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  1. Allen has been playing ok so far but where are all these other players who want to win and deserved a chance? Defense totally letting everyone down so far today.
  2. Is Manusky and Haslet both on the sidelines right now??
  3. Its just to easy for the Rams right now. Defense has no answer. Jack better start making some adjustments.
  4. Kinda thought River Boat would go for that. But I guess if they don't make it their offense is already across the 50... but then so far nothing the defense has done has kept them from doing that on their own.
  5. Defense getting exposed. So bad in the secondary especially when our D-line doesn't get any pressure.
  6. Im fairly sure we have the record for giving up the most records especially in prime time.
  7. Not an inspiring start by either side of the ball. Not fun... as usual we are behind early.
  8. Will be interesting... Hopefully they find a way to win. The Rams didn't just roll over the Giants last week so have to think with at least mediocre QB play we can stay in this. Hopefully Chase can stay healthy and pick up where he left off.
  9. Nope, near Boise. I have the Sunday ticket though so I can witness another likely drumming.
  10. Haskins wasn’t good. Allen isn’t much better. Equals similar results. Skins 20 Lambs 28
  11. Its a good thing we don't know... if this all went down last year there would be many reports/leaks out. I assume Ron is in control and things aren't getting out like in the past.
  12. Question is if its because Haskins is pouting or because coaching staff set it up that way or both...
  13. Ron is probably not the only person at the park wanting to see a change. Besides (potentially) other players Turner likes him some Kyle Allen.
  14. If this is the case Im wondering why they didn't name Alex the starter with Kyle as the back up. From the sounds of things Alex was the best QB at camp. He obviously has the experience and is a legit starter starter in the NFL. Are they just afraid to put him out there? Did they feel obligated for some reason to give Kyle a chance? Do they think Kyle has Franchise QB potential and they want to see if he will develop into that? If Alex is truly ready to play and this move was done because Ron thinks there is still a chance to do something THIS year why not just go straight to
  15. Agreed... Ask any GM or scout in the NFL and Id bet all my Redskins gear that they would say Darold >>>>> Haskins. And as you said its not close. Would LOVE to trade with the Jets. With the Jets its true IMO that Darnold isn't the problem there.
  16. Agreed... but but... "The league done messed up". lol. Turns out as usual the Skins (Danny) "done messed up".
  17. IMO this clearly shows Ron's in charge. Right, wrong or whatever - this is Ron's team. Onward and upward.
  18. It might appear that way to some on the surface but there is more to this. Something happened beyond what happens on the field on Sundays. His practice, his attitude, words that were said... who knows but there is more to the story. Thus Im going to give Ron the benefit of doubt in this - he isn't the type of coach to do someone dirty in my opinion.
  19. Wow... Haskins not even active... He must have done something to piss off the organization for this to happen like this. It appears he is done in Washington.
  20. Yeah Something must have happened. Obviously the agent isn't helping but there has to be something more to this. Originally Ron was high on Haskins then all the sudden it was a 180. I think something must have been said or done to make Ron switch like that. Haskins seemed to play better this past Sunday than he did the previous Sunday (well at least no turnovers) so its not his play in games it seems. Practice and/or off field issues?
  21. wow... Im surprised. Obviously he hasn't played well but it does seem early. There has to be things going on in practice or? This isn't just about game day IMO. How will Allen do? HMMMMM Guess we will be shopping for a new QB and/or drafting one. Some things change....
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