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  1. You can always ask about Super Bowls
  2. The Rock's new movie is about being a tooth fairy. I'm sure if the money's right he'd go back to wrestling.
  3. I don't see us making any uniform changes anytime soon. It would be nice to update some things though. We've basically had the same uniform for the last 30 years.
  4. From the Offical 2009-2010 Winter Thread
  5. I see Towson in there!!! Yeah Doc!!
  6. YES! Those would look awesome! I don't mind the all burgundy. I think it looks pretty cool.
  7. Yeah its pretty lame. SportsCenter used to be so much better when all they did was show highlights. That's all people watch it for anyway. You have NFL Live, Baseball Tonight, NBA Fastbreak, etc. Let them breakdown the games. SportsCenter should just be highlights.
  8. That mountain one is awesome. I wish all this rain here was snow right now!!
  9. I'm sure with the seasons changing you've got to have some good ones!
  10. They have it on tap at a bunch of bars down here. I've had it a few times, not too bad.
  11. I think they just sell whatever they have left, probably don't get any more shipments in. Edit: On their website it says its available from late August until November. Winter Lager is available from November to January.
  12. Winter Lager is out at the Liquor Store I go to. That actually had a Holiday 12 Pack. It has Winter Lager, Holiday Porter, Boston Lager, Old Fezziwig, Cranberry Lambic (which was horrible!), and I can't remember the last one. But it wasn't bad. The Cranberry Lambic was awful though. Too much cranberry for me.
  13. That stuff is awful. Taste like urine lol
  14. And forgot another sad stat of the year: We scored 7 TDs in 6 games, the Pats scored 5 TDs in ONE QUARTER and 8 in ONE GAME!!
  15. Our sad stats of the year: Our offense has accounted for 7 TDs through 6 games, Drew Brees and Tom Brady have had 6 TDs in a GAME! Jason Campbell has 6 TDs through 6 games, Brady and Brees have done that in a GAME! We are the only team that has yet to score 20 points in a game and we have yet to score more than 2 TDs in a game We've had 2 games where we haven't scored a TD Our offense is horrible...
  16. I think the Giants feel good about their WRs. Steve Smith is one of the top WRs in the league right now and Manningham and Nicks are coming along nicely too. TO to the Bears makes sense, I just don't know if a team would be willing to give anything of value up for TO.
  17. I know what you mean. When I graduated college and didn't have a job I thought it was cool at first. Everyone else was working and I could do whatever. Well, it sucked cuz everyone else was at work and I had nothing to do. Hopefully you'll find something soon!
  18. So will this mean the end of Cena/Orton?? I'm tired of seeing them wrestle for the title every PPV.
  19. Lol maybe thats it. I dunno but it is annoying haha
  20. That's happens to me alot too. No idea why lol
  21. Damn that's crazy man. Hope everything works out!
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