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  1. "i just realized i was talking to brian kenny. i forgot who i was talking to"
  2. I work in HR at a health insurace provider and every person has a purell bottle on their desk. they really don't want us to get sick here lol
  3. Yeah mine is an HP Pavillion. The battery life is horrible on it, after I had it a year I couldn't take it off charge for more than 5 minutes without it dying. It also only came with 1gb of RAM. I bought the 4gb off Amazon for like $30 and a new battery for $50 and its never been better.
  4. By any chance do you have an HP Pavillion?
  5. i've had vista for almost 2 years now and i've never had one problem with it. i don't think its hard to use or anything, its actually pretty simple. i have 4gb of RAM on my laptop and it works like a charm!
  6. i need a new username. skins_fan3 is too generic and lame. i never thought i'd post on here as much as i do. can i even change my name?
  7. I like that move. I love Kornhesier on PTI, but he just wasn't cutting it on MNF. I'm not real sure how Gruden will do in the booth either. I wish they would've just kept the Sunday Night crew they had of Patrick, Theisman, and McGuire.
  8. the best thing you can do is just surround yourself with your friends and have a good time. thats how i've always gotten through girl troubles. it means more guy time!
  9. can't get on youtube at work...lame!
  10. My dog is the same way. If you take ice out of the freezer and drops he'll come out of nowhere to scoop and it up and run around with it. Its hilarious to see
  11. praise_gibbs you win the award for best sig!
  12. If that doesn't work, I don't know what will!
  13. pretty much. its beer colored water. i was thinking more along the lines of cat piss though lol
  14. have u had mgd64 yet? possibly the worst beer ever!
  15. Alot lol. First they don't clean up after themselves. If they eat McDonald's or some fast food or whatever, they just throw the trash on the floor in the living room where they are sitting. There is a trash can 3 feet from them but they cant throw it away. Secondly, they don't do anything besides drink and play video games, seriously. They go to class and then come back and starting drinking and playing video games til at least 1am everyday of the week. And its the same games, NBA Live, Madden, The Show, and Call of Duty. I can't tell you the last time we've watched tv or anything.
  16. i have the worst roommates ever. thank god i'm moving out in a month!
  17. I think we should have gold pants instead of burgundy. I think that would look pretty sweet!
  18. I always wondered about those. I mean how many calculations do you do a day that you need to have a calculator on you at all times?
  19. Wow that is a random thought, and a good one at that!
  20. Lol, can't stay there too late though unless you wanna party by candle light!
  21. Yeah I'm from St.Mary's but there is not a whole lot to do down there. Plenty of bars and liquor stores but thats about it haha.
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