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  1. same here. my boss isn't even here!
  2. Good thing I'm going towards the city on my way home!
  3. Yeah that pic MissU posted was bad. I haven't seen a pic of her in awhile but that one is horrible.
  4. Same here. I think its from sitting in this chair for 8hrs a day
  5. Not a problem! I remembered seeing something on Yahoo! or CNN about it this morning so it was still fresh
  6. They've done 2 autoposies on MJ IIRC. I think it will take a month for the toxicology reports, but they've done autoposies already.
  7. they went on sale yesterday at 10AM and were sold out by 10:15AM lol
  8. got my tickets to virgin fest! anyone else going?
  9. this sucks! damn it! i just tried another promo code: IRVING and that didn't work either. it says they just went on presale at 10am. so if they sold out already thats crazy.
  10. figures. i bet people are going to try and sell them on ebay or something lol. man i really wanted to go. i wanted to see wale!!
  11. https://www.ticketmaster.com/checkout/reserve?v=_W6gftdr2ETYf9M9fMAREXucPzSdA1HVeRvqTqsiuX6DaGxTxQMscRrG_9D-rikDDic8qoWXK7fC051OAEj7KjPy9EOQAZxDYobBDrYy52zBh4hDE0lk7KeuY29EIKdK7kkybe_gJzO6u4_WYQsVi5Uhap4p0-kK3esOWhzeclp4WQvBrcSm_GD3U3qHZMKxYD-X64dCNd-vQ1Qi8Tq8RrQAtABHa8k8PIShmyv2VVRZ_23LBdHKqCOvMk20rtaX3v3wlxsdzhvyCUuNIzkDY1AfxU6PhGPAElSEIMxp4XANp0p4GXqvcIkAeK9Fi1-HI4XzHURADOygOpSjJ-KxLHyPLsw WTF?!?!
  12. all the tickets are sold out already?!?! are you kidding me? how did you get a passcode?
  13. I wish I had a promo code to order my Virgin Fest tickets!!!
  14. Thanks! I couldn't remember the title of the thread. I type in tv thread but nothing would come up.
  15. I was looking for it but I couldn't find it
  16. Anyone here know much about tvs?
  17. I didn't hear anything about it until this morning. I think that would've been a dumb trade for the Celtics. Rondo played extremely well in the playoffs and Ray Allen can still play. If anything the Pistons need to get younger. Ben Gordon wouldn't be a bad fit there at all. The Pistons need a good shooter that can take over a game, they don't have that right now. And yes, trading Chauncey was a HORRIBLE idea!
  18. Did you hear about the Ray Allen trade that almost went down?
  19. I haven't been there in awhile. The one time I was there I didn't think it was bad. But I think Chipotle is overrated. And I love the tacos from there, but I want more selection.
  20. Damn that sucks. I've never had a problem there. I like that they have more choices than Chipotle. Baja has really good burritos and quesadillas. Their salsas are really good too.
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