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  1. Did a Fanspeak offseason, and this was my result. Probably not realistic on some, but fun anyway. Extended Trent, adding some guaranteed money to get him back. Norman might be able to step up again, with Rivera coaching, so got his number down instead of just releasing him. Moses stays, but with a better cap number, and brought back both Scherff and Flowers. Hooper and Cobb starting, with Wisniewski, Coleman, Bortles and L. Thomas for depth. Byron Jones to start opposite Dunbar. Van Noy and Marshall at OLB and brought back Swearinger at FS and
  2. That's fair. I just think getting something back that could last more than 2 years is worth considering. Either way works, I suppose.
  3. I dunno. 3 starters and 2 starting DT spots? I mean, yeah, we'd have a strong rotation (including Settle) and some packages may include all 3 of the 3-4 starters, BUT how long will that keep them all happy AND what other improvement(s) couldbe made by moving any one of the three? (Allen is obviously my choice of the 3 if it were to happen) I'd have to see what other teams might offer, at least.
  4. I'm assuming Trent comes back and we extent/franchise Scherff. Are there any players with viable trade value we might get picks for? Montae Nicholson? Paul Richardson? Ryan Kerrigan? Jonathan Allen? Even if it's just for 5-7 RD (NOT Kerrigan or Allen), I'd like to see the new FO/coaches have as many picks as possible.
  5. Here's 78/90 for the offseason roster. Figured I'd let the coaches fill out the final 12 with 3rd/4th QB and FA/UDFA guys. lol Left 4 DL/LB, just to account for 4-3/3-4 alignments. I know we'll be a base 4-3, but this is just for offseason roster fun.
  6. He showed improvement during the course of a 3-13 season, with a coach being fired, no real TE weapons, 3 rookie WRs and our best OL sitting out. Taking Burrow doesn't do much for the offense, unless you build around him. Same goes for Haskins, except we've already got him to build around. Whatever he becomes, he isn't that yet. It's the job of the coaches/FO to put him in position to succeed/fail. Taking another QB is a waste of limited resources at this point.
  7. No. At worst, Haskins can be a game manager. If CIN takes Young, we need to take the best trade offer we get and run with it. If we can build a good enough team around him, Haskins might be able to Dilfer us all the way to another ring. If not, we can draft a replacement with a better team for the rookie than we had this year.
  8. I want Chuba Hubbard from the draft. Guice, Love and Hubbard, with Peterson.
  9. You're wrong, but the link makes your stance on the subject more easily understood. Like the Voting Rights Act, the Rooney Rule exists because there is need for it. The fact that some people here want to aggressively prevent others from taking pride in or celebrating the ethnic diversity of our new coach also says a lot.
  10. Sad that some people can't allow others to take pride in an event that isn't typical to the norm. African American coaches went thru (and still go thru) the same thing. It's the society many here have grown up in and one that many are still trying desperately to cling to. Coach Rivera is an excellent hire and we're going to be better with him aboard. He also gets to be a role model for Puerto Rican and Mexican people, and other non-white people, who don't have nearly the representation that we, the EXTREMELY privileged White people in America, do.
  11. Guilty of anything or not and ignoring football-related opinions, he clearly has trouble with making smart decisions and keeps putting himself in bad situations. Hopefully he can learn and mature quickly, since being associated with the situation that cost a young woman her life should be an eye-opener. We'll see.
  12. 01) Retire Sean's #21. 02) Fire Bruce Allen, spend time searching for the best possible GM I could find. 03) Sit down with Trent and try to fix things. He deserves better. 3.5) Talk with every other player on the roster to get their input and opinions on the old onwer/FO/staff and how to fix things. 04) Probably offer KOC the HC job and allow him to pick every coach on the staff. If KOC doesn't work out, the GM will be responsible for hiring his replacement. 05) Huge upgrades to our scouting departments, again search for the absolute best options available. 06) Re
  13. I actually think it would be really funny if the way Trent went about this became a standard for every Redskins player until Bruce leaves. All drafted rookies play out their initial contracts, then refuse to resign. All players just notifying their agents that returning to play here is not going to happen, and make sure it's clearly stated and explained in a press conference for each player. It won't happen, but I think it'd be hilarious.
  14. Wait. This is a FOOTBALL message board? Like, American football?
  15. LMAO Only in this situation. Otherwise, a man, his thumb and his bum should feel absolutely free to drunkenly interact with one another.
  16. Doesn't matter, really. We'll lose enough that wins won't lead to anything, but win enough that the losses won't allow us a shot at the truly elite players in the draft. I just want however many losses it takes to be rid of Bruce.
  17. I think Bruce could have 3+ 1st round picks in each of the next 5 drafts and still manage to avoid winning anything significant. He'd just end up drunk, with his thumb in his bum, confused but still instinctively trying to sell the "great culture" around the team.
  18. Trade them all. 10, 12, 23, 24, 25, 75, 91 and 71. Cap space and draft picks.
  19. Don't like the throwback unis with current helmet. Looks stupid and colors don't match.
  20. Okay, he's on PS/IR and doesn't count towards the 10-player limit? I saw we signed Josh Ferguson, so that's 10 with Chesson on an IR/PS list?
  21. I thought so, but guy is arguing with me that Chesson is on PS exemption list of some sort, not IR. Thx
  22. I like this. Plus, if someone wanted to write an article it could be placed there. No opinions, just the things that have happened and how the moves turned out. One of the times where the truth is just about worse than something being made up. Just making sure to avoid anything (copyright/liable/etc) that could give opportunity for misdirection/distraction by Dan/Bruce.
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