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  1. Really, guys!? Relax or this is going to end with some time off for everyone involved. I was allowing the talk about race for a little because it does pertain to this topic, but clearly you guys couldn’t keep it civil. The bolded parts are actually the problem here and the obvious violation of rules. Figure it out.
  2. I found this graph both fascinating and, uhm, hilarious: So this graph is essentially attempting to show similarities in offensive scheme between teams (not sure exactly what components are being used, but someone in the comment section alluded to stuff like PA rate, avg. depth of throw, etc...). But according to this we’re pretty much the Chiefs schematically. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why we aren’t getting the same production.
  3. Take it easy on @Cooleyfan1993, fellas. I know it’s a thin line between legitimately insulting behavior and just poking fun at something you disagree with, but we don’t want it to end in rule 5 violations over something silly. If you aren’t sure if you’re crossing a line just attack the points being made and nothing else.
  4. Oh my God I should ban myself for that gaffe how dare I.
  5. So I see the honeymoon phase with the new marketing savior Head Coach is already over within the Snyder Cycletm. Rivera actually did decently, I guess. Let’s go down memory lane and compare! Weeeeeeeee Jay’s was pretty much over as soon as Chris Russell leaked that he preferred Cousins over RG3 during the 2014 Preseason and then only magnified once he called Robert out in a presser later that season. The Shanahan’s was over once reports came out about Mcnabb not being who they really wanted at QB, culminating with him signing that faux big contract right before
  6. Well we know that’s not true anymore, Dan has been telling us recently in every press release that it was Tanya the whole time. Just look at her plotting behind that innocent, happy, man.
  7. We need to learn how to remove emotionalism from our QB thoughts. We’ve been through this too many times at this point. Let the people who were hired to do a job do that job. If they fail, they fail. One thing is for sure, no one was invested in anything other than Haskins doing well and being the guy. That makes their job easier. There’s no need to think anyone is/was actively trying to sabotage him, lol. I was as high on Haskins as anyone here going into this season, but the reality is that he’s been pretty damn awful. There’s no way around it. And there’s just too much o
  8. I was as high as anyone when it comes to Haskins’ college tape (mainly, his progression throughout the course of the season - he was a very different, much better, QB by the end of it), and I was as high as anyone going into this season about him. I haven’t posted much lately, but I made that clear in the Haskins’ thread one of the few times I did recently. But, man, is he making me look stupid. I mean, I feel like a total dumbass right now and that I have absolutely no eye for anything player-related. He’s just off in every way. Even his completions come with a myriad of i
  9. I don’t think they really could. Oline was so decimated and they were down two key starters at the skill positions in Sanders and Jeffrey, it's tough to change too much because those players simply aren’t as multi dimensional. Just shrinks the game plan big time when you’re dealing with all those injuries. But the last thing we need to do is feel bad for them. We’ve dealt with injuries on an even worse scale for so long. Too bad, they lose, we win, eat it Eagles.
  10. Dline just took over, that was awesome to see. Did just enough offensively after a terrible start, but they kept fighting and you can’t take that away from them. Huge win to start the year, hopefully the Dline can keep that play up the rest of the year cuz that’s the blueprint. Offense is a bit iffy, to say the least, and now the element of surprise is less of a factor, but if they keep pushing and take advantage of those turnovers (Moreland baby!!!) we’ll be in every game. Apke was a disappointment, but fortunately it didn’t kill us. Hopefully he can keep improving.
  11. I get why you thought this was harmless, but the disclaimer didn’t change the political undertones inherent within that statement here. We’ve already received complaints about it, as well, which pretty much verifies it as politically inflammatory and, therefore, something we’d rather avoid having in the Stadium. I know it’s a tough line to walk on this subject here so there’s no penalty or anything but I need you to edit it out, ASAP. Thanks.
  12. It’s still fresh and, therefore, still a WF topic. Maybe later.
  13. As good as AP (still) is at his one trick, he’s still a one-dimensional back that limits any offense he’s in. There’s so much more complexity you can work into your offense, especially over the course of a game when lining up in the same formations but with different concepts, with someone multi-dimensional taking his snaps. Even if that someone isn’t as good as he is at running out of base formations with the QB behind center. Good move in terms of roster synergy, at least theoretically. Hopefully the drop off from AP’s main skill is minimal or, better yet, not there at all and the
  14. There isn’t a single thing Brewer said in that article @Skinsinparadise just linked to that I even remotely disagree with. Just absolutely spot on. Some of my favorite bits:
  15. I know I’m a total sucker but I’m through the roof excited about Dwayne. The talent is all there. He’s always had an elite arm and that was immediately evident. Another thing was his ability to sense edge pressure, I thought that was top tier right away, and that’s a big deal because that’s near impossible to overcome if you don’t have it (see Daniel Jones and his league-leading fumbling problem, and we’ll see if he’s improved there as he did say it’s something he’s worked on this offseason). But towards the end of his huge season in college you saw virtually every issue he
  16. Need you to immediately change your signature, brother. We get the sentiment and frustration but we can’t have that type of content (“kill yourself”) here. Thanks.
  17. I know I’m late to comment on this, but I do love this hire. Like Lafemina before him, it’s someone uber-qualified and he’s being put in a position that reflects his expertise without being overburdened with things that aren’t (focusing on business side of operations and not football). Added bonus is he was a football player so he’s not totally useless there, but it doesn’t need to be his focus and if his opinion is sought (aka warranted interference) he can offer it with some legitimacy. Now the question, as always, will be if he can fulfill said role without unwarranted interferenc
  18. Yeeeah, no that’s not going to fly here, brother.
  19. Yeah, this thread simply isn’t one for The Stadium. As @Jumbo said, it’s been tough for us to navigate when and where to draw the line with this whole issue as related to the team and its socio-political relevance, but I think this thread topic simply can’t escape focus on the latter. Moving to The Tailgate where you guys can get into it as much as you’d like regarding this topic. Consider it a mercy as there are multiple examples here of posts that directly violate the directive pinned at the top of the Stadium. Read here for further details if you need any as to why this
  20. Although I’m absolutely convinced there’s a lot more that can come out, so much of it (not all) is tied to what reporters themselves were doing to get access and how the atmosphere in the building was ripe for that. So the concern is that, for a lot of this to come out, it would mean reporters exposing their own and all the issues tied to that for their respective jobs and companies. It sucks to think about, but that alone could be a reason nothing else comes out. Hopefully more courage is shown and the light is shown on everything regardless of who might end up with egg on their fac
  21. Another thread with a bunch of nuggets. Then this one alluding to the “racism“ part in “racism/sexism” we heard at first from that one tweet a few days ago:
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