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  1. In that simulation, Washington still won the division 64.4 percent of the time. LOL...I used to watch my friends simulate....while I actuated.
  2. Well I have not always been positive about the Redskins or even this community. That said I have decided to live the serenity prayer. Change what you can, and live with the rest. If something is not bringing you a positive return, change your approach to it or leave it and move on. I am in control of myself, not others, and certainly not others interaction with me. But I am in control of my interactions with them. http://lyrics.wikia.com/wiki/Ten_Years_After:Positive_Vibrations In the night - when you're all aloneWith the one - that you call your ownAsk yourself - if y
  3. LOL, called it. I knew it, I stood next to him, I knew that pic was telling. I wore my #21 jersey. Probowl. took it out of the original pkg. I got it in, got it in 2008, never wore it before. Put it back pkg, Monday Morning. Will bring it out When the team goes all the way. Many pitched in with Ju-ju....but I can tell you, it was there.
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