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  1. Wanted Warriors but could tell early on that it wasn't going to happen.  HATE Redwolves.  Despise the thought fans being encouraged to howl or bark or whatever. Could live with just plain Wolves I suppose but At this point Im hoping they pay for the rights to Football Club and go with WFC or DCFC.  Might be open to Sentinels as well.

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  2. Just now, mammajamma said:

    Everyone is mad at Sam for that, and perhaps rightfully so, but personally I'm more mad at Shultz for not attacking the puck

    Was on them both IMO.   Miscommunication but both should have played it better. 

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  3. Much better SOG that period.  Team showed more life.   Need to come out in the third with that or more intensity.   Would like to see the stars do more.   Backie hasn’t been good.   Oshie has been quiet.  Carlson and Wilson need a better 3rd.  

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  4. On 5/6/2021 at 7:15 PM, actorguy1 said:


    My first reaction is “good, we got someone other teams liked”.   Then I think hmmmm.   Gentleman is not a strong candidate (nor will ever be) for GM of the year.  

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  5. 20 minutes ago, Skinsinparadise said:


    Agree though NYG have our number way beyond Ron.  We've lost 5 in a row.   6 out of the last 7.  12 out of the last 16.  


    I took my son all the way to NY for the first of their two games - season before last.  What a total cluster that game was... First game that Haskins saw the field and threw several picks.  I coughed up the money to sit in the 2nd row for that game.  Surrounded by Giants fans who thought they were on their way to the SB with Danny Jones.  Not an enjoyable experience.  Sure would like to see the Skins sweep them this year.

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  6. 12 hours ago, redskinss said:

    I'm interested in the Vegas game but damn the prices on vivid seats are insane.

    Cheapest seats right now are 350 bucks each.

    I understand that stadium is in the hottest of tourist destinations and is brand new so everyone wants to go but ouch.

    Is there anywhere to get tickets more reasonable that anybody knows of?

    Pretty common for game tickets to start high after schedule release - even more so with this destination in Vegas. Id bet there will be seats available over the next few months and the price often drops.  Seems like I usually see price start high then drop a little then go back up closer to game day then drop like a rock a day or two before the game.  Problem is I don't want to risk missing the game so Im going to be stuck spending $350+ for terrible seats just so I know I have the tickets.  


    Id have to think with the Skins looking to have a promising season and after the last year of Covid and not being able to attend games that Vegas will have a strong showing of Burgundy and Gold fans.

    I assume the team will start doing the rallies again?  Vegas would be a fun place to have a rally - though will miss the days of the Redskins Rallies.

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  7. FWIW.... Just gotta say I am more and more confident in Ron as the head coach.  Especially confident the person he is.  Ron is a 180 from what we have had here since Gibbs and in many ways reminds me of Joe.  Players love and respect him.  Listening to the interview with Charles Leno who just signed, he basically said it was talking with Ron that sealed the deal.  Ron attracts good hard working players.  This team is on its way.

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