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  1. 40 minutes ago, stevemcqueen1 said:

    Jesus, I can't believe this argument is even happening.  It should be self evident that black players face racism and double standards to every NFL fan who doesn't have his head shoved up his ass.


    32 minutes ago, stevemcqueen1 said:


    Why is it not allowed here?  This discussion about Haskins is a clear way the issue of race is playing out tangibly and directly for us right now.  I know I'm not the only one who has realized how problematic the stadium has been about race stuff over the years.  IMO this place is not going to get better by quarantining direct discussion of race issues to a single thread.


    31 minutes ago, Darrell Green Fan said:


    You insist on breaking the board rules and have now quoted my post that I have edited to remain in compliance. I suggest you just STFU already.  

    Really, guys!? 

    Relax or this is going to end with some time off for everyone involved. 

    I was allowing the talk about race for a little because it does pertain to this topic, but clearly you guys couldn’t keep it civil.

    The bolded parts are actually the problem here and the obvious violation of rules. Figure it out. 

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  2. I found this graph both fascinating and, uhm, hilarious: 


    So this graph is essentially attempting to show similarities in offensive scheme between teams (not sure exactly what components are being used, but someone in the comment section alluded to stuff like PA rate, avg. depth of throw, etc...). 

    But according to this we’re pretty much the Chiefs schematically. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why we aren’t getting the same production. 🤔😐  :ols: :ols: 

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  3. So I see the honeymoon phase with the new marketing savior Head Coach is already over within the Snyder Cycletm. :ols: 


    Rivera actually did decently, I guess. Let’s go down memory lane and compare! Weeeeeeeee

    Jay’s was pretty much over as soon as Chris Russell leaked that he preferred Cousins over RG3 during the 2014 Preseason and then only magnified once he called Robert out in a presser later that season.

    The Shanahan’s was over once reports came out about Mcnabb not being who they really wanted at QB, culminating with him signing that faux big contract right before the Monday Night Massacre against the Eagles and Vick. 

    Surprisingly, Zorn’s honeymoon phase lasted longer than both (and Ron’s) with his 6-2 start in 2008. Go figure. :ols: 

    Gibbs is Gibbs so he had a ton of leeway with fans, who (outside of a few exceptions who were saying the game passed him by right away and a little more when he benched Ramsey for Brunell early in 2005) only truly soured on him on a large scale during the 2006 season, two years into his tenure.


    Spurrier’s was over pretty quickly once everyone saw Ramsey get pummeled over and over and over (and over) again against the Eagles during the second game of his tenure.

    Schotty’s was over pretty much immediately with vets like Darrell Green complaining about his style of Training Camp and then starting 0-5. 


    Anyone notice the other pattern there? We go from more “traditional” structure with personnel executive/TP and head coach (traditional in quotes because the executive is totally unqualified and more or less a Snyder lackey, and there are other nuances to it that make it difficult to call it traditional, really) to Head Coach with ultimate power.

    That’s the switch every time. It’s uncanny.  

    Gotta love the patented Snyder Cycletm. :) 

    But yeah, Ron’s honeymoon lasted into week 5 of the season. That’s longer than Jay’s, Spurrier’s, and Schotty’s did, about the same as Shanny’s, and less than Zorn’s and of course Gibbs’s. Not too shabby! 


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  4. 48 minutes ago, DJHJR86 said:




    He's the constant link since owning the team.  And he's the one who wanted Haskins.  

    Well we know that’s not true anymore, Dan has been telling us recently in every press release that it was Tanya the whole time. Just look at her plotting behind that innocent, happy, man. 

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  5. We need to learn how to remove emotionalism from our QB thoughts. We’ve been through this too many times at this point. 

    Let the people who were hired to do a job do that job. If they fail, they fail. One thing is for sure, no one was invested in anything other than Haskins doing well and being the guy. That makes their job easier. There’s no need to think anyone is/was actively trying to sabotage him, lol. 

    I was as high on Haskins as anyone here going into this season, but the reality is that he’s been pretty damn awful. There’s no way around it. And there’s just too much of it that is entirely on him and not the Oline or lack of weapons. You can’t keep missing throws or being situationally unaware over and over again. You just can’t. That’s basic stuff. Even the completions looked off most of the time. It’s unfortunate, it sucks, no one wants this, but it’s the reality. 

    Allen might be a pretty good spark for a little bit but I envision it goes downhill again after a few games. So I’m not sure this really benefits us, and it might only hurt our draft position in the end, but with the NFC East as bad as it is I see why Ron decided to give it a go. 

    These are the type of decisions where coaches can’t help themselves and become a bit short sighted, and it’s why it’s important to have that separation of power at the top with a long term thinking GM, but I don’t think Ron is being that short sighted here. Maybe a little, lol. 

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  6. I was as high as anyone when it comes to Haskins’ college tape (mainly, his progression throughout the course of the season - he was a very different, much better, QB by the end of it), and I was as high as anyone going into this season about him. I haven’t posted much lately, but I made that clear in the Haskins’ thread one of the few times I did recently. 

    But, man, is he making me look stupid. I mean, I feel like a total dumbass right now and that I have absolutely no eye for anything player-related. 

    He’s just off in every way. Even his completions come with a myriad of issues starting with footwork and ending with slight inaccuracies. It’s frustrating. 

    I don’t know, but I just think he’s way better than this. He can’t be this bad, can he? I’m stunned. :( 

    He’s got a ton of things going against him, so I’m hoping it’s just the combination of it all (previous organizational instability per the norm here, brand new offense, awful Oline, lack of weapons, etc...) causing this, but there are bad things he’s doing that are totally on him. It’s really sad to see. 

    Part of me wants to believe that maybe a lot of it is him actually correcting any issues he’s had in the past, so the process of it is making him look even more disjointed than usual and is causing him to be inaccurate as he gets accustomed to moving a certain way and throwing a certain way. But I realize how naive that likely is. I hope we see a progression from him on the same level of what he did in college and even like what he did last season towards the end. It’s very possible he just takes a bit to get going. 

    But, yeah, it hurts to watch right now. It’s simply not good enough and it’s certainly diminishing my previous thoughts on his ceiling. 😕 

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  7. 16 minutes ago, FootballZombie said:

    Philly's non adjustments was baffling. Just let us tee off.


    I'll take it. I had us winning

    I don’t think they really could.


    Oline was so decimated and they were down two key starters at the skill positions in Sanders and Jeffrey, it's tough to change too much because those players simply aren’t as multi dimensional. Just shrinks the game plan big time when you’re dealing with all those injuries. 

    But the last thing we need to do is feel bad for them. We’ve dealt with injuries on an even worse scale for so long. Too bad, they lose, we win, eat it Eagles. :ols: 

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  8. Dline just took over, that was awesome to see. Did just enough offensively after a terrible start, but they kept fighting and you can’t take that away from them. Huge win to start the year, hopefully the Dline can keep that play up the rest of the year cuz that’s the blueprint. Offense is a bit iffy, to say the least, and now the element of surprise is less of a factor, but if they keep pushing and take advantage of those turnovers (Moreland baby!!!) we’ll be in every game. 

    Apke was a disappointment, but fortunately it didn’t kill us. Hopefully he can keep improving. 

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  9. 8 hours ago, Califan007 said:


    ....... However, I'm thinking it won't just blow over and could seriously damage Snyder in terms of his ownership. There's no real counter argument that can be made outside of "They're exaggerating". the video exists, so that can't be argued away, only whether or not Snyder knew about it.

    I get why you thought this was harmless, but the disclaimer didn’t change the political undertones inherent within that statement here. We’ve already received complaints about it, as well, which pretty much verifies it as politically inflammatory and, therefore, something we’d rather avoid having in the Stadium. 

    I know it’s a tough line to walk on this subject here so there’s no penalty or anything but I need you to edit it out, ASAP. Thanks. 

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  10. As good as AP (still) is at his one trick, he’s still a one-dimensional back that limits any offense he’s in. There’s so much more complexity you can work into your offense, especially over the course of a game when lining up in the same formations but with different concepts, with someone multi-dimensional taking his snaps. Even if that someone isn’t as good as he is at running out of base formations with the QB behind center. 

    Good move in terms of roster synergy, at least theoretically. Hopefully the drop off from AP’s main skill is minimal or, better yet, not there at all and the answer exists on the roster. 

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  11. There isn’t a single thing Brewer said in that article @Skinsinparadise just linked to that I even remotely disagree with. Just absolutely spot on. Some of my favorite bits: 



    Is Snyder ready to take this step? Of course not. Last week, he tried to rage through a weak defense, shame a victim and press the fake-news easy button. He did this to cloud public opinion so that he wouldn’t have to do the hard work of introspection and personal evolution. He doesn’t want better, for himself or the franchise he has ruined. He wants to be left alone. So he is attempting to create a perception of improvement, which is nothing more than a shield to recommence owning with impunity.



    He lost me at “more involved.” Based on everything Snyder has shown over 21 years of ownership, a higher dosage of his control will undermine the new leadership’s ability to create lasting change. If Snyder could resist reacting with arrogance and bluster, he might realize the franchise needs less of his influence, not more.


    For two decades, the cliche “change the culture” has been used almost as much as the team’s former name. No coach, executive or star player has even dented the culture. It is a Snyder-made culture, built to last. There can be no change if the man in charge has no self-awareness.


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  12. I know I’m a total sucker but I’m through the roof excited about Dwayne. 

    The talent is all there. He’s always had an elite arm and that was immediately evident. Another thing was his ability to sense edge pressure, I thought that was top tier right away, and that’s a big deal because that’s near impossible to overcome if you don’t have it (see Daniel Jones and his league-leading fumbling problem, and we’ll see if he’s improved there as he did say it’s something he’s worked on this offseason). 

    But towards the end of his huge season in college you saw virtually every issue he had get improved upon in a significant way. Whether it was his issues handling interior pressure, his eyes moving where his feet don’t follow (and general mechanics/footwork), toughness, etc... by the end of that year none of them were real issues and some even became strengths like his toughness (he was too unwilling to get hit and would go down way too easily for a man his size early on, but when Ohio State started incorporating him more in the run game via the option it’s like the fear began to dissipate and was forced out of him). 

    There was only one real big question left for me and probably the hardest thing to scout when it comes to projecting how a guy‘s skill set is going to translate in the pros, and that was his attitude. His willingness to work as hard as it takes to succeed at the pro level; his maturity and humility; and general leadership ability. And that’s not just a Haskins thing, that’s every talented QB coming out of college who thinks his crap doesn’t stink.

    It didn’t start out very well, and I’m not going to do the easy fan thing to do and just dump it on the coaches or the situation itself. In terms of the situation itself, it was terrible, but unlike most fans I believe that’s neither his fault nor the coaches, that’s just organizational stupidity and mistiming (per the norm). What the hell do you expect to happen when you draft a young, raw QB that’s going to take time to develop but have a coaching staff that knew they were on their way out unless they win big immediately... stupid, stupid, stupid. None of that is hindsight, a few of us said as much immediately after he was drafted.

    But here’s the thing. Though he didn’t handle it as well as you’d like, I think it was a great wake up call for him and if there were any attitude issues to get out of the way that (hopefully) did it. By all accounts he’s went all out this offseason. And Ron didn’t baby him, he made him earn it and even made sure there was no question about him having to earn it by bringing in Kyle Allen. Ron didn’t let him just point the finger and act like he was otherwise deserving. 

    So, yeah, I’m super excited about Dwayne. I think it’s a bit unfortunate he’s having to learn a new system his 2nd year in, never mind COVID-19 and the obstacles it’s created. That’s never a good thing, at least not right away, so that puts a damper on things. But I think he’s a smart man who gets football at a very high level, so my bigger concern is really with the roster. I just hope we get lucky a little bit and a couple playmakers (besides Terry) on offense emerge quickly, because that’s possibly a killer for his ceiling this year. The resources spent there tell you that it’s unlikely, but you never know. Maybe Gibson emerges quickly or Inman surprises. Maybe TE doesn’t end up the cesspool it’s looking like. I’m actually ok about our Tackle situation. Yes, it sucks to lose a stud like Trent, but like I said, I believe Dwayne has a top tier ability in sensing edge pressure. The interior Oline, to me, matters more for Dwayne. Of course, we shall see how that goes at LG (and one really weak link within the interior can be devastating no matter how good the other pieces are), but C and RG at least look to be good. 

    I just can’t help but envision this guy being really, really good. I’m hoping we get to see it right away this season.  Again, I’m a sucker and will probably have my heart broken... but I feel like the evidence is there! 😬

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  13. 1 hour ago, Kurd Cudins said:


    Need you to immediately change your signature, brother. We get the sentiment and frustration but we can’t have that type of content (“kill yourself”) here. Thanks. 


    14. Refrain from posting explicit material in your signature and avatar.
    This includes sexually explicit or implicit (hardcore/softcore pornography, animated pictures, written language, etc.) content. There shall be no full/partial frontal or full rear nudity. This rule is strictly enforced.


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  14. I know I’m late to comment on this, but I do love this hire. Like Lafemina before him, it’s someone uber-qualified and he’s being put in a position that reflects his expertise without being overburdened with things that aren’t (focusing on business side of operations and not football). Added bonus is he was a football player so he’s not totally useless there, but it doesn’t need to be his focus and if his opinion is sought (aka warranted interference) he can offer it with some legitimacy. 

    Now the question, as always, will be if he can fulfill said role without unwarranted interference, which has been notoriously difficult during Dan‘s tenure and as we recently witnessed with Lafemina. But that’s something that will only be answered with time. 

    But, yeah, great hire. 👍

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  15. Yeah, this thread simply isn’t one for The Stadium. As @Jumbo said, it’s been tough for us to navigate when and where to draw the line with this whole issue as related to the team and its socio-political relevance, but I think this thread topic simply can’t escape focus on the latter. 

     Moving to The Tailgate where you guys can get into it as much as you’d like regarding this topic. Consider it a mercy as there are multiple examples here of posts that directly violate the directive pinned at the top of the Stadium. 

    Read here for further details if you need any as to why this is being moved:




  16. 8 hours ago, Skinsinparadise said:

    The Hoffman article I posted above also referenced that there are more stories out there that might come out.  I know Russell saying that over the weekend was greeted at least by one person here with a yawn. I get the skepticism some might have with Russell.  But as I said then, Sheehan for months has hinted of hearing stories.   The dude who wrote the story in the WP said he has been hit up with other rumors. 


    My point is this might not be over for Dan.  And I do think a 2nd heavy handed story might be the kicker to finally put some real heat on the dude. 


    8 hours ago, spjunkies said:


    He didn't dive real deep into it, but Doc Walker also said that he thinks there will be more that comes out.

    Although I’m absolutely convinced there’s a lot more that can come out, so much of it (not all) is tied to what reporters themselves were doing to get access and how the atmosphere in the building was ripe for that. So the concern is that, for a lot of this to come out, it would mean reporters exposing their own and all the issues tied to that for their respective jobs and companies. 

    It sucks to think about, but that alone could be a reason nothing else comes out. Hopefully more courage is shown and the light is shown on everything regardless of who might end up with egg on their face. There’s just too much importance in not allowing someone like Dan to win on this or else the cycle will continue even if there are momentary reliefs to it. 



    8 hours ago, JSSkinz said:

    Dan hired a killer to represent him, her forte is getting multi billion dollar companies off the hook, not to audit their HR practices.


    All the signs point to the fact there is more to the story and Dan has lawyered up appropriately to get ready.


    Lets hope these women don't take any settlement offers or its possible we'll never know what happened.

    Of course! Arguably the first hire he’s made where:


    1) It’s a totally qualified expert with a solid resumé, who is;

    2) Placed in a fitting role within the structure of the organization, and where;


    3) They will likely be able to fulfill said role relative to their respective expertise without unwarranted interference or being overburdened... 


    Of course that’d be a killer lawyer that will shield him from any potential liability! 

    Of. Friggin. Course. 





    7 hours ago, ConnSKINS26 said:


    Yes. I was rooting for his ouster at the time specifically because of the patented "Snyder taint", even though he seemed good enough at his job.


    6 hours ago, Alcoholic Zebra said:


    Impression I got from that was Schaffer was apologetic face to face, but then either did nothing to report it, or helped bury it.


    He wasn't an overt problem.  And maybe in a different culture he'd be a fine employee.  But in that one he was still part of the problem.  Maybe just a small part, be still a part of it


    Yup, as (likely) qualified and (probably) innocent as Schaefer was, that’s the reality of working within that environment. As stated many times, the level of toxicity there eventually wears people down, no matter how good they are, and they either become exhausted and discouraged, corrupted by it, or removed forcibly in the most unceremonious of ways. 


    But don’t worry, we’ll always have plenty of people who will miss the forest for the trees; intensely focus on the people who eventually get consumed by said toxicity (some quicker than others) and not on its purveyors; constantly tell us how they know how to separate the jobs these people do from the toxic environment they’re in (lol) and can judge it properly (loool) and how the next sucker savior will be different (even though it follows almost to a tee another iteration of the Snyder Cycletm we’ve been in from the onset)! 

    But hey, maybe Dan has changed for real, understands his role in all this and got it down this time. You never know. Maybe Ron is the lucky one. I guess we’re gonna watch, right? 


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