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  1. STB, where are your seats? And did you lose a bet?
  2. My first semester was the only one where I had a Friday class. I loved 4 days of class a week. Sucks though when you get a job and have to work 5 days a week lol
  3. Yeah 5 classes in 3 days was not fun, I was in class pretty much all day Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. But it was totally worth it!
  4. I had that once. It was amazing!
  5. Yo quiero cervesa ahora! or Donde esta la biblioteca?
  6. I think its cool for each player to have their own thread. Makes it easier to find info and stuff about them. Portis is gonna have a huge year! I can feel it!!!
  7. Hey if Colt and Chase can have their own groups, why can't CP?
  8. How can the greatest RB in Washington Redskin history not have his own thread? After this season Portis could be the all-time leading rusher in team history. This is a place to talk about our great RB, CP26!!
  9. great now i'm hungry! do you think it would last if you sent it in the mail lol
  10. Lol, that first part sounds hilarious Never heard of it, but it sounds good!
  11. yesterday was the worst day ever. hopefully things will be better today.
  12. Yeah too bad Comcast makes you pay extra for it! :mad:
  13. Its Frrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidddddddddayyyyyy!
  14. can't go wrong with a sub and beer lol
  15. probably still too soon. not unitl vick signs somewhere will it be safe
  16. I think it started to go down hill a little before then actually. I stopped really paying attention when Stone Cold and The Rock left. Say what you want about those two, but they were the WWE/WWF in the late '90s earlier 2000's. Once they left I don't think Vince has really thought of another plan or anything. He just keeps using HHH, Cena, Orton, Legacy for everything lately. They come up with something else? I feel like the last 3 months have been Orton/HHH/Cena for the title. What about Kane/Taker/Jericho just someone other than the big 3 right now.
  17. I think it'll be ok for a few weeks once Vick signs somewhere. If he signs with us, it could get real ugly. I think he goes to the Vikings now that Favre isn't coming. Lol, Greedo shot first! And by the way...Mark Buehrle is working on another PERFECT game. He's prefect through 5 1/3 so far. 43 straight batters retired is a new MLB record!
  18. I was just in there. Its bad lol
  19. looks like she has some potential
  20. I agree. I used to love wrestling back in the day. I taped every RAW because I would fall asleep and not be able to see the last few matches. Now I might watch it every once in ahwile if nothing better is on. It's just way to predictable and its the same thing every week. I guess they lost their creativity or something.
  21. I can only watch WWE for short periods. Its too predictable and played out after awhile. I'm tired of seeing Orton/Cena/HHH every week. They can't come up with something new and exciting?
  22. who cares what pants or jerseys we wear at home? i just want to win. we've lost in white jerseys and we've lost in burgundy jerseys. so it doesn't matter.
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