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  1. 6 minutes ago, Yng Lady88 said:

    Seems a lot of Pigeons are injured and out, healthy and out, or will play but get pulled if things get out of hand. this should be a W for us.

    I remember hearing similar things when the giants beat us and kept us out.  Different situation obviously but Hurts and the other Eagles playing want this.   Skins need to come out and smack them in the mouth early and often 

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  2. Unfortunately Haskins and decisions made about about him throughout the season has in part derailed this run.  Its a bit of hindsight but had he been benched or cut prior to the Seattle game I don't think the Skins would be in a must win now.  I worry if Alex starts and isn't 100% we will struggle.  If Heinicke starts how much can we expect from someone with such a small amount of practice time with this team.  


    Philly has nothing to play for except to knock out the Skins - which is enough.  Doesn't sound like we will have Terry back.  Gibson helps but no other receiver has stepped up so weapons are very limited.  Its a lot to ask the defense as good as they have looked to go out and win this game. 


    I want to pick the Skins but...

    If Alex is 100% or close to it - 24-20 Skins

    If not - 13 - 20 Philthy 

  3. I in no way want an overpriced vet.  QBs are causing us cap difficulties as is.  


    My preferences...

    A.  Bring back Kyle and draft (mid round) a prospect 


    B.  Sign Mariota for a reasonable price and let he and Kyle battle it out.  Maybe we would get lucky like Titans did with Tannehill.  


    Not excited about the contract numbers for a Ryan, Stafford etc.   No interest in Cam.  Winston has some upside but more down I think.

  4. 2 minutes ago, PartyPosse said:

    I think you’re overthinking it. I think it would have been done a while ago if we had any proof The Heinie Man could handle playing in key situations. He showed he could and that was it. No reason to keep him around and inactive. Just move on from it.

    I think you are over simplifying it. He was a first round pick.  A QB with a big arm from a big school with big wins.  No team would simply release a player like that two years after taking him in the first round as they have some value (look at Josh Rosen).  Haskins if not a toxic idiot would have been kept and dealt for a 4th or 5th or something... He just has no value at this point and Ron couldn't wait for him to be gone because of who he is.  


    I get your point - I just think this decision says more about Haskins than about Heinie or anyone else remaining on the team.

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  5. The fact that DH was released today means to me that it goes well beyond his bad play and even beyond his poor off the field decision making.  They could of waited another week as there is a chance the season is over anyway.  I think they realized that DH is toxic and basically just having him around has a negative affect on the team.  Releasing him today says a lot.  I just wish they would have made this decision earlier.


    Obviously no one would trade for him at this point so why keep a player around who (I believe) even his team mates don't like.  No one in the building wanted him around.  Sucks to be Haskins today but its his own doing.  Id be willing to bet IF he gets picked up in the offseason (which is likely since he was a 1st rounder from a big school with a big arm) he won't make a team.  Will be on a practice squad for a year or two and never be heard from again.  He won't get picked up off waivers as no one would want to pay the money he is owed. 

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  6. My first thought after hearing we have the Sunday night game is that our defense will unleash hell.  Chase will solidify his Rookie of the year title and put on a show rarely seen especially from a rookie.  Other players will watch with jaws dropped at what our defense is becoming.   The Skins will take the East.  Terry and Gibson will have big games.  Alex will manage the game well and keep the team on track.  I Feel good about it.  

    *No one will think about Haskins 

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