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  1. Thank you DoGood28, why is there a need to change the uniforms? More Complete thinks the "ALL WHITES means winning"!!! I dont see any Division,Confrence,or SuperBowl titles to go with the White uniforms. I do see "Three SuperBowl Trophies" to go with the Burgandy&White...I dont even know how many titles go with the B&G uniforms. Even after the Whites win a title,you can still leave it in the closet. We need to get back to the B&G the "ONLY TRUE COLORS OF THE WASHINGTON REDSKINS"
  2. some of you are talking with " fork tongue" you talk about tradition, but you want to keep the uniforms as they are?? burgundy and gold are the traditional colors of the Washington Redskins!!!!! the helmet is ok. I like the spear and the Redskins Chief logo. I don't care for the white pants.
  3. until Joe Gibbs came to us the unis were burgandy and GOLD... It would be nice to see gold on the field and not only on paper. the gold helmet is from vince lombardy based on the packers helmet. i think the late 60's uni,burgandy helmet with the spears on it,burg. jerseys,gold pants. that my friends is old school Redskins
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