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  1. Obviously his first start as a rookie but I’ll stick by what I said. In college it was somewhat similar.
  2. Watched Rypien here with Boise State. Was decent but never flashed much like Moore did. Probably why he wasn’t drafted. I’d bet he ends up being in the league for a while - probably as a career backup. Decent player.
  3. Feel the same. I haven’t been impressed by his off the field personality but that’s not a big issue if his on the field ability Worthy of a starting QB. Haskins is a disappointment plain and simple. Need to build the O Line and fill holes in other places and find a QB in FA or the draft. to bad as the NFCE is up for grabs by a mediocre team.
  4. So is there anyone here still holding out hope for Haskins? Curious.
  5. I don't think any team will go winless so there is still a chance. Will the Skins win a game against the Giants or find another win this year? Im not sure.
  6. Agreed. Rivera knows this team isn't going anywhere and needs to build. Hopefully at some point we can draft a QB that shows promise.
  7. Well anyone not convinced yet this team will have a top 10 pick in the draft?
  8. No vision throwing and no pocket awareness today. Get him off the field.
  9. You are right - they aren't a good team and Washington is worse. There are maybe 5 Washington players that would start in Clevelend over who they have.
  10. Simply can't win games when your QB turns it over 3 times (should have been 4). Getting so tired of Haskins. BUM
  11. Haskins with a good throw there. Just not consistent - very ugly then throws a beauty. These young receivers are playing well today.
  12. Great coverage down field on that play. Should have gotten to Baker but to cover that long is impressive.
  13. I wish we could play against a QB like Haskins. He has to be a bottom 5 QB.
  14. Makes one wonder what Terry could be in a good offense with a top 10 QB. He is so good and works hard. I feel bad for him.
  15. Ok Ron I was about to question you for not calling a time out before the half but I soon realized you know how bad this offense is and they would just self destruct more if allowed. This is some stinky football.
  16. Haskins really should have 3 INTs and it was just a half of football. He is throwing off his back foot and staring down his receivers. He is not an asset for this team.
  17. Wow.. Haskins looks like he did last year in NY during his first NFL experience. I was there. Is so sad and ugly.
  18. Yeah where you been. The name changed too. LOL But yeah I agree - first game I watched made me think CHIEFS.
  19. Haskins with one INT and should have two. He isn't stepping up - instead backing up. I get the O-Line is not helping but Haskins has to be better if there is any hope. Its annoying to watch.
  20. And now our defense has no answer.... Offense better figure this out soon.
  21. Bad throw. All bad. Things have turned around in a bad way especially with these injuries.
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