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  1. why do you replace a QB that has nearly a 90 QB rating on the season??? he IS our best option for 2010 and 2011, i say we give him a two year extension and draft a right tackle in the 1st round to start immediately and a left tackle in the 2nd round to compete with LevI jones in 2010 to take over LTackle in 2011 trade portis for a 4th rounder and get a right guard or a speed back to compete with mason for the #3 rb in 2010, i'd be happy with Betts Ganther and Mason as our RB's next year tho does Ganther want to return punts? there has to be somebody on this team that can do it better than AR
  2. i'm all for the breach cloth look, i think opposing teams would be afraid to tackle us haha i was recently playing a 6 on 6 tackle football game and we were losing bad, so my friend paul dropped his shorts right before taking a pitch right... needless to say no one tackled him and he took it the house, literally lol hey it helped us get back in the game but we'd always worried about him a little if you know what i mean and that didn't help
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