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  1. Last night was the first time I've ever had Guiness and I was impressed. Its pretty smooth! I'd get it again.
  2. Doink was awesome. Gotta have Dink in there with him tho lol
  3. i loved how the "cops" took HHH away lol. that looked so staged and fake. i think the best part was when some girl in the house just ran by screaming, i thought that was great lol
  4. Did anyone else call Triple H showing up in Orton's house? That seemed too obvious...
  5. well i figured i could give it to you for helping me out haha
  6. so when i went to look under the seat, a dime was caught in the track and that was the problem! i'm glad it was something easy!
  7. Well I noticed it after I took a big box out of my backseat, so I don't know if I jammed it or what not
  8. Yeah its a 2 door. That could be what it is. It just doesn't catch when you try to move it. Thanks for the help!
  9. how hard is it to fix a seat? my passenger's seat is broke and doesn't stay in place. when ever i hit the brakes the seat moves forward and when i accelerate it goes backwards (kind of fun watching whoever is in it though). so how hard is it to fix on my own or should i take it somewhere to get fixed?
  10. I think Zorn said he wanted to do it towards the end of the season because the burgundy jerseys would keep the players warm. i might be wrong but i thought thats what i read earlier in the year
  11. i wish we would wear the 75th anny jerserys again. those look so awesome! plus with monk and green getting their HoF rings that night, it would be nice to go old school.
  12. i would love to wear our gold helmets against the steelers. those jerseys are amazing!
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