firing Jay Gruden at 0500, he has proven who he is as a man.


    So, the only real hope is to stumble across the right combination of coaches, talent evaluators, players and yes-men. That process can't begin until Allen is gone and the next group comes in. Once we (eventually) get THAT group in place, who are able to win DESPITE Dan's presence, he'll be afraid to meddle too much, for fear of being a loser again.

  9. 1 minute ago, bakedtater1 said:

    Where's Cleveland right now?..****ty...losing out?..yes allen would be gone..THANK GOD!..hopefully the new president, gm, coach??...keep holding onto hope..two words for ya that will continue to **** that up..DANIEL SNYDER...u lose..next?


    Currently? 2-3, 2nd in their division and still a team with hopes.


    What are your (hopefully realistic) hopes for the Redskins? MAYBE win 5 games and what next? More of the same for a few more years? No, thank you.


    And yes, when Allen is fired we obviously would have a new Pres/GM. We'll already have a new HC, probably a lot of new staff. So, I'm not sure of your point there.


    With these coming changes, we would have hope again as a fanbase. A real reason to watch, instead of seeing a new a exciting way of losing. I'll take that.



    PS- Congrats on your huge win. It should be fun to weigh your endorsement offers and seeing your name in the Ring of Fame.

  10. Since the passion is gone for a lot of fans, and the fanbase itself is logically getting smaller, tanking is actually ideal. Honestly, I'd be fine with a 2016-17, Cleveland-style 1-31 trainwreck. We lose out for a season or two, get the #1/#2 pick overall a couple of times, and then...


    Losing out:


    1) Bruce Allen will HAVE to have been fired by this point. There's NO WAY Snyder could make enough excuses to keep Allen around, since his departure is the only real hope there is for the team. So, we've already won by losing in this scenario.


    2) By the end of the 1-2 seasons of (more) awful Redskins football, we will have shed many of the bad players/contracts that we have currently. Hopefully the new Pres/GM/HC will have worked out an actual plan for the franchise and plenty of cap space to make it work and Dan is able to STFU and let them work.


    3) The haul of picks (with or without trades down, I'd prefer down as many times as reasonable) allows the new staff to build the team the way they see fit, while our current young players are growing into established leaders for the team. By this point (2022-ish) we should be in position for an extended period of good+ football, with real hopes of #championships.


    Fighting hard for that participation trophy:


    1) Regular 6-10 to 9-7 finishes, more mid-round picks and Bruce Allen mistakes, only occasional playoff runs, further erosion of the fanbase until FedEx is officially deemed a neutral-game site and the team store is changed to a league store. (okay, the last couple might not happen, but they might as well)


    2) Fans getting to take the "moral high ground", while seeing only the short-term, BUT getting to condescend to other people about their "superior fanship".


    So, whatever. Football is just entertainment and Washington Redskins football is no longer entertaining/fun. If being able to admit that and seeing the fastest way to correct it means I'm less of a fan than the next guy, so be it. Hopefully the next guy sleeps better at night, and also gets a fuller head of hair and a hotter spouse from their moral superiority.



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