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  1. Dude, nice catch, don't tell anyone. Good to see you, Blade, it's been a while, stick around man!
  2. SEATTLE - Welcome everyone to your Week 9 of the Regular Season coverage on Extremeskins, it's TSO here up in the Century Link Press Box along with the top guy himself, @TK - who will be providing us wondrous pics of the action from the sidelines. We're both geared up and ready to provide you the best damn Skins' coverage on the planet! "Next man up!" "Injuries are just an excuse!" "Good coaches overcome injuries!" Sounds contagiously valiant, doesn't it? The go to phrases for fan machismo, if you will. But I'm here to sa
  3. I'm just seeing this now... you're literally posting this **** while we're talking.
  4. VICTORY!!!! Welcome everyone to your Preseason Week 3 coverage on Extremeskins, it's TSO here in the Press Box with my man @Spaceman Spiff, who will be providing his usual assortment of magnificent pics from the sidelines, ready to provide you the best damn coverage on the planet! So here we are, as usual, placing way too much emphasis on a preseason game. We just can't help ourselves, can we? Especially not when the team has come out looking uninterested, flat, emotionally disconnected, or whatever amatuer psychobabble we find fitting to describe something w
  5. Landover, MD - Greetings to all my fellow ES'ers and ES'ettes! It's your neighborhood friendly TSO up here in the Press Box at FedEx Field along with the greatest photographer in the universe (verified fact, he has a plaque stating such), my man @Spaceman Spiff. We're here to provide you the best Redskins' coverage you'll find on the planet and, perhaps, in the universe - though I must admit Planet X5567 from the Controria Quadrant does a pretty good job of it themselves. Sorry for that, news of an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie in the making clearly has me overly geeked out. Anywho,
  6. Well way to just completely ruin the entire blog entry. Debunked. I'm deleting this now, it's over. I'm still trying to figure out what he ate to get to his listed 267 lbs.
  7. Alrighty fellow ESers, I'll be doing the ES coverage up in the press box at FedEx for the next two preseason games with my main man @Spaceman Spiff taking awesome pics of the action as usual! As I did last year, I'll be focusing on players (or in this case entire positions) that have intrigued us all offseason. I'll go through what I saw in the previous games and, as we journey through the preseason, who improved or regressed along the way. And what has intrigued us all more than the Dline this offseason? So, first, a quick primer as to how I've approache
  8. The Cousins thread got closed down and no one has spawn another on yet are we not suppose to talk about Cousins for some in definite time?

  9. Good, lol... man they were messed up today. What the heck! I was only getting dropped off and they still were giving me a hard time, but poor Andrew got screwed, had to park and pay. :/
  10. VICTORY!!! Welcome everyone to your week 6 ExtremeSkins coverage, I'm TSO here in the pressbox with my man Spaceman Spiff (who will be covering the team on the sidelines) ready to provide you the best damn coverage on the planet! This isn't your one year old baby brother's NFC Least now, is it? At 3-2, the Redskins find themselves holding third place in the division, looking up at the Eagles and Cowboys. The Cowboys have won 4 straight, starting with their win against the Skins in week 2. The Eagles had won 3 straight, only to fall to
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