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  1. I wonder how many people have actually renewed. I don't want to give them any money by April 1 until concrete plans are in place that fans will be allowed back.
  2. It sucked. Bram is OK, but just doesn’t have a good voice for it. DHall and Julie sounded like fans just cheering in the booth. All Julie said was “There you go!” on any good play. The color commentary was awful.
  3. Major severe injuries are just bad luck. Pulls, tweaks, nagging can be prevented or minimized by training, conditioning, etc.
  4. yep! Got the credit card check a couple days ago. I got a refund. GamePass email and code came late last week.
  5. I have about 15 Redskins shirts that I wear regularly. Not buying any new gear.
  6. Has anyone that requested refund received it yet?
  7. I am stupid and still have a few years left on my club seat contract. Wonder if they will let me out of it now, or if they will try to sue like they did to a bunch of people 10-15 years ago.
  8. Tickets arrived about 30 minutes ago. No email from team or FedEx Delivery Manager. Comes in a nice box with a pin and Redskins license plate frame. Parking passes are a fatter rectangle now that are put on your dash, not review mirror. No Trent or Keenum on tickets. Appears the annual homecoming game will be the 49ers game.
  9. https://redskinsportal.io-media.com/video/redskins-gold-video https://redskinsportal.io-media.com/member-benefits
  10. For the few of us that still have ST, the 2019 invoices are up on our Redskins account. STH are now part of a rebranding they are calling "Redskins Gold." SMH
  11. Got my tickets today. No signature via FedEx. Never got a tracking email like I have in the past. Always a fun day.
  12. Maybe they saw people complaining, and changed the wording. Original FAQs clearly said they wouldn't be doing paper tickets.
  13. I imagine ST renewals will be sent out real soon. Just saw this in our account managers. Looks like they are going digital and we won't have actual paper tickets this year. Will be able to get souviner paper tickets with Redskins Rewards.
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