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  1. I know this is a thread about Haskins but I think we can at least draw a parallel of bad decision making between he and Snyder.  How joyous would it be if both boneheads are gone next year in time for this team to actually become a competitive relevant team under Ron and a new owner & new young QB behind Alex.  


    I know Im just dreaming but what a marvelous dream.

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  2. 2 minutes ago, NoCalMike said:

    Are we sure that CMC is playing? I have had him on my bench in FF for awhile, when he came back from IR he had a big game, but ever since then they had their bye and then every week they end up not playing him.  Is it looking like he will play Sunday for sure?


    Also, I think Week 16 is the best shot at wrapping this up.  It's the NFL so any team can win, but I am pretty confident that the Ravens are beating the NYG, so beating Carolina is huge.  Imagine having the division won, and Week 17's game having zero ramifications for the playoffs, it is like having an extra bye week for those borderline players who would tough it out if the win was needed, but would certainly benefit from either taking the game off or maybe just playing a half. 

    Well CMC was questionable all week with a chance to play up till Friday I think?  I had started Mike Davis who did little and am in the FF championship against a guy with CMC so I just assume he will play against us lol.  $1000 league so I’d rather he didn’t play...


    yes if we could lock up the East next week it would be sooo nice to go into the Eagles game with no pressure and resting certain players. 

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