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  1. 18 hours ago, redskinss said:


    Baked tater, you've never seen varsity blues?


    It's a football movie where the starting quarterback blows out his knee and the backup comes in and unexpectedly leads them to a championship. 



    For decades, the most iconic image of America came from Texas. 

    Hollywood loved the cowboy, silently toiling in the heat and cold, staring down danger and prepared to answer any challenge that came his way.

    But over time, industrialization and modernization, cowboys drifted from the national consciousness, or at least from the movies and television screens. 

    As things shifted, however, another Texas icon emerged: the quarterback. 

    Friday Night Lights, first as a book, then a movie, and later a TV show, made the country care about small town Texas high school football. The sophomoric Varsity Blues helped too. 

    As that mythology grew, one real life QB emerged to fit the storybook casting: Colt McCoy.

    With blue eyes and a humble voice, McCoy came from tiny Tuscola, Texas, a town of fewer than 800 people about three hours west of Dallas. He went on and excelled as the starting quarterback at the University of Texas, becoming the winningest Longhorn QB ever. 




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