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  1. Anyone ever seen Mr. Mercedes?


    I'm on the 3rd episode.  It starts off in 2009, these people that were hit hard by the recession were camping out at some civic center looking area for a job fair.  This guy wearing a clown mask comes into the parking lot driving a Mercedes and just runs over them, it's a mass murder.


    2 years later, one of the detectives (now retired) is getting taunting messages from the guy that did it.   The guy that did it works at a computer store, seems to be some kind of technical genius who's pretty ****ed in the head.  He also drives an ice cream truck, which makes him creepier.


    The detective, first confused about the harassment, is now going on the offensive and trying to figure out who he is.


    Really solid show so far, I think I am getting hooked.  It's on Pea****.

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  2. Just now, d0ublestr0ker0ll said:


    Meh, handguns are the easiest.  Reminded me of learning how to handle BB guns, just loud.  Guns are loud, knock your eardrums out.


    Dude needs an asswhoopin, but a real security detail works wonders.  Pace your property like man out for blood.  One gander and the dude, the neighborhood, will take notice.  "This man don't play."  Revolvers kick ass.


    Dude probably does need an asswhoopin.  I hear ya on the handguns but I was planning on getting a shotgun for hunting later this year anyway, so I'm gonna roll with that.  In addition, I'm going to get one of those bright ass tactical flashlights with the strobe, camp out on the porch and scare the **** out of him sometime soon.

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  3. 4 hours ago, d0ublestr0ker0ll said:


    When creepy s*** like this happens to me, I think of two things.  #1, father time.  Time will pass by and the anxiety goes down.  In your situation, I'd be thinking all kinds of crazy s***.  "What if guy does some meth and comes back for revenge one day."  Awful, very unlikely to happen-though..but it goes in to the second thought.


    I immediatly bought pepper spray, have a couple of knives I carry.  Shoot that mf if you're in to guns.  F that.  PROTECT THIS HOUSE.


    Yeah, there are guns in the house.  Revolvers.  I grew up shooting shotguns, bird hunting, skeet shooting, sporting clays...I'm very comfortable with shotguns, handguns are another story.  Don't nearly have the experience with them that I probably should.  That doesn't mean I can't wave it around and scare the **** out of an intruder or something.  

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  4. 17 minutes ago, Malapropismic Depository said:

    It's so hard to fathom the apparent fact that Alex's comeback "threw a wrench" in the team's plans, when he is the reason they won the division. Without Alex, there is absolutely a zero chance we win the division. Such irony. If a player is the driving force for a team winning the division, and that's considered a wrench in the plans, my gosh, what would a player be considered if he caused WFT to win the Super Bowl. Would he be a train wreck in their plans ?


    Well I think he meant the wrench into the plans was before the season started/partway through the beginning part of the season...that he was back and ready to play by the time the season started.  By all accounts, this season was supposed to let us see if Haskins was going to be the guy.  Now Haskins being terrible plays a huge part in that, but the Allen injury and Smith back and being ready definitely could be viewed by him as "throwing a wrench," into their plans.  In other words, let's be honest here...the WFT plans at QB this year were Haskins, Allen and MAYBE Smith.  And perhaps Smith felt like he wasn't wanted by some in the building.


    Anyway, I don't think he's a huge injury risk, although I can see why some will think so.  After he wore Aaron Donald like a backpack, I figured he could still take a beating.  Sure, he he missed time at the end of the season and wasn't near 100% by the time Heinicke took over but I'll chalk that up to coming off his injury and maybe not being in peak form to begin with.  


    I really think that it just has to do with that his performance wasn't all that great.  That, and we need a guy who's got his career in front of him, or at the very least is not too far removed from their peak...not someone who's on the downswing of their time in the NFL.  


    EDIT:  Speaking strictly for myself, the way his time here has ended doesn't taint my perception of him one bit.  He came back from one of the worst injuries you'll ever see and worked like a dog to get back on the field for a pretty ****ty franchise owned by a pretty ****ty person.  If that doesn't tell you the type of character he has, I'm not sure what else could clue you in.  Even if his motives were 100% selfish and he just wanted to come back so he could go out on his terms, that still shows you the amount of heart and determination he has.  


    I'm not mad at him and I wish him well.  

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  5. So earlier tonite, I took my puppy out for a walk, around 7:30.  I'm home alone for the week, the girlfriend is at a funeral so I'm holding it down here with the puppy and trying to keep the house in one piece.


    Anyway, our backyard backs up to an empty lot that's partially wooded.  It's an average neighborhood, quarter acre lots, some older homes mixed in with some newer ones.  Past the wooded lot is a cul-de-sac.  If there was a house built on this empty lot, the house would face the cul-de-sac.  


    It's dark out, I flipped on the porch light but that doesn't provide any great light past 10 feet off the porch.  The puppy pulls me out the door, off the porch and into our yard.  At the back of our yard, adjacent to the empty lot is a thigh-high rinky-dink fence that doesn't do anything more than delineate the property line.  So the puppy is a couple feet away from the fence pulling on the leash and is all worked up.  And all of a sudden I hear a voice.




    I couldn't tell where it was coming from and I looked over my shoulder to my left.  There's a guy that lives on the adjacent street off the cul-de-sac who's disabled and has a dog that he walks around the neighborhood and he usually cuts through our driveway and yard to get home.  It's not ideal but he picks up after his dog and also does really nice stuff like haul our recycle bins from the street.  I'm looking for him but I don't see him.


    "Over here."  I look in front of me, about 25 feet past the fence, standing on the edge of the woods on the empty lot is a man, but not the man that walks his dog through our yard.  And it's dark out, but the cul-de-sac has a streetlight that partially lights this guy.  I can see enough to tell that he's a white guy, about 6 feet tall, slim build, glasses, grayish hair and he had on a blue or purple pullover fleece/sweatshirt.  


    "Didn't mean to scare you," he said.


    "Ah, well...you sure did a good job of it."  Now, my girlfriend and her mother (who owns the house we live in and rents it out to us) know the guy who owns this lot.  Apparently he's been talking about building on it for years and I'd seen him out there this past summer.  I figured it could be him and he was going to introduce himself.  From where he's standing, he could have directly seen into our kitchen and two bedrooms had the lights been on and the blinds up.  And he could have probably seen into our neighbors house directly to our left.


    "It's a nice night out," he said.


    "Yup, sure is," I replied.  "Nicer than it was earlier."


    And after a pause he just said "Well, have a good evening," and he turned around and started walking into the cul-de-sac, kind of towards the house on the other side, for a minute I thought he might be the guy that lives in that house.  But then he turns left and starts running down the street which is a giant hill.   And I'm like, what the **** is going on, who is this guy?  And where's he going?


    My puppy is doing her business but after she finishes up I run with her over to the cul-de-sac and stand at the top of the hill and by this point he's three quarters of the way down, still running.  By this point I'm assuming he's not going into any of the houses.  Sure enough, he passes under a streetlight at the bottom of the hill and into a shadow, I couldn't see if he turned right or left.


    Ran back into the house and thought about calling the cops.  Instead, called the girlfriend and she said the owner of that lot always drives up to it, parks his car into the cul-de-sac and also doesn't live anywhere else in the neighborhood so it definitely wasn't him.  She told me to go to the neighbors house who are adjacent to the left of the empty lot and tell them what I saw and see if they've seen anything.  I've said hi to these neighbors a few times before but certainly don't know them.  They seem nice and are probably in their late 50s to early 60s.


    I walk over there, ring the doorbell, the wife answers and I tell her what I saw.  And then the husband comes to the door and I explained it to him, too.  These neighbors have deer cameras, one on a fence that's by their garage and another one on a tree in that wooded lot, I guess this is something you do when you're retired and bored.  He explained to me that he saw a giant buck there and wanted to keep track of the deer family that lives in the woods on that empty lot.  Then he proceeded to explain to me that he's seen this person in that lot a few times this winter on his deer cameras.


    Now...these people are being as friendly as can be so I didn't want to upset them by getting angry but the first thing that came to my mind (as I'm sure it's come to yours) is "You've seen this ****ing guy standing in that lot that's right next to your house and can easily see into our house and you DIDN'T ****ING THINK TO SAY ANYTHING TO US?"  I asked him if he'd been able to make anything out from the deer camera, but it's infrared, so it's more just of a shape.  We speculate on who it could be (random peeping Tom, homeless guy, ax murderer, rapist, whatever) and then I told them to let me know when he shows up on their deer camera again.  


    Went back inside, definitely called the cops.  They came out a few minutes later, I walked them through what I saw.  They said they'd circled the neighborhood but hadn't seen anyone.


    Needless to say, I'm not getting a lot of sleep tonight.  Seriously, what the ****ing ****?  How many times have my girlfriend or I walked the puppy at night, only to have some weirdo standing in the shadows not too far away?  Has he been trying to look in our house?  And why the hell would our neighbors not say anything?  Super uneasy all the way around.

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  6. Just now, EmirOfShmo said:


    Thanks, I appreciate it.  That's more than I pay now, but to be able to stream games without having the hassle of using a VPN to get around the blackout on MLB.TV is probably worth it.  Then I can just downgrade my subscription after the season is over.


    I will be mailing boxes of my dogs poop if you only get ONE MASN channel in this package.  Like if the Nats and Orioles are playing at the same time and you only get one MASN channel instead of both...boxes of dog poop to the MASN office.  Every.  Day.  

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