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  1. http://espn.go.com/mma/story/_/id/13402162/cris-cyborg-justino-willing-fight-ronda-rousey-135-pounds-december Cyborg gonna cut weight to fight Rousey
  2. http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2015/07/22/after-a-chopper-malfunction-a-coast-guardsman-swims-a-mile-on-his-own-to-rescue-four-fishermen/ Coastie swam a mile in open water to make four saves. Someone give that man a medal.
  3. Literally every reason it lists to use Waze over GM is something I hate about Waze. I don't care about where cops are. Frequently it's not accurate because the user saw the cop writing someoneba ticket. I dont want to be marking crap on the road, or giving a thumbs up to people. GM does all that for me by marking the route is red and providing me with a nice alternative route, usually with an updated ETA. Driving here is hard enough, I don't want to worry about some interactive interface. Thanks, but Im sticking with Verizon. Neutering be damned, I've laughed too many times at my colleague
  4. Except it looks like a cartoon.
  5. Why the Nexus 6? It's the size of a damn aircraft carrier. I spend the same aamount of time. Google Maps gives me my time estimate before starting. Also constantly updates with secondary routes.
  6. Negative. Google Maps incorporates Waze in to its time estimates. On top of that it gives you alternate routes as you drive.
  7. Gonna get a new phone. Trying to decide between an LG G4 and Samsung S6. Is there any way to determine which has the better GPS? I use mine all the time. Also, do any of the external power packs/boosters have onboard storage? Like a mini-hard drive?
  8. More of a random question, but do we have a general thread for cell phone/smartphone discussion?.
  9. Yes, it has turned out well. A lot of work, but it looks really good right now. My new washer and dryer play a little song when the cycle is done
  10. Update time!!!!!! Drywall time. Since I figured that it would house the washing machine and dryer, I elected to use the mold resistant drywall in the new laundry closet. The ceilings of all the closets have it as well, as it's right underneath the HVAC vent. As I was tearing it apart, I noticed condensation, so I figured that the mod resistant stuff would be the best option. Coat closet next to the new laundry closet. It was right about here that I believe I started pooping dry wall during the workday. So this is the other side, in the bed room. As you can see, there is still some space
  11. Honestly, the car isn't worth it to me to spend the money they were asking. I hate driving it. It seems like when ever I take it to the shop, it needs over a grand. I'm at the point where I'd rather have a car payment.
  12. How much is a competitve price to replace an AC compressor on a 2007 Pontiac G6? And does Costco patch tires or just replace them?
  13. Cops shot a man the other day. WARNING, VIDEOS ARE SOMEWHAT GRAPHIC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0V9AOsWQzpc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSiqfM2GR4E Why am I commending this? Because this is how it's "supposed" to go down. They were professional and courteous with the man, right until the point where he pulled what appeared to be a pistol. Cops responded appropriately and accurately. This is something that people should see to understand how quickly things can go from okay to oh crap I'm gonna die. Also, good teaching aid for future officers
  14. I think it's plainly obvious that the Wiz are all in for Durant.
  15. You will be surprised at how decent your medical care was when you get out. Military healthcare isn't nearly as bad as many people think. Not so long as you insist on getting care.
  16. Could you just ... not overlap them?
  17. Drywall question When doing drywall corner beads, where there is a bead on the edge of a frame and also along the top, do you have to cut 45 degree cuts to the very tip and line them up? Like this: What is the advantage of that?
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