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  1. Was at the rally last night.  Maybe 30 fans.  Small group but fun event, cool bar.  Made it back to the hotel by 2AM - not easy after many beers.   Damn subways/trains/shuttle/Uber.  It’s an ordeal to get around in this place.  But you know the people are fairly nice even to a couple half drunk white guys in redskins gear.  Bout ready to get up and head to the stadium and yell my guts out.   HTTR 

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  2. 53 minutes ago, bakedtater1 said:

    Hey idahofan..looks like ya got an extra ticket for me now lol


    I wish I would have gotten some for free... Turns out its expensive to sit down low behind the visitor bench after Daniels had a good game.  Gonna be a lot of Giants fans expecting to see the next coming of Tommy 12 on Sunday.  I hope the Skins will rain on that parade.  Ill give full reports from the stadium for all of you both of you that are interested.

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  3. 17 minutes ago, Rogue Jedi said:


    Start getting the crowd to chant Sell The Team. It can happen, we just gotta unite the upset fan base, which I’m sure is gotta be at least 85% at this point. It’s just hard because not every fan tunes to the same platform 


    You don't think any chants like that at a home game will be drowned out by the opposing fans in attendance?  I haven't been to a home game recently but have to think the number of opposing fans in FedEX has to be noticed.  The remarks about this organization by the pre/post game shows has to be noticed.  Many say Danny doesn't care as long as he is making some money but based on stories about him I think he has to care and has to be seething.  He wants to be Jerry Jones so bad.  


    I say bring on the "sell the team", "fire bruce" etc. Chants but lack of butts in the seats and/or number of opposing fans speaks loudest to Dan IMO.


    If Im a 9ers, Jets, Lions, Panthers fan Im buying cheap tickets to a game in DC.  The Pats game is going to be crazy - how many Skin fans will want to watch that debacle live?


    The Pats game is going to have a majority of Pats fans.  Whats worse is when no one shows up for the 49ers game except for a hand full of 49er fans.

  4. 11 minutes ago, volsmet said:

    We are the most embarrassing organization in professional sports. We now have 16 road games a year.



    No doubt.  Does any other team do this?  Its really unbelievable.  It is a complete and utter clown show cluster ****.



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  5. Its interesting to watch other games each Sunday and see what a real home team crowd looks/sounds like.  The Chiefs for example... remember when the Skins had something like that?  I do.  Attending a Seattle game is mind blowing because of the electricity present.  What this team (ownership and FO) has done to the fan base is remarkable.  Winning is a big part obviously - the biggest part but the experience is also an important aspect.  Ive never been to FedEX and don't plan to go based on what Ive heard and seen on TV.  I freaking love football however and am jealous of what other fan bases have.  

    The Skins are a mockery as they have been for years.  Didn't think it would get worse but as of last year its clear they have lost their fans.  Whats left?  



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  6. 38 minutes ago, volsmet said:


    Miami out played Dallas pretty soundly in the first half last week, we are more of a threat to their suck than they could have possibly imagined. Bruce unleashed v legitimate tanking is a heck of a race to the bottom.

    The difference is Miami is intentionally tanking and the Skins are not.  


    Whats more embarrassing than a tanking team?  The 2019 Redskins.  The skins will do enough to end up with a pick around #5 IMO.  Even if everyone is eventually fired who will want to come to the Skins to coach?  Coaches take lateral moves to get out of here.  Players take less to play elsewhere.  This team needs an incredible amount of luck to get out of the basement its been in. 



  7. Well we are who we thought we were.  


    We hoped we were wrong but alas nope, we are a poorly coached team with some over paid players and a front office that is arrogant, spiteful and just plain stupid.  Both sides of the ball suck.  Its embarrassing being a fan of this team right now.  


    Im flying to NY overnight on Thursday.  Ive put out a couple thousand dollars for this trip to watch this "team" play against the Giants who will be missing their star RB.  Of all the games/teams I could have chosen I chose the Redskins at the Giants game to attend.  It was a mistake but I can't undo anything so Ill have no choice to sit and watch a rookie QB in his second start, without his starting RB rip apart this Redskins team.  Ill have a good view of it.  I paid for front row seats behind the Redskins bench.


    I really need to rethink attending any games next year and possibly paying for the Sunday ticket.  

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  8. 2 minutes ago, veteranskinsfan said:

    On Comcast they are speculating that Gruden may turn to Colt McCoy because of the 5 turnovers by Case.  But the offensive line could not block well.

    Right now I do not think it matters who is at quarterback for us.  

    It’s pointless.   Colt won’t last a half.  

  9. 2 minutes ago, Burgundy Yoda said:


    I kind of disagree with that, it's a mix of everyone which tells me it's the culture

    Agree.  Everyone has a part (players, coaches and FO) but look at teams like the rams.  That team was turned around immediately by replacing that bum Jeff fisher.  Coaching matters.  

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