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  1. ****ing France, are you kidding me?  I can maybe, maaaaaaybe, maybe, understand losing to some war torn country where their guys are savages and out for blood but ****INGFRANCEAREYOUKIDDINGME.


    Durant shooting 4-12 from the floor, what a joke.  Dame 3-10.  FOH.  

  2. 3 minutes ago, stevemcqueen1 said:


    I stand by the claim.  Who needs to shoot threes when you can get to the rim and dunk it on anybody whenever you want?  He's basically a Shaq-level dominant volume scorer in the paint, except that he uses a face up game as much as a back to basket to get to the rim.  And he is a way better defensive player and rebounder than Durant.  He is more individually dominant, which to me is evidenced by his ability to carry a group of role players to a title--beating the latest super team that Durant tried to form up on the way.  Plus he's got two MVPs to Durant's one, and a DPOY.  When you reach the stature of player that those two have, big achievements like that matter IMO.


    I think Giannis goes down as the second greatest player of the era behind LeBron.  IMO Durant is jockeying with Curry and Leonard for third.


    I don't disagree with some of your points.  But while he hasn't partnered with another future Hall of Famer, Middleton and Holiday are a bit more than roleplayers.


    I also hate the argument (and I'm about to make it) that he beat the latest super team that Durant tried to form.  I think you'd agree that the Nets, with a healthy Harden and Irving would have beaten this Bucks team.  


    That said, he stepped up when it counted and got the win.  In 15 years people aren't going to remember that the Nets were banged up.

    5 minutes ago, AlvinWaltonIsMyBoy said:

    Amazing must watch.


    He knows what's up, half sprite/half lemonade is a great mix.

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  3. 8 minutes ago, stevemcqueen1 said:

    It's a far more impressive achievement than the two rings KD won.  He's a greater player and far greater competitor.


    I dunno if he's a greater player.  KD separates himself in the sense that he can be lethal from 3.  


    Greater competitor?  Absolutely.  

  4. 16 minutes ago, Momma There Goes That Man said:

    and at the end of the day Giannis will probably finish with 1 ring if he stays there because Middleton and Holiday aren’t those guys and they effectively put a cap on his ceiling for as long as they are there. Unless he gets a true star to pair with in Milwaukee, which will be difficult, he will most likely need to leave to get more rings. 


    I'm not sure if it'll be difficult or not.  And I think Middleton is a bit underrated, he's a two time all-star.  No, he or Holiday aren't future Hall of Famers but they're still very capable players.


    As long as they have Giannis, they'll be competitive.  They've shown that they're willing to spend money.  Their stadium is state of the art.  I think recruiting for them might not be as hard as you'd expect.  Players might like to play with a guy like that, in a stadium like that.  

  5. 4 minutes ago, Fergasun said:

    You guys don't do sarcasm well... I was just trying to find a player from previous time who would fit the definition of a ring chaser. I'm sure there are better examples (since Lew won in Milwaukee),  but he was the NBA leading scorer and no one maligns him moving. 


    Well that's because it wasn't good sarcasm.  :) 

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  6. 14 minutes ago, Fergasun said:



    But don't forget the original "ring chaser" - Kareem Abdul Jabar....


    That's not true at all.  


    He won a ring in Milwaukee, IIRC he made another Finals, too.  But he didn't like the culture in Milwaukee, being a Muslim he felt like he didn't fit in so he wanted to be in a place that was better for him and they traded him to LA, also where he went to college.  His first year in LA, the Lakers went 40-42.  Then 53-29.  Then 45-37.  Then 47-35.  Where are the titles?


    Wasn't until they drafted Magic Johnson in 79-80 that they won a title.  

  7. 8 hours ago, CRobi21 said:

    I just might buy a Giannis jersey..




    All these dumb mfers on twitter arguing about superteams and how this isn't a superteam and what counts as a superteam, how LeBron last year on the Lakers wasn't a superteam don't ****ing get it.  LeBron has hunted titles everywhere he's gone, he's looked for arguably the best opportunity to cement himself in a place where he can win.  He did it in Miami, he did it in Cleveland for the 2nd time around and he did it last year in LA.  Staying in Cleveland the whole time was unfathomable to him.  


    Giannis and Middleton have been in Milwaukee the whole time and Middleton was a 2nd round pick.  I guess if people want to say the addition of Holiday makes them a superteam, fine.  But Giannis didn't run around like LeBron and KD chasing titles...he was absolutely right, he could go anywhere and win a ring.  But he did it in a place that took a chance on him, drafted him and embraced him.  LeBron can't say that, KD can't say that.  

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  8. 4 minutes ago, dyst said:

    This is good for the NBA regardless who won, but in particular the Bucks. Small city team, without a traditional star (even though he is).


    If Warriors, Lakers and Nets were healthy it would probably be difficult but at least for one year its great.


    Agreed, I love that a small market team is going to win.  Giannis took the supermax to stay and win there and he's delivered.  Amazing.  That city embraced him and he loves them right back.


    This is awesome.  Full discloser, I've got a family member high up in the org, he's gonna get a ring!


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  9. Just now, CRobi21 said:

    Portis protecting CP3 from getting his ass beat by Scott Foster.


    Scott Foster is throwing a no-hitter against CP3 in the playoffs.


    Devin Booker's ghost got his **** SENT by Giannis.  That was awesome.

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