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  1. Monkskins

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    I agree Docston hasn't proven worthy of a first round pick and seems on his way to becoming a bust but one thing is the narrative that he has had sooo any drops in inaccurate..please show me the stats where he has these countless number of drops?? His catch to targets is below average but his flat out drops is not thew issue. I have no idea where he is in the top of the league in drops has come from. If I'm wrong please show me the stats that prove me wrong. Again his targets and catches are below average but that doesn't mean all the passes were catch-able.
  2. Monkskins


    Probably bringing back Lanier? He may still have practice squad eligibility
  3. Stop cryin' got all defensive over an innocent correction about a players position on the team...their was no insult aboutt he player just stated fact about his position on the depth chart(Sensitive Will since everyone else is "shallow")
  4. I care about him as much as anyone on the team..just was correcting that he was not the #3 receiver that's all. And i didn't say he wasn't good he showed promise for playing time this year

        #5 receiver at best..he was fighting for a roster spot.  bad news yes but not that significant

  6. We can't catch a break...but he's was not our number #3 receiver..he was fighting for a roster spot. He was 5th at best