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  1. if you guys are ever in baltimore, check out brewer's art. they brew their own beer and have some really good choices. i would reccomend the ozzy. http://www.thebrewersart.com/
  2. I've been using IE8 for awhile now and surprisingly I haven't had any problems. I used to use Firefox, but IE8 isn't too bad.
  3. lol that's gotta be it haha. yeah i hope i can find a new one. she was doing a good job so it just caught me by surprise.
  4. she quit because of many unforseen reasons. had only been here for 2 weeks.
  5. Reminds me of all the people that used to play as the Falcons so they could use Vick. I hate playing ppl online because people use 3 teams in Madden: Pats, Colts, Cowboys.
  6. You did miss ALOT. Erin Andrews!!!
  7. Everyone just wants out of work!
  8. Wow that's weird. I was just singing that in my head too lol. I'm so ready for the day to be over!
  9. I feel the same way too. I just feel like the uniforms are a little boring. I really liked the 70th anniversary jerseys and the 75th anny jerseys. I do think its time to miix them up a bit. We've pretty much had the same jersey now for 20+ years.
  10. Apparently alot of people think the Redskins and Wizards need new uniforms. That's from ESPN's Page 2 Uni Watch Blog
  11. Gotcha. That's pretty cool though. One day I'll make my way back down there to work, but Baltimore is too much fun for now haha
  12. Lol there are a few of those down there. Are you over off of Exploration or are you a little farther down?
  13. I'm from St.Mary's. My dad works on base. What company do you work for down there?
  14. Where do you work in Lexington Park? The Base?
  15. The one day I wasn't on here most of the day this week and I miss out...stupid work! lol
  16. I thought it was too boring. I need some interesting stories to get me through the day haha
  17. Hopefully you find her! The microchip should definitely help. Keep us posted!
  18. oh no, that's never good. my dog likes to jump through the holes in the fence and we found him about 2 houses down one day. hopefully you can find your's!
  19. Actually, yes, yes I can. It sucks because they played so well for the first 8 innings. But I guess its payback for scoring 10 runs the night before in the 7th and 8th.
  20. Lol i was thinking about that on my drive home yesterday. The Red Sox didn't want you to have to sit in traffic!
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