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  1. @bobandweave Bro, you need to calm

    down a little bit. Don't know if you meant it, but your post came off like you're raging. :unsure:

    Of course we're all understandably concerned. That's what this entry was about, that the concerns or perceived weaknesses might be true, but not necessarily because they were making poor decisions or handling them incorrectly. 

    When you have a BPA philosophy and are acting with organizational restraint (which is the right way to go about things) you WILL end up with areas of concern. Championship teams almost always have weak spots (not saying we are one). 

    And, please, relax with the "I was right" stuff, brother. First off, you're basing everything off of preseason play when we've seen time and again that taking it at face value is foolish.

    Secondly, claiming Matt Jones didn't look good or was outplayed by two rookies is simply false. He looked good overall against the Jets (the only time he got more than a couple carries) and showed improvement in vision/decisiveness and keeping his pads low while falling forward. If you're going to focus on the handoff gaffe then go ahead, but that is on McCoy as much as it's on him. The only real negative is that he got hurt, but that's not what you focused on here. I would've given you that. 

    Third, Keith Marshall was a seventh round pick. Claiming you were right for thinking he was a wasted pick is some real pretentious crap, to be blunt. I mean, great job calling a 7th rounder as likely to be cut, wow, who would've thunk such a thing!? Preposterous! :P 

    Those are picks where you take fliers on guys. He's the perfect flier, and is still on the team. Let's give a 7th rounder a little more time before going off about it, or claiming you were on to something because some around here had high hopes for him. Come on, you're better than that. 

    Finally, this is the right way to address the RB position in the modern day NFL. These guys take a pounding and have the shortest career-spans. Furthermore, it's usually the easiest position to learn on offense. So, by default, it's a plug and play spot where you need to rely on a constant influx of young talent there.

    After years of hearing Redskins fans complain about how the organization has spent way too much in the way of resources on that position while smart organizations (like the Pats) just plug and play young guys for the most part, I'm surprised at how many are flipping out about it now. Honestly thought we were smarter than that, I don't mean to sound like an ahole when I say that. I've been legitimately surprised by it. 

    So, yeah, I refuse to look at this offseason and think anything but "good job, Scot and Jay, keep it going fellas". I agree with the philosophy and organizational principles these guys are using in their approach. I can see it for what it is and understand there's a method behind it, so while I acknowledge that we've got some weak spots and it's unfortunate, I'm not overly concerned because of that. 

    Does that make more sense? :) 

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  2. 44 minutes ago, London Kev said:

    Nice write up TSO. I do have some concerns with the DLine and RBs, but don't think that anyone's to blame for the apparent weaknesses.
    I like the BPA approach and can see that eventually it should even out and all positions will get addressed.

    With that said, I'll still **** about it if we constantly get gashed up the middle and only manage a couple of yards a carry ourselves, I mean WTF was SM thinking!?!?! :)

    On a side note, I followed the link to one of your interviews but didn't download it. I realise that you're not offering me a job that can earn $$$$$ a week working from home, or a Somali Prince who wants to transfer £10M into my account but I've kinda been programmed over the years into not clicking scary looking "Download This File" type buttons, especially when I don't know what the file type is.
    I noticed the small number of downloads, so maybe others feel the same. Is there another way of accessing them or give a bit more info? 

    I hope this comes across as trying to be helpful, rather than trying to be a smart-arse.


    Yeah, unfortunately it's the only way right now. We wanted to be able to embed the audio into the posts themselves so it can automatically play there but the board software doesn't allow for it. :/ 

    All I can do is assure you, we've tested it a million times and everything downloads just fine. There's never been any issues with the files, they're just standard audio format. :) 

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  3. 11 hours ago, MLSKINS said:

    Not going to lie... The title of this entry shocked me. Concern is such a strong word. I didn't realize that a good chunk of draft picks didn't make the team until I heard it on the radio this morning and I'll go with option two that it's a result of added depth. A couple of years ago, we wouldn't have been able to say that.

    I like the way the team is shaping up. Yeah, we have some weak areas, but no team is perfect. I have no concerns with this team as of now.


    The title was more or less based off of the arguments that were going on in The Stadium (and mainly in the roster thread) about whether or not Scot did a good job this offseason. 

    Suffice to say, there was a bit of frustration and panic mounting over some of the moves made this offseason and perceived weaknesses on the roster.

    Hence, this blog entry. You could see my answer to the question was clearly "not really", lol.  :)  

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    Cut or Keep - RB Edition

    I went with Kelley as well, just because we saw him against (slightly) better competition. Really like Mack Brown though.

    Btw, Matt Jones had a really nice preseason last year and everyone was extremely excited about him going into the season. Guess we all forgot about that. Mmmmmmhhmmmmmm. :table2::ols:

     And where's my teleprompter TK? That's some terrible shipping speed, I'm going to send an email complaint! I'll do it!   



  4. 3 hours ago, NewCliche21 said:

    Hey TSO, been following you on the Vine thing (don't worry, I'm not within 200 yards of you so it's cool), but it always seems kind of dead in there.  How do they act when the away/home team does something good or bad?  Is it just decorum to be relatively silent?


    Yup, it's all business. No one cheers and everyone is just doing whatever work they're there to do. Sometimes a particularly exciting play might generate some kind of reaction (an ooooh or an aaaah), but it's nothing major. 

    Make sure when you go you contain your fanhood or you'll be "that guy". :ols: 

    1 hour ago, TK said:

    Why does it smell like Chanel in here? :blink:


    :ols: Too funny. I'm never going to live down bringing cologne with me, am I? 

    NC21, make sure you remain stinky up in the press box or these guys will go after you. :ols: 

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  5. 5 hours ago, Califan007 said:

    Excelent breakdown *applause*...that Niles Paul whiff was baaad lol...I imagine that's how I would look if they put me out there for a play :ols:


    Lol, yeah I cracked up when I first saw it and said "oh no, I hope he doesn't disappoint again"... but he picked it up after that and was solid the rest of the way. 

    Still, I had to include that one, couldn't let it slide. :ols: 

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