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  1. Great post Kevin. Couldn't agree with you more! People who say that "Oh Colt tore it up last year and he is a gunslinger!" Well, you are absolutely, 1000% correct! He was playing against guys who are no longer in the league and the guy he threw the ball to is no longer in the league. I am not saying he is the worst player ever, but to say that he should be the starter is outrageous. He is still undisciplined and he made some bad decisions. Yet, I am sure that the Cult of Colt people don't want to hear that. They will try and excuse it away just the way I would try to explain Jason Campbell's 1-7 night on Sat.

    Basically, what I am saying is that when your guy is isn't doing well and all the focus is now on you and you have no one else to blame it sucks having to defend bad plays. It isn't all one player. Colt made a bad decision, but Thomas could have been better at coming back for the ball. Colt will bounce back, but it is ludicrous to think that he has the ability at this point to be the starter. He is our third string at best right now and could be on the practice squad if Daniels out plays him.

    I also agree that if Colt were to become the starter, I will root for him and hope that he does well and takes us all the way to the Super Bowl. He has done nothing, IMO, to deserve any hatred. I think that he has the right attitude about playing, I just question his decisions on the field and who his competition has been when he looked like the preseason all-star that many have made him out to be.

  2. It has been reaffirmed after the Madden release that I pretty much can't stand Eagles fans. Not because they signed Vick or anything like that. We had some obnoxious loud mouth bad mouthing our fan base, saying we don't have the culture of football here. I would certainly beg to differ. I know that there are some bandwagon fans, that goes without saying. But there are some of those type of "fans" everywhere not just here. He and his fellow eagles fans were laughing chuckling about the sellouts we have at Fed Ex and tried to knock all our acquisitions. I just said "How many Super Bowl Rings do you all have? Don't count Brian Mitchell's either!" They pretty much didn't have much to say after that.

  3. What a joke that 75th anniversary year jersey was for us. To only wear it once was a travesty. They made all this hype about the redskins and the 75th anniversary that they only wore the jersey once! In the 70th anniversary year, they wore the jerseys at least 4 times that I can remember and possibly even more. MTH could certainly tell us better how many times they wore it, but they certainly wore it more than ONCE! They also had 70 greatest Redskins. They could have added to the list five more players which would have been a nice gesture to former players and added more hype to the hype machine.

  4. :puke:

    Stop your doodling.

    I really didn't like the 94 throwback jerseys. I thought that they were pretty ugly. I liked the 70th anniversary jerseys though. They were awesome. I wished that they would have worn those once this year. I still don't like the fact that they hyped these 75th anniversary jerseys and only wore them once. Every other team wore their jersys, no matter how horrible they played in them or looked, wore them twice. We only wore them once. They aren't going to wear an alternate jersey again for a long time. I don't think wearing the alternate jersey more than once was too much to ask.

  5. I asked about this earlier in the year. The answer is no.

    I'd like to see it one more time though.

    Just curious, where did you hear that they were going to wear it only one time. I heard the same thing, but I can't remember. I thought I heard it on redskins radio. Thought I heard larry discussing it. I don't know why they would only wear it one time, but I thought that like other teams doing the 75th anniversary that wore their jerseys twice, I thought that they would follow suit.

  6. Does anyone know if we are going to be wearing the 75th anniversary uniforms against the Cowboys? I know that the NFL allows a certain amount of games that a team can wear their "alternate" jerseys, but I was wondering if this has been announced or they haven't made a decision. I heard that the Giants game was the only time that they were going to wear it. Could someone clarify this for me. By the way mods, I tried the search function and it did not work, so I apologize if this question or thread already has been started.

  7. I know that we wore the 75th anniversary uniform during the Giants game during at the beginning of the season, however, for all the hype of the 75th anniversary and marketing of it by the team it looks that we are going to wear the uniform for the dallas game and that is going to be it. I thought that the NFL allowed for teams to wear the jerseys 3-4 times. I guess they are only allowed to wear it twice? Could anyone give me any clarification on this. Also what did you all think about the hype of these uniforms? Did you all think it was worth the time and effort that was put in by the team to try and sell the jerseys? My opinion was that for all the talk of the 75th anniversary, they sure didn't use it to like they could have. I don't know if this is accurate or not but it seems to me that the team wore the 70th anniversary jerseys more than they did the 75th. Any ways, enough with my thoughts. What are your thoughts on this?

  8. OK now this is just stupid. They should wear them early as possible. From what I understand, they can only wear these ALT jerseys like four times a year or something. My gut tells me that they are going to wear them during the division games only and maybe on the road in Dallas or something. I guess who knows after that. I don't know why they have to be so secretive. I think that its stupid.

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