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  1. Why do only "we" have the right to firearms for sale defense? Are non-citizens not people too?
  2. Cool. Again, just trim a little fat off the constitution and we can go ahead and implement that. Actually, a lot of fat off the constitution. Pretty much all of it because everything I suggested has been shot down by the courts numerous times.BTW, permit in NC is $80 plus $10 for fingerprints
  3. Ummm ... Not really. I don't feel that way about voting either.
  4. No, I don't think that if you commit a felony you should lose your rights forever. No, I don't believe that only citizens on the United States should be allowed to own guns. No, I do not believe you should only be allowed use a gun in the state you reside.
  5. Yes, please do. Shall we have mandatory training and classes that you must pay for in order to vote? Should the government be allowed to force you to buy a special voting license? Prior to voting, should the voting officials be required to run a background check on you? Should you have to have a note from your mental health professional, that you must pay for, in order to cast a vote?
  6. It is your method, because you were the one who brought up the methods. Alcohol most definitely does the damage. And more over, it is the person who makes the choice to drink and then makes a choice to get in the car. Just like it's a person who makes a choice to point a gun at someone and makes a choice to pull the trigger. Yes, it is impossible to balance those goals. And the default must be to error on the side of the individual right. Again, founding tennant of the Constitution. We error on the side of the right on literally every other right, we must do it on this one as well.
  7. Are you claiming that we can do something about that AND allow the vast majority of people within the US to own firearms?
  8. In other words, we legislate their behavior and not the process of acquiring all the things in the first place. We don't require anything before hand. No requirements for special licensing to buy or possess alcohol. No mental health screening required. No extensive background check with a computer system to see if I'm on parole for a DUI. We simply establish what the expected behavior is and then work to catch and punish those who operate outside accepted norms. So by taking your method, we should regulate those who sell firearms (done) and people should be able to buy a firearm by simply
  9. Where did I saw I advocate for complete dissolution of our justice system? It is the individual's responsibility to know the law and how it applies to them. If they do not, then they will suffer the consequences. The state has already fulfilled their responsibility with the creation of the law and the system upon which that law my determined whether or not it is constitutional or not. This is the foundation of our legal system. Period. When we arrest people for DUI, no one demands that car companies make cars with breathalyzers. No one demands that the legislature pass a law demanding
  10. Because the government gets to decide how much and to what level is sufficient. If you need an example, see California, Chicago, Maryland, DC, or NYC.Responsibility is on the individual, not the state. There are few places that openly prohibit firearms and have the means to enforce it. The most you can get charged with is tresspassing ANDA they have to ask you to leave before calling the police.
  11. It's not that much money ... for now. Look at other places that have higher fees. Look at a place like Chicago or NYC. Quite frankly, it's just another way of trying to suppress firearms ownership.
  12. And this is why we have a no fly list, for which there is no due process. This is why we have places like Guantanamo Bay and American citizens being held with no due process and tortured. This is why we have TSA violating the 4th Amendment every time we walk in to an airport. This why the FBI, NSA, and other agencies access our digital data at will. You're the reason why abortion gets so severely restricted. You're the reason why voter IDs were pushed forward.
  13. Unreasonable and constitutional are vastly different things. It's not unreasonable to require basic training and testing for anyone desiring citizenship. It's unconstitutional though.
  14. It truly terrifies me that there are people who are so desperate for the illusion of security that they will willingly sacrifice their rights so quickly and earnestly. I have no idea how people got to the point where banning things or people make them feel safer, but I weep for this society.
  15. Because training and licensing requirements will cost money. Guess who that discriminates against? Poor people. And usually poor people are the least educated of our society. Remember all the people who screamed about how voter ID laws targeted poor people who couldn't afford ID? Same principle here. It specifically targets people who are poor and uneducated. Also, the AG has not released any information on what exactly parts of those states CCW process did not meet Virginia's standards. Frankly, this move is purely political because he and McAwful can't have their way on firearms due to t
  16. Because it's a right, not some cool privilege that only the smart and wealthy should be able to enjoy. Some people in this country think that that means something. Lol, if only those were actually the same thing as what we're talking about. If only.
  17. "Standards" to exercise a right. What could possibly go wrong ...
  18. You have to give the application to the clerk. You can mail it or you can actually go to the court. Yes, all those out of state CCW/CHP holders going on their murder sprees here in Virginia. I would love to see the stats for how many people have been murdered by out of state CCW/CHP holders vs the police.
  19. I miss being able to sit up without making sound effects.
  20. That's because of you bring it up in any other context other than white privilege and guns are killing black kids, you're immediately labeled a racist.
  21. Yes. The Great Leader issuing proclamations about what the media can and can't do. That will definitely go over well.
  22. It's also effective because of the last five years. Snowden, Stingray, NSA, ect.
  23. Well, no, it matters. It matters a lot. Effectively, the President is now condoning a illegal act. The ATF has ruled, for the past three decades, that if you buy a firearm with the intention of selling it, you are effectively a firearms dealer and need to have an FFL. Which requires going through the whole process of certification, inspection, access to NICCS, and background checks. The President has just declared that "private dealers" have to access to NICS in order to run a background check, thus, private dealers are no longer breaking the law because the President has declared that the
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