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  1. Thanks brother, I think you're right about AK. Definitely needs seasoning. But, remember, it was only one preseason game and this was more about looking forward to see how these guys respond rather than some final judgment on their abilities. I think Arie can do more, I won't be surprised if we see that today.
  2. You'll be great, I'm sure of it. I'm just trying to get people to view this dang blog so by the time it's your turn you get all the glory!
  3. I'll pay more attention to him against the Jets. Unfortunately, the way the game went, there wasn't a whole lot to evaluate secondary-wise in the 2nd half.
  4. Hello ES, It's your friendly neighborhood TSO here and I'll be providing ES press box Gameday coverage for the next two preseason home games. Now, now, let's stop with the applause and all calm down. So, I've re-watched the first preseason game against the Falcons numerous times and I came away with some performances I thought were more intriguing to follow than others, with an eye on how they respond in the following games. Will those who disappointed improve upon the issues they showed? Will those who impressed continue to do so? Will we see changes in the depth chart and playing time in the upcoming games based on their performances? Let's start with the disappointments. First up: Stephen Paea, 90. Interestingly enough, Gruden today was asked about Paea and some are interpreting his response as a negative towards Paea. I can see why. Frankly, Paea was a disappointment to watch after hearing about his improvements (namely, his health) all offseason. Though he wasn't necessarily a liability when he was in, he seemed to consistently be a non-factor, which is unfortunate considering most of the time he played was against the second and third-stringers of the Falcons. Let's take a look at some of those snaps... The following (at LDE) shows what was pretty much his issue this game. His legs. Seems to be very tentative and stuck in molasses: Here (at LDE), he gets pushed off the ball and is simply a non-factor: Here, again at LDE, not getting any penetration on his rush: Here, at RDE, same deal, a non-factor with his rush: Now, it wasn't all bad. Unfortunately, the good all came in the 2nd half against lesser players. Still, you can see the upper body strength everyone talks about when he gets his hands directly on a guy and is able to use his arms fully. Here (at RDE), he puts his guy on the ground with ease: Here (at RDE), he shows quick hands and is able to generate a solid rush. Unfortunately, he was a bit late and was actually flagged for hitting the QB (ticky tacky call, though). His speed just isn't where you want it to be, though: His best play of the game here. He's lined up (at RDE) directly in front of the Tackle (4 tech) and destroys him, causing the RB to lose yards: Basically, his legs are an issue, his upper body strength isn't. Doesn't bode well for pass rushing, but this was his first game back after his turf toe injury and maybe he was hesitant versus just not having it. Still, it's disappointing because we've been hearing from him that he's "100 percent" for the last few months and the team seemed optimistic regarding his resurgence. Hopefully we see some improvement versus the Jets on Friday and/or moving forward. But, if we don't, not all is loss because his strength can still be an asset, especially in short yardage/goal line situations lined up at the zero, two, or four technique (directly in front of his guy) where he can just out-muscle them to disrupt gaps. Next up: Arie Kuandjio, 74. Now, Kuandjio was a guy many fans hoped, all offseason, would compete for a starting job at LG. Had that not been the case, his game against the Falcons wouldn't have been a disappointment, just more of a standard preseason affair where nothing necessarily stood out and there are things to work on for a young prospect. Alas, high expectations often leads to disappointment if they aren't met immediately. Let's take a look at some of the issues. Here, we see where that old scouting report (you know, phone booth Guard and all) on him comes in play. He gets out in space and just doesn't have the juice to get to his Linebacker: This ones a little funny, he lets his guy get under him quickly and gets some bad whiplash in the process, only to end up on the ground: Most of his tape was just "meh", not necessarily bad but nothing that stood out. This was about the only play where he did something impressive as he rides his guy right off the screen: It'll certainly be interesting to see how Kuandjio responds the next few games, as he seemed to really have high expectations for himself this year and the first game didn't bear much fruit for him. Next up: Niles Paul, 84 This might be a little unfair considering how fast he's come back from a devastating ankle injury, but we've been hearing how far along he is all offseason so a little bit more was expected. Unfortunately, the plays he was in to start the game were all pretty poor and the one catch he had ended up in a hyper-extended knee. Let's take a look. Here he is at FB pretty much failing at his block. He gets his head way too low and thrusts too early, gaining no leverage and making it easy on the defender to avoid him, screwing Matt Jones over in the process: Here, he's lined up as the outside TE on the right. He does a good job initially getting to his block, but fails at holding it long enough and gets pushed back. His guy makes the tackle: Here, again lined up at TE to the right side, he runs his route a bit tentatively and is in an awkward position to make the catch. Probably was unsure about sitting in the zone or continuing the route, but then to top it off he fails to make the catch: Here, he's the FB and, again, does a good job getting to his block but his guy overpowers him with ease and lays a solid enough hit on Marshall to disrupt the play: So, yeah, not very good from Niles. Hopefully his knee is okay and he can take a step against the Jets. So now with the disappointments all out of the way, let's have some fun, shall we? We've heard about guys like Ziggy Hood, Su'a Cravens, and Ricky Jean-Francois having good games, but I wanted to focus on some who were a bit more unheralded who did. I'll be keeping an eye on these guys moving forward. First up: Kendall Reyes, 97 Reyes hasn't had much fanfare nor expectations placed on him. Most assumed he'd be solid depth or just an okay starter at best. Judging by his first preseason game, I think we may be in for a pleasant surprise. Let's see why. Here, Reyes (at RDE) gets a good jump on the ball and almost immediately penetrates into the backfield: Here, he's lined up as the Nose and gets a solid push initially, though he lets up a bit early because he assumes the QB is about to pass and wants to get his hands up. Should've continued, but a solid job nonetheless: Here, at RDE again, he gets an excellent bull rush and shows his strength: Here, he does everything right except make the tackle: Here, again at RDE, he shows good awareness on the draw and still gets a decent angle on the ball carrier though the Center is focused solely on riding him out of the play: All in all, a very solid performance. All of his other snaps showed a guy who won't get moved off the ball easily, either. I'm looking forward to seeing how he looks against the Jets and if he can continue to build off of his performance. Next up: Anthony Lanier, 72 This guys tape was, by far, the most fun to watch. Though it was against the bottom of the barrel in terms of personnel for the Falcons, the guy was extremely disruptive on pretty much every play he was in. He played like a maniac, to say the least. Let's take a look. Here he's lined up as the RDE and is in on the tackle with Terrence Garvin (who actually deserves a spot here himself, Garvin played well), causing a fumble. The next clip after this one will show just how much he laid out for the hit: Here, at RDE, penetration and tackle: Here, at RDE, he gets immediate penetration but then savagely rips off the RBs helmet. Ugly play on his part and, though you appreciate the effort, he's got to be better than that moving forward: Here, again, penetration and the tackle: Here, just runs down the play and combines for the tackle with Fields: Suffice to say, just a boatload of fun to watch. Can't wait to see what he does moving forward. Next up: Carlos Fields, 59 He's generated a little bit of buzz, but mostly written off as a likely cut, he showed up and was in on pretty much every play he was a part of. He was extremely physical and didn't hesitate to throw his body around against the Falcons, making some fun plays to watch in the process. Let's take a look. Here, you might think there's nothing special about this play, but he takes on a big FB who gained some steam while he was pretty much stationary and handles it extremely well. When you look at it at first glance, the FB should've laid him out but Fields physicality is displayed: Here, he and Garvin (see what I mean about Garvin?) combine for a nice tackle, but notice how Fields (right ILB) sifts through the traffic nicely (and listen to that pop from Garvin while you're at it): This was probably his best play, look at him hustle through the traffic to make the play (left ILB): This play was the same one already posted for Lanier, but pay attention to Fields here instead (middle): Good stuff from the young man and it'll be interesting to see how he follows it up for sure. Welp, that does it. Aside from the more commonly known and intriguing players to follow the next few preseason games, I hope this added some onto your radar. Will Paea, Paul and Kuandjio improve? Will Reyes continue to show up? Are guys like Lanier, Fields, and Garvin moving up the depth chart? Stay tuned right here on the ES coverage blog to find out!
  5. Yup, that's what I saw as well. He inexplicably gets hit on almost every single pass, and each hit looks devastating. I hope he doesn't hurt himself again. :/
  6. Yeah, that's why I made sure to put the "fell asleep the rest of the game" part. That was just my initial, weak, assessment and purposely exaggerated. I've watched the entire game now and I don't think I was far off, lol. Certainly not "everything" was terrible outside of Kirk and first string D, but a lot was. That's ok, though. First preseason game and we've had a fairly easy camp, so guys need to get adjusted. And, I agree, Cravens flashed a ton, which is exactly what you want to see right now. He's got me very excited about what he can do now. I also liked the way guys like Lynden Trail, Ziggy Hood and Matt Ioannidis looked. Still, I think it's ok to expect slight improvement as we move forward this preseason, don't want to see that type of play linger, especially the running game on both sides. I'm sure the coaches feel exactly the same as well.
  7. So, I got home from work, put the game on and watched maybe the 1st quarter before falling asleep, lol. By the looks of it, though, Kirk and the first team defense looked good and everything else was terrible. I'm ok with that.... for now. I don't want to see this type of play linger, preseason or not.
  8. Yup, it was more. After multiple verbal warnings, PMs and general leniency from us he still came out of nowhere with those posts. It's as if any level of authority is to be questioned and derided at every opportunity in his mind. So good riddance. I'm assuming the "99" part of his username is referencing his bday which, in that case, I hope he takes this as a lesson for how not to act anywhere for any reason, and he'll look back at this as just a silly time in his life as a teenager.
  9. Ok, I won't. I'll just have a ban, though. I mean, God forbid you foment a revolution here. You're just a regular Che Guevara aren't ya? We can't have that here, we're running a brutal dictatorship, damnit. You're talk of freedom and liberty will only recruit others to the fold, and us tyrant ES mods will no longer be able to enslave!
  10. Banned from where? Cuz, if it's from here, you should care. You should care enough that you know the rules in the first place and that, because you know them, you know you didn't violate any with that post, anyway. If you don't care, maybe you should go find another board since you don't respect this one enough to give a crap. Otherwise, start caring.
  11. This is awesome. Cooleyfan is becoming an adult at Conn's expense. In the ATN (Sacks and Stuff) and now here.
  12. I could vouch for this. I've lived in Albuquerque for almost 5 years now. My wife's family has lived in New Mexico almost their entire lives. My business sees a ton of Natives come in everyday, people we know very well, selling the jewelry they handcraft themselves. I've never met a single one who thought the name was offensive. Furthermore, two teams generate the biggest support around here, the Broncos and Cowboys, and that's obviously due to proximity. The third? I don't think anyone will argue that it's not the Redskins. Maybe the Chiefs, but I know most here would say definitely the Redskins. Not a day goes by without me seeing the logo somewhere. What could attest for the Redskins, as well as the Chiefs, popularity here other than Native pride? This poll basically reinforced what I've seen all along from the Natives here. I'm not in the least bit surprised by it. Not only are they not offended by the name, many like the team specifically because of the name. Had I witnessed anything otherwise, I would've felt for the proponents of the name change. As it stands, I think they're being petty.
  13. Yeah, Die Hard is right, it should be bothersome seeing all that. I'm just hoping that all the craziness surrounding the shock of the tag being rescinded; the resulting intense focus it generated by the entire NFL (imagine the Shefter's and Rapaport's all calling their sources non-stop); and the desire from Norman's people to talk about it since they were probably devastated, all lead to what we just saw and not what Die Hard is legitimately insinuating. Plus, this excellent article (absolute must read posted by Hap in BRBN) details everything that happened fascinatingly well. It doesn't seem like it's bs to me:
  14. I gotta be honest, there is definitely something extremely shady with how the NFL handles its refs. Why aren't they just full-time professionals at this point? I mean, you kidding me with where the NFL is now as a financial empire? Why not make things simpler for them instead of increasingly complicated every year, making it next to impossible to call things consistently? Why not add the technology that's becoming increasingly available and cheaper to the fields so as to alleviate some of their responsibilities and remove human error from the equation? You almost get the sense that they want the rules to be so convoluted that any call or non-call can technically be argued and justified. There is definitely something there in my mind, just can't say at this point that it's based on a real gambling/fixing conspiracy or not. At the very least, it's gross negligence or maybe even a belief that the human element adds intrigue and, therefore, entertainment value. Hard to believe that's all it is, though.
  15. Don't listen to anyone, man... I think this thread will be fun at the very least and it's a nice change from the norm. I do think Snyder is generally disliked enough around the league that the organization gets zero benefit of the doubt or leniency (as we saw with the cap penalty) and I do think our team has stunk so bad for so long and in the most circus-like ways it has had a psychological effect on how the refs view us, simply because they're human. You know, the Jordan effect and whatnot. I don't think there's anything else to the perceived "conspiracy against us", though. Just that.
  16. I'm running it for you by the other mods right now, I'm thinking you can create a new thread for it in the Stadium, but let me make sure. Should be fun for everyone and it's relevant since we're in "draft season".
  17. I can't wait to hear how Allen spins this season in a few weeks. Should be fun (miserable) watching the diplomat at work.
  18. I think he looks at the situation and says, "my God, how can I evaluate somebody operating in this garbage disposal. Let me take him out of it here for a sec so I can see if he actually is clean or if the dirt on him really is his own". Anyone who comes here is gonna lose it. Anyone. Player or coach. It's almost impossible to judge them because it's almost impossible to rise above the issues presented by this organization in the first place. Fix that first. Period. The truth will then come out about everyone else.
  19. In the lists you guys are putting up above, you're forgetting to mention allowing Morocco Brown to depart to the Browns where he can actually fulfill the role he was supposed to have here. That may have been as big a gaffe as any. What's disturbing about it is that Allen himself, the top guy, vouched for him as a personnel guy and said the personnel issues in the past weren't his fault. Now, I'm not sure I really believe him, anyway, but from the standpoint of structuring an organization properly, wouldn't you give that guy the title that goes with that expertise you vouched for (GM) if you actually believe what's coming out of your mouth? Of course, instead, that means we let him leave and Allen who isn't even good at personnel is making those decisions and assuming that title, lol. Can't make this stuff up. We really don't need to go further than the fact that Snyder handed Bruce Allen a title in this organization that's main responsibility is something he has been proven to be weak at. Nothing else matters, really. We can sit here and talk about every move that was made to death, but that was the move right there that created all of the issues. Some of us said it was a major issue and were told to not worry, that at least we have a GM (and the "normal" structure successful organizations have) finally in place so that Snyder wasn't involved. When we responded with "yeah, but we had this same type of 'normal structure' with Vinny after Gibbs left", it was considered ridiculous and that Allen couldn't be compared to Vinny. Lol.
  20. A top notch FO with top notch evaluators fulfilling their respective roles properly. Nothing. Else. Matters.

  21. May we hit nothing but home runs in FA and through the draft

    1. SWFLSkins


      I am hoping for several singles, a double, a walk and a grand slam!

    2. Mr. Sinister

      Mr. Sinister

      Yup. Can't afford any strikes this time around. This a crucial offseason.

    3. thesubmittedone


      I'd prefer back to back to back to back to back home runs SWFL. :P And totally agree Sinister, we need 6-8 starters who are upgrades, imho.

  22. This is pretty neat, should be fun during the season...