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  1. I'm here. How much longer does @JDePalm have?
  2. Rams looking to move down a few spots (from #126), if anybody's interested. Not sure when I'll be online tomorrow and 10 picks early is too many to send a list.
  3. I hope the team does the same thing in the real draft. Signed a couple of TE, draft a couple and let them all fight it out with last year's holdovers. Shotgun approach.
  4. 3 40 104 Los Angeles Rams Logan Wilson Wyoming ILB Sorry for the delay.
  5. I'ma check on this in the morning. If I'm not on the clock by then, I'll send a shortlist.
  6. @Skin'emAlive Seattle Seahawks @volsmet Buffalo Bills @JDePalm New England Patriots
  7. @madden lot - Dallas @KillBill26 - Denver @PartyPosse - Minnesota
  8. Dunbar traded to SEA for a 5th...
  9. "_____ cannot receive messages" Trying to make a trade offer... ?
  10. @skinfan57 is on the clock @volsmet is on deck
  11. 2 20 52 Los Angeles Rams Lloyd Cushenberry LSU C I wish the real Rams would invest in the frickin' OL, so I wouldn't have to every time we do this. lol
  12. @bedlamVR on the Clock @Redskins Reparations on deck
  13. Yeah, that's what I was saying. Getting the next team on the clock quickly is the best way to keep things moving.
  14. That's one of the things that is kind of annoying about the GM Draft. Picks get delayed sometimes because the GM making the pick won't do so until they write a long-winded post about why they picked a guy. Seems like a rule for that to be added afterwards would move things along better...
  15. Evans would be wasted if we can't get Haskins enough time to throw the ball, same as Hopkins or Diggs would've been. He'd be a wasted luxury with ~$15.5M/yr left on his deal. My crazy what? Only way I trade Williams for Evans is with an extra pick included to at least give a shot at getting lucky in the mid rounds. We need OL upgrades more than we need Evans.
  16. Haskins had a coach who didn't really want him, 3 rookie WRs (McLaurin, Sims, Harmon), an undrafted rookie TE (Hentges), a couple of other meh WRs (Richardson, Quinn), an okay TE (Sprinkle) and a soon-to-retire 35 y/o TE on IR (Davis) with the other injured starting TE (Reed) missing the entire season. That, plus a 34 y/o starting RB, a meh OL with an elite LT sitting out in protest. I think he did pretty damned well. Build around him and see what he can really do. Either take Young and fill the rest of the needs on offense later, or trade down and fix the OL/TE/CB/FS spots.
  17. Couldn't agree more! The '20 season is already lost, none of the players "Riverboat Ron" has drafted in Washington have made the Hall of Fame yet AND don't even get me started on us missing the paloffs his entire tenure here! #FireRiverboatRon
  18. 3 yrs / $30M, $19.95M guaranteed. Our best was supposedly $8M/yr.
  19. Odd man out in the switch to the 4-3. He's a good player, but I think Payne and Ioannidis will be the starters. Allen off the bench is nice, but Allen for a starter at FS/TE would be better.
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