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  1. Adding 1 playoff team to each conference is cool. I think this would've been a good time to address seeding, tho. Order should be overall record, regardless of division and winning your division shouldn't be an automatic home game. An 8-8 division winner hosting a 12-4 wildcard team, with a 10-6 team sitting at home (for example) makes no sense.
  2. Brandon Scherff* Trent Williams Jonathan Allen Quinton Dunbar Montae Nicholson Trading these five would get us a handful of 2-3-4s, and whatever MN goes for. I'd consider players in return, but strong preference for picks. EDIT: *Meant to add Scherff to this list.
  3. Crap score, but had to dig the complete overhaul of the OL and added competition/depth at LB/WR. Your score is: 38960 (GRADE: A-) Your Picks: Round 1 Pick 15 (DEN): Jedrick Wills, OT, Alabama (A+) Round 1 Pick 18 (MIA): Andrew Thomas, OT, Georgia (A) Round 2 Pick 2 (IND): Patrick Queen, ILB, LSU (A-) Round 2 Pick 14 (DEN): DAndre Swift, RB, Georgia (A+) Round 3 Pick 1 (CINN): Ashtyn Davis, FS/SS, California (A) Round 3 Pick 2: Jaylon Johnson, CB, Utah (A+) Round 3 Pick 11 (IND): Brycen Hopkins, TE, Purdue (A) Round 4 Pick 1 (CINN): Chase Claypool, WR, Notre Dame (A+) Ro
  4. I know that nobody seems to like having a running drafted/available spreadsheet once the draft gets going. So I made a Google sheet with draft order and prospects listed (alphabetically, no rankings), if anybody wants to make themselves a copy before we get started. 2020 ES GM's Mock Draft
  5. lol Point being, they make tough player decisions and they win. Ignore relevant points if you like, but I'm sure we'd both like to see sustained success for the Redskins. 2 starting spots and 3 players, plus Settle already there for the rotation. I just think Allen will get less playing time than a starter-quality player coming off the bench should. Great depth, but wasted in that way. That's why I'd look at flipping his value for another player/pick who could strengthen another area of the team. If he can lead to a good+ starter at FS/TE, I think it's at least worth look
  6. @bakedtater1 A ) It's "my" team, same way it's "yours". Cap room and draft picks allow my team to try and get better. Silly argument. B ) It's his 2nd consecutive 'down year', third if you wanna nitpick 2 missed games in 2017. RG is not a premium position, especially with the number of holes, and the lack of depth, we have. I really like him, same as Allen on D, BUT there's a reason the Patriots have built a dynasty and a reason OUR team has sucked almost exclusively since 1991. It's a business. We need to approach it as such, the same way Trent is clearly l
  7. Allen is a quality player, I just think he'll be wasted in the 4-3, with Payne and Ioannidis. I think he'll be wasted talent and Scherff will be wasted money. That's why I'd trade them both, start Flowers/Martin at LG/RG, and use the likely day 2 picks we'd add to get FS/TE/OT starters/depth.
  8. I know. Tag and trade has been my opinion on him. He's not our "untouchable Tom Brady". He's the RG on a 3-13 team with 3 consecutive years missing games. Quite expendable, IF a decent trade offer is made for him. Also, I'm for trading Allen THIS year, but you've read/replied to my opinion on that before. lol
  9. $12M+ for a RG, who hasn't played 16 games in a season since 2016, who could get us good draft capital in trade, on a rebuilding team, with a possible replacement already on the roster?... No. No, you're wrong. We should DEFINITELY listen to trade offers, if anyone shows reasonable interest.
  10. You're correct. I meant Martin filled in at RG for Scherff. lol But, Flowers back at LG, Martin at RG and trade Scherff. That's what I intended to put there.
  11. Martin already got playing time @ RG (typo previously - oops) filling in for Scherff, IIRC. I'd actually prefer he get a shot to start and see us trade Scherff. Martin with Flowers coming back saves us a ton of cap space. Flowers earned a decent raise and I've read that John Matsko is just as respected as Callahan for OL coaches. Flowers should continue to improve and be well worth having around.
  12. I'd call the Dolphins right now. MIA gets: Williams, 1-2 WAS gets: 1-5, 1-18, 1-26, 2-24, 2021 2nd I learned from American Pickers that you can get a deal done easier sometimes doing a bundle package. lol
  13. Screw it. Trade Trent, Dunbar, Allen and tag and trade Scherff. That at least a late 1 and several 2s-3s and more.
  14. Does anybody have links to previous mock draft results?
  15. I'd rather look for a playmaker at TE, who can block some. If converting somebody to the position, I'd think about: Here's one of many scouting reports.
  16. Alex Smith - stuck with his contract Josh Norman - already cut Trent Williams - extend and get lower hit this year Ryan Kerrigan - extend and get lower hit this year Jordan Reed - cut unless he retires Morgan Moses - restructure or trade/cut Paul Richardson - already cut Quinton Dunbar - extend
  17. I'll try to run the Rams again, unless someone new wants to join the game. I think it's fair to have the commish/Redskins GM tie-in. Might be a good selling point going forward, since running the whole mock draft is a job. If multiple players want the responsibility, just select the same way the Redskins GM was done before. Simple and fair all the way around, I think.
  18. I did another simulation on Fanspeak, trying to eliminate most needs before drafting. This was after cutting Norman, Reed and Richardson, re-signing Flowers and Scherff and re-structuring Williams, Kerrigan and Moses. Probably too high on a couple of guys (these are the cap-friendly first years, obviously), but got starters and depth and made easy BPA for the draft. I'd be happy with something similar by Rivera. Big turnover in year 1, then tweaks and specific needs after that.
  19. No worries. Just talking, at length, about 1st round WR, while quoting mine that didn't mention it at all seemed odd to me. Either way, it seems we're close to having a well-rounded group and that's all that matters. Like you said, we have bigger needs (ILB, CB, TE, OL, etc).
  20. That's why I said WR2 vet. Another late-round/UDFA rookie would be fine, but an experienced vet in FA is my preference. I'm not expecting PRichardson to be back.
  21. McLaurin looks like a special player, but all 3 rookie WRs showed talent and Sims/Harmon really improved towards the end of the season. I think we're a solid WR2 vet and some depth tweaks away from a monster WR corps, assuming the OL/Haskins/playcalling work, obviously. How their rookie seasons looked against the best rookie Redskins before them: Plus Sims on returns is a huge bonus. Not bad for 3rd/6th/UDFA rookies.
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