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  1. 11 hours ago, COWBOY-KILLA- said:

    Mike Sellers is Good Juju. Dude played hard and well for a while with the Skins. 11 Seasons in fact. Damn he played here that long?


    11 hours ago, Rattlesnake88 said:

    Super nice guy to boot!


    I met him at the Marriott Tampa in the lobby, He could also eat your head like an M&M, sez something for how big Rattlesnake actually is, and his friend is not abnormally small..

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  2. Bad day at the dumpster fire, it's okay, throw a steak on your eye with some accent until mid rare. toss with marinated slaw and get over it. 


    Everybody has a bad day at work, you wake up the next morning, take a deep breath and Thank God your alive. Pull up your britches and get back to work, and don't forget living is in the struggle..... 


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