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  1. They may want him starting but he isn’t ready. It’s obvious. No point letting him take a beating. Put Allen in then give the snaps to Alex next week if that’s the plan. These “reps” today will turn into an injury.
  2. Agreed. That’s not a criticism of Smith but Allen was who had the reps. Alex needs more time IMO. Having said that I’m happy he is playing but now let’s focus on the win and Allen is probably the best QB to achieve that.
  3. Alex moves better than Brady does... so there's that.
  4. Come on Alex. Im rooting for you man. Do your thing!
  5. Wow... the league is so soft when it comes to QBs. They should just put yellow jerseys on them and make them wear flags.
  6. Allen has been playing ok so far but where are all these other players who want to win and deserved a chance? Defense totally letting everyone down so far today.
  7. Is Manusky and Haslet both on the sidelines right now??
  8. Its just to easy for the Rams right now. Defense has no answer. Jack better start making some adjustments.
  9. Kinda thought River Boat would go for that. But I guess if they don't make it their offense is already across the 50... but then so far nothing the defense has done has kept them from doing that on their own.
  10. Defense getting exposed. So bad in the secondary especially when our D-line doesn't get any pressure.
  11. Im fairly sure we have the record for giving up the most records especially in prime time.
  12. Not an inspiring start by either side of the ball. Not fun... as usual we are behind early.
  13. Will be interesting... Hopefully they find a way to win. The Rams didn't just roll over the Giants last week so have to think with at least mediocre QB play we can stay in this. Hopefully Chase can stay healthy and pick up where he left off.
  14. Nope, near Boise. I have the Sunday ticket though so I can witness another likely drumming.
  15. Haskins wasn’t good. Allen isn’t much better. Equals similar results. Skins 20 Lambs 28
  16. Its a good thing we don't know... if this all went down last year there would be many reports/leaks out. I assume Ron is in control and things aren't getting out like in the past.
  17. Question is if its because Haskins is pouting or because coaching staff set it up that way or both...
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