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  1. skins stink out loud.   So lucky to beat the fins.  Had they played Fitzpatrick the entire game they would have easily won.  

    Jets dominating the Skins.  Giants Easily beat the skins.  It’s between the bengals and Skins as to whom is the worst team.  Haven’t watched much of the bengals but it’s hard to think this team could beat anyone.

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  2. Dan's history of failure is impressive.  

    With the way the NFL is organized to create parity his tenure as the owner of the Redskins only exemplifies how consistent he is at failing.  He ruins whatever he touches.  Its comical to hear him talk - when he does which isn't frequently.  I assume he won't talk again until the team has some success so we may never hear from him again.


    Anyway, Dan will never sell the team.  Its his cash cow and his toy.  As big of a failure as he is, the NFL is a money making machine that won't be stopped as others who aren't failures run.  He gets to ride their coat tails and watch "his" investment only increase in value despite his failure as an owner.  


    It is fun to dream however about someone - anyone else owning the team.  The rejoicing that would take place.  I would expect a parade.  Im against a name change but then Im getting to the point where I don't care anymore.  The Redskins are dead anyway.  

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  3. I often wear Redskins, Caps and more recently Nats hats/gear when out.


    As far as with Redskins gear - most comments I get are some form of pity.  They feel bad for me.. Say something to the effect of they hope the Skins fix things soon.   While in line at the grocery story an Eagle fan - even a Eagle fan told me he hoped the Skins turned things around.


    I get the sense that the general football fan public has mostly transitioned from making jokes at the expense of the Redskins and their fans to actually feeling sorry for them.  I think most think the NFL would be better if the Skins were competitive.  People can't even smack talk or take jabs at us Skins fans now.  Its like past funny and others just pity us.

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  4. 25 minutes ago, kfrankie said:


    Even worse nightmare scenario:  Snyder sells the team to Bruce Allen, and then Bruce names Snyder the new GM.

    How is that any different than what we have now?

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