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  1. 4 hours ago, DC9 said:

    Very nice break down and demonstratives, TSO.  Thank you so much for the work.

    My two favorites were AK and Kendall Reyes.  Hadn't heard much about Reyes other than he was in Berry's system in San Diego, but the beat guys loved him.  I have to be honest, I didn't notice him watching from my choppy stream last Thursday, but I certainly appreciate your vids.  Kid can play.

    As for Koundijio, I think folks need to wait one more year with the kid.  I always had him as a two year project.  And those were some great examples.  Had an easy go at Bama just beating up on smaller players in an excellent offense.  He's got the physical tools, but needs to marinade in some Coach Callahan sauce for another season, imo.


    Thanks again and definitely looking forward to tomorrow!


    Thanks brother, I think you're right about AK. Definitely needs seasoning. But, remember, it was only one preseason game and this was more about looking forward to see how these guys respond rather than some final judgment on their abilities. 

    I think Arie can do more, I won't be surprised if we see that today. :) 

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  2. 16 minutes ago, NewCliche21 said:

    That was really good, TSO!  Only part that I didn't like was setting the bar so damn high! :ols:

    Seriously though, thanks for putting the position in the description so we knew where the player was lined up until TK downgrades the ES staff from a G6 to a G5 to afford the telestrator.


    You'll be great, I'm sure of it. I'm just trying to get people to view this dang blog so by the time it's your turn you get all the glory! :ols: 

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  3. 1 hour ago, Skinlanta said:

    That was fantastic...................keep up the good work.........id like to see a breakdown of the Matais Smith kid (39)  if you feel so inclined.  He has some ties to our family here in Atlanta.  Great Job.


    I'll pay more attention to him against the Jets. Unfortunately, the way the game went, there wasn't a whole lot to evaluate secondary-wise in the 2nd half. :)

    Pre Season Week 1 - Redskins at Falcons

    5 hours ago, SkinsGuy said:

    No, everything else wasn't terrible.

    Cravens was great. Showed why so many are excited about his potential. I don't think it is hyperbole to say that Sean Taylor is the only other defensive player I remember to have a more explosive preseason debut.

    Cravens didn't come out of the gate like Taylor, but he came out fast. :)

    There were other good individual efforts that you would like.

    As I said in other threads, it is clear the Falcons game planned for this game, and we did not. They also kept many of their starters in for much of the first half. Whereas the Redskins had theirs out (offense and defense) after about 7 plays.

    I suggest you watch the whole game when you get the chance, and you will get a better idea. :)


    Yeah, that's why I made sure to put the "fell asleep the rest of the game" part. That was just my initial, weak, assessment and purposely exaggerated. ;)

    I've watched the entire game now and I don't think I was far off, lol. Certainly not "everything" was terrible outside of Kirk and first string D, but a lot was. That's ok, though. First preseason game and we've had a fairly easy camp, so guys need to get adjusted. 

    And, I agree, Cravens flashed a ton, which is exactly what you want to see right now. He's got me very excited about what he can do now. I also liked the way guys like Lynden Trail, Ziggy Hood and Matt Ioannidis looked. 

    Still, I think it's ok to expect slight improvement as we move forward this preseason, don't want to see that type of play linger, especially the running game on both sides. I'm sure the coaches feel exactly the same as well. :)

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    Pre Season Week 1 - Redskins at Falcons

    So, I got home from work, put the game on and watched maybe the 1st quarter before falling asleep, lol. 

    By the looks of it, though, Kirk and the first team defense looked good and everything else was terrible. 

    I'm ok with that.... for now. I don't want to see this type of play linger, preseason or not. 

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