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  1. I don't. He's already in the graces of the Klingon Empire at the end of DS9. He's a member of the same house as the Klingon Chancellor. I want something to pick up after the TNG movies. You can include characters from other series, but I want a fresh new cast.
  2. Sure. He had his own way of doing things, but he still had morals in line with Starfleet. Worf always seems lost in Starfleet. He's probably the most uninteresting character in Star Trek. A quasi-warrior in a society that has all but banished them, but is not warrior enough to live in his warrior society of origin.
  3. Does Michael Dorn need money or something? Because Worf seems like he would be a boring character as a starfleet captain. Not a diplomat, kind of a warrior, pretty impulsive but doesnt strike me as the moral high ground type.
  4. Abrams Klingons look more like a warrior society than Roddenberry's
  5. I hate drywall. I hate putting it up in the ceiling of closets.
  6. Commutes around here make your car feel like home
  7. I have a ground level deck. I am not allowed to pour concrete to replace it, except to build the deck. So at the end of my list of things to do is rip out the rotting deck and replace with paving stones.
  8. There is no upstairs. Two bed room condo that is the bottom unit. Essentially, it looks like a town home, but the top two levels are one residence and the bottom level is another. It does have a small backyard though. We don't know what we're getting yet, but knowing my wife, it won't be cheap. I want to stay around 1k for both units, so we'll have that out. Essentially, the more we spend on those now, the longer it's going to take to do the kitchen. At this point, my plan is to keep the old appliances, but add in space when we re-do the counters/cabinets that we might need for more modern appliances. That way, I can save a little money each month for them and buy them as I go.
  9. So this is the place as we got it. Moving our crap in: There was some toilet repair that had to happen, but I can't find the pics. Essentially I had to replace the flange and then pour new concrete. Someone had chiseled it out from around the downpipe and then left the pipe unssecured. That plus the former tennants being quite large is probably what led to it being broke and water leaking out. So after that, the carpet in the living room pretty much had to go. Had to cut out some drywall, as sit had mold. Double layer of 5/8" everywhere man. Sucks. Also put some paint on the walls: Hmmmm ... then I found this. Wasn't sure how to fix it. Definitely going to need this: And this fixes everything: Kidding. Used Quikcrete. Get a new floor in: And of course, have to test out the new floors: We got a new couch. Even Reddy doesn't like watching the Browns: So this is the current kitchen: Yea, the washer and dryer gotta go. Where could I move them ... hmmmmm The coat closet by the front door? That is an excellent idea!!! So the plan was this: Make the coat closet narrower by about 12 inches (36 inches to 24 inches). That area on the other side of the framing is actually the closet for the second bed room. The funny thing is that the closet actually goes beyond the front door AND that room has another closet on the other side. So, I have spare closet space. So we'll block off 48 inches and bump in to the room about 5 inches to make space for a stackable washer and dryer. All cleared out, and putting the framing in. Concrete nail gun actually uses a gunpowder charge Cutting in to the vent pipe that goes to the sewer. Tested it with a hose and it'll take the water. Just have to work the piping around to the new laundry closet. Framing it up nice: Framing done, electrical routed, but not hooked up Dat plumbing: Demo done Closet re-sized Laundry closet added Bedroom closet framed in Plumbing done Drainage added Only thing I have to do is add in the dryer vent and then drywall. Oh and drop like 1k on a new washer and dryer.
  10. I'm sure after this we willl find out that Nene has some sort of shoulder injury.
  11. In it until the end. Without Wall you can't ask much more than that.