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  1. He said to them, "But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one. Luke 22:36
  2. Actually, they can. Post VT shooting, requirements were made within the state for reporting certain mental health behaviors or issues. It was in a host of reforms that came in 2008.
  3. Wrong. They also have mental health checks and drug arrests (even misdemeanors).
  4. Uh ... actually, you have to take a class. I believe a certified NRA class. There are waivers, but they are for things like military or law enforcement.
  5. Except, since 1934, all gun owners have done is comprise and they still get attacked. Well considering that the student body voted to NOT arm campus police ....
  6. No. Enormous waste of money. "So many more Americans" die from bullet wounds because America has more guns.
  7. Yeas, that we continue to ignore problems in our society because it's too much work to fix them. Instead we cover it up and attempt to blame it on an object.The pattern is that we continue to forfeit our personal liberties for the false hope of security.
  8. No, a person is the reason that a parent never saw their child again. Not a gun. How many kids did McVeigh kill in Oklahoma City? How many children on 9/11?
  9. I have. But even if I haven't, so what? I have a first aid kit in my trunk I've never used. I have emergency food and water I've never used. My wife has never used the spare bulbs or spare tire in her car. But they're there. Why? Because they may need to be used one day.
  10. Except, there's a law that already specifically prevents that, isn't there? Obama/Clinton don't seem to actually understand the purpose of the Presidency ...
  11. He didn't. That's why he murdered his mother to get one. My point is that now you're opening up something that we may not be able to close. What if they decided that those rules should apply to voting? To refusing a search? To writing a news article or blog? To holding a protest? Not to mention, how open the system would be to abuse. A reason? What reason is substantial? The governing body can decide, literally, what would be reason enough. You've been attacked before? Not a good enough reason. Someone threatened you? Not enough of a threat. Why should I trust my government when it
  12. So I need you to explain something, because I'm incredibly confused about this. Do you understand that owning a firearm is a Constitutional right? Because you're basically demanding that references, drug tests, psyc evals, and a reason for exercising an right. And, frankly, that scares the everliving crap out of me. We're already up in arms over a voter ID law and forcing women to undergo an ultrasound to terminate a pregnancy. Seems like you are opening Pandora's Box and effectively turning a right in a privileged that can be arbitrarily revoked by the government.
  13. Ledos website says open untill 11. Sign on the door says 10. Boo.
  14. all right guys, need a late night food pick. Go!
  15. Rugby today boys and girls!!! USA takes on Australia at 7 pm on NBC Sports
  16. What if all the bad press and reports about the F-35 are really just a massive misinformation operation by the US government, so that when they have to be used, they are vastly underestimated.
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